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  1. E54B3C3F-EA70-48E5-8978-651A58D280EA.thumb.jpeg.68f54059ae60cd07549cc00321897732.jpegBE5E2CF4-F32B-411C-9014-65196E7B7515.thumb.jpeg.32b91fb7fb24abf54d8dd2816e8a26f9.jpeg

    my wife before and after gaining a little weight she’s always moaning she’s fat. I love her gains but she doesn’t.

    what to do? 

    1. Xabi


      Show her how much you like her weight gain. Pull her close to you more often and touch her more. Really show her you find her attractive. Actions are more than words. But of course tell her what you like too, but she will have lots of doubts unless you can't keep your hands off of her.

    2. Mikeyp37


      Thanks I’ll pay her lots of attention and see how she reacts she hates her belly being touched though 

    3. Xabi


      Then I would avoid touching her there until you open up more with her. You should maybe run your hand across her belly when you're being more intimate, but only for a short bit and then move to a place she's more confident in. I think she'll start asking questions and then that might be a good time to tell her you like her bigger. Just my advice, hope it helps and good luck.

  2. So my wife has gained weight over the last few years and is always moaning shes fat and wants to lose weight. All she does though is gain more and is always hungry. even if I say that I love her weight and curves she is still not happy. What should I do?
  3. Becca you are gorgeous and if eating makes you happy carry on I love food and tried to eat less for a few days which I hated. I used to be so worried what others think but now I do what makes me happy. I’m the same as you actually like being bigger.
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