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  1. Awesome start to the second half.
  2. When will there be a new chapter? I seem to recall you saying this was only half-finished. Brilliant story, by the way.
  3. You have a great talent for writing about self-indulgent queens. This story is beautiful and already quite sexy. Can't wait for the next chapter!
  4. Batman, it is no exaggeration to say this is one of the best stories in this genre that I have ever read. I really appreciate when a WG author goes to the trouble of writing characters with fully-fleshed personalities in addition to fully-fleshed physiques. And the rich period detail helps to sell the narrative beautifully. Belisarius is a very interesting narrator, his stoicism exactly right for the time, and his personality plays well off of the more decadent Theodora, who is a truly memorable heroine. Your depiction of her ambivalence — how she vacillates between taking herself to task for getting soft, even ordering a servant list her sins of gluttony, and heedlessly succumbing to the pampered life — adds something very sexy and nuanced to the portrait, as does Belisarius' recognition of the steeliness that still shows in her eyes, if nowhere else. Whether you intended it or not, this story finishes in such a way that allows more tales involving these two characters to be told. In later chapters, they would presumably be ruling side by side, acting against court intrigues as well as external threats to the realm, and Theodora's personality could grow as much as her waistline as she settles into becoming a spoiled queen whose every whim is granted. Will she show despotic tendencies? Will he continue to love her? Reading more about Theodora and Belisarius coming weeks would be a great comfort during the ongoing quarantine. Do you think you have more chapters in you?
  5. Fantastic start -- keep going!
  6. By far the sexiest chapter yet. Keep up the great work!
  7. Is this continuing? It's so great! Please write more if there's more to the story!
  8. This is unbelievably hot. I'm so glad you chose to continue it.
  9. I love spoiled, pampered, lush women in fiction. This is brilliant.
  10. You're my all-time favorite WG-story author. Just absolutely brilliant. So glad to see you decided to get back into writing. This is a great story -- keep up the good work!
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