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  1. Riding my dildo  thinking about just how fat I’m going to get and bammm, I cummed 

    1. Lovesthechub


      This is a video I would definitely buy.

  2. Love having someone be the reason for my weight gain 🥰

  3. But daddy can you feed me while I ride you ? 

    1. HersheyChubb


      You’re going to gain so much weight cause you’re gonna ride all day 

  4.  My belly sagging over my underwear line😈 

    1. tylerjmcmaster


      That is certainly a goal!

  5. A feeder that isn’t just talk & is all about seeing you gain the weight 😍

    1. GodBless22


      We keep it 💯 all talk no results ain’t me I keep it real

  6. So what made you want to gain weight?

  7. I can’t wait till my belly sticks out more than my ass 😒

  8. In the mood to feast like a piggy 🐷

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FattyPuffyPuff


      Come I’d love to feed u piggy

    3. Cocobellz


      Where are you located ^

    4. FattyPuffyPuff


      I’m in Cornwall I’d love to meet u and feed u

  9. Can someone tell me what this means 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. S77


      (Expanded) View count and file size respectively.

    3. Ineeeda


      Oh😅 thought I knew. Sorry

    4. S77


      You were right @Ineeeda

  10. craving this all over again. call me a piggy and feed me way past my limits 😈🐷


  11. I’m up for session right now 😋❤️

  12. Can’t wait till my fat sags past my waistline 😈

  13. I’m more than up for doing a personal feast With someone right now. If we vibe, come hit me up 🎈🐷😈❤️ That means being the personal reason I cum all over my dildo when I’m stufffed & you’ll get that too 🙈


    1. HersheyChubb


      You seem like such a great person. 

    2. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      I wish I lived in London 😌

    3. jehssay


      Literal perfection tho

  14. Progress 😍 best shots where you can see the weight gain left (right now weight 189lbs) & on the right weighing 159lbs this time last year!! Need to gain more faster now 😋 definitely will say Apetamin & weigh gain shakes aswell as forcing my self set alarm at night to feast that’s what got me here. However can’t wait till my pot belly really starts coming in 🥰 #transformationthursday 


  15. I’m back 🐷 with a bigger ass, hips & belly. Ready to continue my journey with growth, commitment and voyeurism 🐷


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