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  1. $9.99

    The CHUBBYCUPCAKE Challenge

    I have been so excited to film this for you and wished that you were actually here to have fed me each cake and played with my belly. 
    Can you guess how many I was able to eat? Can you work out how many calories I managed to shove into my pig mouth. 
    I even made myself a shake to wash it all down with and tell you what went into it. I was so so excited when preparing it. I just wanted to make you happy, and I know that to make you happy, means making my belly full, which will make me fatter. 
    I can't wait for the next challenge. Are you going to come and help me though?
    CC ❤️
    ***Please note that the $9.99 special price is because I’m trying to find the right compressing tool for my videos. This video was really large and seemed to be made a little grainy when I blew it up on a bigger screen after compressing. It’s fine on a phone, tablet or smaller screen on your computer. If you have any issues with the quality please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will sort something out for you. I’m still learning, but I want your experience to be top quality throughout this process!***

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  2. $11.99

    The Big Banana BLOAT

    Watch me in disgust as I eat these bananas knowing how healthy they are! Yet I know how its going to make me feel when I chug on this lemonade. 
    My belly starts to expand and I let out enormous burps to my surprise! I'm so naughty! Please don't tell me off!
    Next time... Can you help me because I want to get bigger and better! 
    I wish this was real fat!

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  3. $4.50

    Just hanging on in there

    The anticipation of knowing I had a bloat to come made me so excited that I had to get in front of the camera and take pictures for you. I had so much fun taking up this sofa which should fit two people, I tried so hard to move my body around but I could hear the chair breaking underneath me. It is such an expensive chair! I didn’t want to break it (smirk) but seeing my fat hang when I move makes me so excited to get even fatter for you. I really over did it messing around on this chair and just need you to come and help me lift my fat body to make it easier. After this and doing a huge bloat, I was exhausted but still insisted that we ate a big dinner! It just shows what a fat pig that I am.
    I can't wait to show you the video.
    Here is what this looked just over a year ago…

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  4. $5.99

    Introduction Q&A and belly play

    Come and join me in my first video here on Curvage.
    I answer the questions you've asked me, talk about my journey and my fat body. I even let out a secret that I haven't told anyone!
    Can you see how tight that health club reject t-shirt has got?! It keeps rolling up whilst I talk - Have a check out of how the t-shirt looked when I was around 265 at the bottom here...
    I can't wait to carry on sharing my journey and body with you here. 
    CC xx

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