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  1. Belly sounds are such an underrated aspect of stuffing videos. There’s nothing hotter than watching a girl stuff her face and then listen to the food digest and slosh and gurgle around in her belly. 

    1. stun_gun_headbutt


      a man of culture 🖤🖤

    2. Smithjoey479


      There’s nothing better lol

    I can’t even put into words how incredible this is. Some of the noises her belly makes are unbelievable. Her belly gurgles and sloshes throughout the whole video. Some of her loudest belches are featured too. I hope she puts out more belly noise videos in the future. Buy this video ASAP!
  2. We need new belly noise content. Any model that puts out a new video, I’m buying it instantly lol

    One of the sexiest videos you’ll see this year!! If you haven’t seen it, get it right now
  3. Vore-acious has graced us with her presence on Curvage. I hope she gives more burping and stomach noises in her future videos
    Such loud gurgling noises from her belly. You definitely don’t need a microphone to hear these sounds. There’s a loud gurgle at 3:23 that sounds like her stomach is upset and having trouble digesting everything. She talks about what she ate and it definitely makes sense why her stomach is so loud. This is a must buy if you’re into belly noises like me
  4. Anyone know what videos on here feature belly noises. It can be a regular stuffing but if they’re belly noises toward the end, please tell me where to find it 

    1. Devon


      "Chubbyfairyyy" posts content that is mostly tummy noises.

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