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  1. I make a real pig of myself in this one! I bought a whole pack of cupcakes and I couldn't help myself from eating the whole thing and making quite a mess...


  2. Watch me take it all off and flaunt my fat for you in this saucy new video...


  3. This fatty is way too fat to be hiking, but I just couldn't resist the beautiful nature! Watch as my fat ass gets incredibly out of breathe and I have to take my big belly out from my pants.


  4. It's been so long, but i'm back with a new video! Tune in for some fat chat, weight goals, and there just might be a gassy little surprise😉


  5. My feeder has been keeping me well fed, and he loves to play with all my new fat. Watch as he grabs and rubs all over my big fat body.🐷


  6. I know I look pretty fat, but honestly I think I’m way too small. In this video I share my deepest, fattest, fantasies and tell you just how big I truly want to be. It also includes lots of belly jiggles, arm shaking, and my fat spilling out of my too tight jeans.


  7. It’s been a few weeks since my last video and I’ve been eating like a total pig and it all gone straight to my belly. See if you notice how much i’ve been eating in this new clip of me playing with my big, soft tum from all angles!


  8. I know Taco Bell always upsets my tum and makes me gassy but i’m such a pig I can’t control myself 🤷🏻‍♀️ Watch me stuff my big belly until it’s bloated and bursting with gas, then watch me let out the gas 😉


  9. You get to join me for lunch in this video as I devour some Panda Express, chug soda, and drink my "fatuccino" filled with heavy whipping cream 😉 While I eat like a hog I rub my big belly and talk about how much of a lil piggy I am. 🐷


  10. One of the reasons I'm so fat is I love soda. So much so that in this video I chug a two liters of it! Eventually I can't take it anymore and lay down to rub my super bloated belly and let out some loud burps.


  11. Like I said that meal made me explode... Check out the video! What should I stuff this belly with today?
  12. The aftermath of me trying to eat a four person family meal from Red Lobster. Lets just say it made me quite gassy... Watch me fart, burp, and moan in pain with lots and lots of belly rubs.


  13. Thank you! I sure hope so 😊 that’s the goal 😉
  14. Today I decided it would be a good idea to try and eat a four person family meal from Red Lobster and let me tell you I struggled. At the end of this stuffing my belly was literally exploding. I could barely move and when I say I was in pain I was IN PAIN. It was definitely worth it though because I feel amazing! Only thing is if I keep eating like this nothing’s going to fit me soon but I guess it doesn’t matter because I’m a happy stuffed girl 🥰
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