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  1. My goodness you have gotten big. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.
  2. You have such a great body type. Pretty face, and you look fit, u til you see your belly. Once you see that belly though it’s clear you are a fatty
  3. Now that’s a gut. You are definetly looking plump.
  4. Amazing. Your gut looks enormous and I can’t wait to see how fat you get. Well done. Keep eating.
  5. Just a big ball of fat. Pure and simple. Only thing you can do now is eat until you can’t move.
  6. You have definitely reached a point of no return. No stopping you now. 500 pounds here you come. Looking enormous
  7. Dam piggy, look at that fat gut just laying in your lap. It looks like you’ve been eating well. Getting softer, flabbier, soon you will be obese. Make sure to shove a few donuts in your mouth after you fap, as a matter of fact make it a dozen donuts while you lay back and watch your fat gut expand.
  8. A while ago a girl did a beer belly challenge.. drink as much beer as possible in a month. I believe she drank 160 beers in a month. She got quite the belly. Would you ever try something like this?
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