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    3. William12353


      You sexy ❤️❤️

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  11. Trying really hard not to let my emotions get in the way. 
    please don’t leave comments like this. 

    Never have I said I was anti anything.

    Heres a copy and paste of my original message to Curvage: 



    I didn’t want to address my decisions moving forward on this platform as I didn’t feel it was appropriate to do so considering what Curvage is about. However, because people are posting my video and asking if I stopped s3x work I wanted to address a few things. 

    Late last year I had a breast cancer scare that led me to check up on multiple things health wise and found out I have sleep apnea as well as some other scary issues I am not comfortable going into right now. 

    Yes, I am losing weight. 

    I also want to add that it makes me sick how many people assumed I was going to dis on s3x work and talk poorly about bbw/SSBBW.


     Just because I am making this choice for myself does NOT mean I hate fat people, hate myself, or hate sex work by any means. 

    I have taken a break from sex work in General when it comes to Curvage as I wanted other upcoming models and content to shine while I worked on other projects elsewhere. 

    I still offer fetish work aside from gaining / eating content. I’ll actually be posting a lingerie set here soon as my coming back content and hope everyone here understands that sometimes people have to do what makes them happy. 

    A lot of people also assumed I’m a fraud, a fake and a scammer. Changing my mind does not make me those things, I was truthfully wonderful at what I did and loved it but can longer do so and that’s why eating videos are no longer being Made and posted. 



    1. Jinchuriki


      I'm sorry this happening to you, some people are straight up p o s. Even though I've been dying to watch your 50 burger stuffing, its your choice to post and control what you want on here and everyone should respect that. Its your body and mind not theirs!!

    2. TheMistress


      You do you hun! People always got something to say about something your health is important that's all that matters. Even if it wasn't  health reasons it's STILL your choice. Those who support you and care will still support you and care. The rest were just passing by. 😘

    3. NogutNoglory


      People can be so fucking stupid. I've told everyone from day one that I am not a gainer and 5 months later I still get people who can't get it through their heads.

      You are one of the most beautiful models on Curvage!!! And you were very heavy at one time ( to the point that any SANE person would realize is not sustainable ) so it's not like you losing weight is making you skinny or something. You are still a curvy woman and have EVERY RIGHT to post here!

      *I wish more people on here appreciated FAT and not CONTROL.*

      If someone is a true FA they can just enjoy looking at how gorgeous you are and not care if you lost weight, gained weight or what you even looked like before. I'm very grateful that you keep posting!!! Also if people were huge fans of you heavier they should be grateful that you ever got to that weight in the first place! It's so easy for people to put their expectations on you but they aren't getting out if breath walking they aren't dealing with living in your body all day every day. If they love fat so much why don't they gain that much weight and see how easy it is to live like that? Oh, now it's a different story?

      You really are GORGEOUS!!!! It's no one else's place to tell you what to do or what you think. Losing weight doesn't make you anti fat, what?  How does one even come to that conclusion? I'm sorry this stuff just pisses me off so badly, why go out of your way to torture someone? Just don't look at that person's content.

      This comment was bad but the "what makes my dick happy" comment on your one video was the absolute worst. Like yeah, that the whole reason you exist is for guys to get off to you?! Please! You are so much more than that!!!

      I think what you are doing is great and please don't let people chase you away!!!

    4. Synthesis


      It's a shame that now and again the odd member feels like they can emerge from obscurity just packed to the brim with toxicity. In this instance it's just pure entitlement, they're looking hella stupid for thinking they have a say in your livelihood.

      Comments above have already touched on the good stuff but I'll just add to the list, your body is your temple and nobody else's and I just wish for your sake that the people out there who think otherwise could acknowledge such a simple fact.

    5. Mamahorker


      @NogutNoglory you said EVERYTHING I was feeling but didn’t know how to put into words. Thank you so much for the comment, the support and most importantly the understanding that this does take a toll on our bodies and ultimately it’s up to us to do what we feel is right! I appreciate this so much! Thank you! 

    6. NogutNoglory


      I’m so glad you liked it! I know I really went in but stuff like that makes me really want to bring the rath lol!

      If anyone thinks you losing weight makes you anything less than one of the top 5 hottest women on this site they are a blind idiot!

      P.S. one of my friends on here who is super hot and an incredible teaser absolutely loves you! So I think it’s not just about the amount of fans but the quality of your fans! 

      Please Listen to “Hard out here” by Lily Allen and “Fall in Line” by Christina Aguilera, even if you don’t love the music I think you will really be able to relate!

  12. Hi there! I’ve never really cared if people react, comment, or review my content because I know I’m great at what I do! 

    None the less I know my content is a bit more on the expensive side and would like to start having at least a couple reviews so people have some reassurance if they decide they want to buy my content. 

    I don’t want perfect, exasperated reviews but if you could leave an honest review based on your experience for my newest photo set I’ll give you a free video in return. 


    Please and thank you! 


  13. Who’s ready for my photoset to come out?! 





  14. 108 sexy photos in this black, floral lace lingerie. So many sexy photos and poses to enjoy! 🤤


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