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  1. sale slashing GIF by Megan Jo Nairn

    Ok, scroll down. It's giving me a headache too. Apologies for that 😂


    flash sale GIF by Whym         

    That's much better. So then. I've taken 35% off basically all of my videos.


    Accept one - I took 35 cents off that 😉 


    So I have been in hospital now for 7 days and I have missed making and uploading content for you all. So the only thing I can really do is surprise you with a nice chunky 35% FLASH SALE. I have no idea when I'll finish it... so you better be quick. They don't call it a flash sale for nothing. Thank you all for your support and I'll be back in no time I'm sure.


    Introduction Q&A & Belly Play - NOW $3.89

    Just hanging on in there - NOW $2.92

    The Big Banana BLOAT! - NOW $7.79

    The CHUBBYCUPCAKE Challenge - NOW $4.54

    My Rugby Kit SHRUNK! - NOW $5.84

    My First Weigh in and Cheeky Chubby Play Time! - NOW - $3.89

    Papa's Pizza Party! - NOW - $11.04

    Come Over and Be LAZY With Me! - NOW $4.54

    NAUGHTY BUNNY Steals All the Easter Eggs! - NOW - $7.79

    I'm Loving It! - NOW - $11.69

    ***Get FIZZY With Me*** - NOW - $6.49

    Mesmerizing Measurements ft Kitty Piggy - NOW - $ 7.79

    CC's HIIT Workout - NOW - $5.19

    Dress Disaster! - NOW - $1.14



    All my love and hugs - CC ❤️ xx


    1. S77


      Great SALE!!

      I am sorry you're going through it. Please get well soon!!

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