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  1. I just want to stuff a girl until she is bigger than she can possibly imagine. I want to serve her in bed all day and massage her belly as it grows larger and larger. I want to treat her like a goddess. I want us to be eachother’s dirty secret. I want to watch her arms and legs turn to rolls and her belly become unable to fit inside any clothing. 


    Sorry horny rant. Anyone want to quit their day job and let me stuff them all day?

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    2. ChubbyCupcake
    3. Chevalier


      Edit: no idea how my comment went here instead of my other post.  Will be on topic.  I never really got into this, though it does feel like BDSM, and the economy can be bad in some places.  I do enjoy seeing some of the heavier women at work.  Surprised how many get so out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs, and sound like a herd of buffaloes charging up.

    4. John Smith
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