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  1. I haven’t been as happy as I usually am lately so I took a little break from filming.


    Almost always when I’m feeling upset I will go to a pet store or shelter to spend time with animals. It helps them as much as it helps me. While there I found out that I love ferrets. A lot! They are literally silly slinky cats and it has helped my depression a lot.


    I think soon here in the future I’ll be adopting a ferret. Anyway, not a fat Girl update but I figured it let everyone know I’m starting to feel better and will be back to filming soon. 

    Until then, my “what I eat in a day” video will be up soon! 



    1. cdesmairis


      I used to have two ferrets, you can really easily litter box train them and let them lounge around the house even more like cats! If you don't keep them in an enclosure they'll tire themselves out just walking on their lil legs and you'll see how docile and calm they can really be

    2. regbill


      I'm glad that you're feeling better and it's good that you took sometime off to take care of yourself.

  2. Today I’ll be taking you into my day to day eating habits in order to maintain such a massive weight. Fast food, restaurant and snacks along the way. Please, join me while I indulge! Please rate and review this video to let others know how you think I did


  3. Watch me cut out of tight clothing before making a trip to KFC to stuff my fat belly as usual


  4. Stuffing my face with a huge plate of nachos and showing off my massive stuffed belly afterwards


  5. Jinkies 🔎🐾



    1. Luna Hellborn

      Luna Hellborn

      I am in love❤️

  6. Uhm.. if anyone would like to please buy a video that would be really nice because I need a snack and snacks cost some dollars. Thank you for snack xoxo 🧸💕


    1. ricyoshi


      Will you be doing anymore giantess videos ?

    2. Mamahorker


      I sure will be!  

  7. Exercising my right to eat and be fat!


  8.  Long awaited Exercising Video uploading now!

    Till then, Giantism video is now on sale!



    1. regbill


      You're looking gorgeous,Mama!😍

  9. Sje is so beautiful



  10. Watch me bury this poor little man in all my fat, hes not complaining though!


  11. Fat Girl Variety Pack on Sale Now!

    Giantism Fat Fetish Video goes up Today! 💕💕💕


    1. Maximus420


      Sexy fat feedee    oh yeah

    2. Bbw fan

      Bbw fan

      She is sooo hot

  12. Miss me?


    1. regbill


      Yes, I have missed you!

  13. Watch me shove my face full of sweets and cake before finishing with a mentos and coke bloat, pushing my belly to the absolute limits


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