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  1. Lol, it's not. Trust me. One gold post for every 10 😂
  2. Fucking hell, side on its even more insane ! Her mans is one lucky FA hahahaha
  3. Sigh. Here I am, going to hell again. Thickening Blonde is still chunk.
  4. Holy hell, that is one beautiful gain! 😍
  5. Goooood lord, that is one beautiful belly and double chin combo 😍 Keep up the gaining for sure!
  6. So adorable yet so sexy! The way that belly and those thighs shake is mesmerising! 😍😍
  7. @MadDog real recent, not shopped. Crazy shit, eh? 🤤🔥
  8. Sigh, I'm surely going to hell for this... I always took an interest in her as she looks soooo similar to my old housemate, and was a window into what she'd be like with some extra weight on her. Anywho... Girl 115 update (don't ask - I ain't telling you. Just enjoy and stop being thirsty):
  9. Hey hey! 😊 Check your email? 

    1. College Gainer Brooke BBW

      College Gainer Brooke BBW

      Hey ya. Which email? I have been flooded with messages, so maybe send it through again or send it via message on here :) 

    2. fatfan5


      No worries ! :)


  10. Followed her for a fair while on insta and I swear her ass is 82% angles and 18% p h a t booty 🤔🤔 still a hottie, though.
  11. Phwoar, exponential growth indeed! Well done 👏
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