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  1. Oh also, she gained 17 kg in that time (10 days i think) an i gained 13kg...
  2. Hi, so I'm not so good in english bc im from latam so sorry for misspellings or any error. Anyway this happened to mi girfriend on this january. I meet her in 2016, she is 1.72 cm (almost 6 f i think?) and 70 kg right now (when we meet she was 64);anyway. She do lots of exercise, she was champions in my city's olympics (atletism) so she always do cardio and realy heavy exercise (and obiusly is very tonned).I It starts when i finished my first year in university, she traveled to Brazil to make a master, and for ours vacations we planned to travel to some places (Peru, Colombia). The point is that like she always do heavy cardio, she eats quiet a lot to compesate energy consumed, she reallly eats lot of food; so if she stops doing exercise, she will continue eating a lot bc her body is meant to eat a certain ammount of food. When we traveled to Peru (and if anyone visited it should know that his food is delicious and soooo "fatty" (?)) we cannot stop eating the food, we visited almost every civic center restaurant, and in summary we had like 3 lunchs, and lots of small foods. And when we arrived to the hotel, obiously we ordered pizza. So we were like that for like 3 days, then in like 4 days we travelled to san andres beach (Colombia) and i remember her body was so slender and toned, with no signs of fat at all (even a bit of her abs could be noticed, was awesoome) BUUT then Jisus, every time i remember that moment i got soo hot xD, she had a small pot belly really small but noticeable, the muscles of her legs couldnt be saw anymore, and her waist grown a little bit. Really i was soo excited to continue feeding she (and well, i gained a bit too). There if we were not eating in a restaurant or pizza in our room, we were in a bar (discoteca) or in the beach drinking looot of alcohol and of course lots of calories. Then we decide to return to Peru, and travel to another city in there. There was the big deal. We traveled to Tacna, and stay there for almost a week, i remember the first day we went to "all u can eat buffet" and eat almost 2 large pizzas (each), and for dinner we prepared spaguetti. We bought nutella, peanut butter and heavy cream for breakfasts (in that week we almost eat 10 packages of that). For night we went to a "bar" or whatever it spells (discotecas in my coountry) and drink alooot, when we return we finished our heavu cream and a pizza that we left. I remember the next day we were sooo hungry and we ordered an entire rosted chicken (for her and another large pizza for me). We were like that for 6 days and i have a picture of she standing up in jeans in the airport before we traveled, and another in the same jeans before we return (hope i will convince her to upload those here) . And she gain a noticeable (reallly noticeable, when we arrived our friends prepared us a meet and they was almost shocked for the weight we gained, specially she) ammount, her super tights jeans showed her lateral rolls (i think in usa are "love handles") her legs were soo much bigger, her tits also have rolls for her bra. And standing up, i looked she from the side and her pot belly was soooo cute. Her skin that before was soo thigt and tonned, there was so soft. I told her that i was amazed for her new figure and i loved it; anyway she returns to brazil and lost all the gain, and a bit more.
  3. One day my girlfriend and her cousins ordered 5 family pizzas, jisus. It was in the time that we were just "Friends" or so. But omfg, she eat one and a half pizzas!, i was shocked. Since then the only thing she bloated with was whiskey and beer :v Also i´ve tried lots of times eating that amount but its imposible to me. :l
  4. How much food can be eaten in one big stuffing?
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