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    Bella lets out some massive belches throughout and gets visibly more bloated as the video goes on. Her stomach gurgles loudly a few times as well, which I hope we get to hear more of that belly gurgle in future videos
    Loved seeing how bloated your belly looked in these clips. I could only imagine seeing you walk around the beach with your bulging belly. I did catch your stomach gurgle at one point, nice to hear all that food be digested. Great clip!
    This is one of Shar’s hottest videos. She and her friend rip some nice burps throughout and Shar rips some of the loudest burps I’ve ever heard from her. Then they top it off with some nice cream action toward the end of the video. This is a must buy for a burp fan and for a Shar fan.
  1. You’re getting so big in all the right places 😋
  2. Those new pics are sooo hot. I hope you post more clips of you this big
    Shar pushes herself to her absolute limit. To see her get really full, even to gag a bit, she still pushed through and kept eating. If you’ve never seen her videos before, you’re in for a treat with this one
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