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  1. My Tits & Belly are growing out of control!

    Starting to rip my clothing into bits & there’s hardly anything left that fits my growing body! 🐖🐖🐖

    HELP 🛑 ✋🏻  
    What do I do? 🐳

    ♥️ React to get more clothing 

    🏆 React to stay topless from here on out 

    😍 React to keep feeding me until no more clothes in the word could possibly fit me 

    💙 Reach for, “other” - Leave a comment telling me what it is


    1. Mdrmax
    2. Euglenoid


      I would pick 😍, but with some changes, so I picked the blue heart. I wouldn't just want to feed you until no clothes fit. I'd want to feed you until your belly was past your knees. Have you attempt to wear clothes, but once your start stuffing, you burst out of them. Eventually, you'd be so big, that putting on clothes wouldn't just be not possible because of the size of the clothes, but also it would take too much effort for you to do so. Your massive belly and tits would make it so your arms wouldn't be long enough to buckle a bra or reach down to pull up your pants.

    3. Mattlovescurves


      Keep filling your greedy mouth love 😏

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