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  1. Watch me munch on snacks from Japan. Cheesy, burger flavored puffs, rice cakes, jellos and more! Fat girls love snacks and trying what Japan has to offer is a fun experience for chubby muffins who can’t stop cramming food in their face.


  2. 🍑💕🤭🍍


    1. Carbkween


      Goals! 😍

    2. regbill


      Simply gorgeous!

  3. There’s nothing quite like two hot and heavy babes taking down hotdogs one by one as they talk about being fat, jiggle their bellies, burp, chug and bloat themselves full of treats during their adventurous food battle!


  4. An oldie but goodie! Watch me stuff myself with cake and smear icing all over my jiggly fat


  5. Oh no! I have a bad case of the itches. My poor breasts, back and tummy are so very itchy and there’s little I can do to stop myself from scratching!


  6. Curvage is one of the only place that has made me feel welcome, accepted and heard.

    This past year alone has been one of the most horrendous yet rewarding years of my life.

    I felt like my voice and reputation was shattered in one split second and yet I have managed to continue to build such a wonderful following on instagram. With all the new people flooding in I never run short of those asking how to get into fetish work. Curvage is the number one site that comes to mind when introducing people.

    There really is nothing like having people there to help, get hands on and bring you in when it felt like the whole world hated you. I am very grateful to be here. ❤️


    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      Aaaw, such a heartwarming panegyric! ^^

  7. All of this greasy fattening comfort food is sure to make my belly grow! Non stop eating for nearly 20 min, fat chat and what’s to come in the future.


  8. 400+ pounds of massive lard making its way through a swimming pool. Watch this jiggly pile of yummy tummy float through the pool as this normally heavy woman becomes weightless in water.


  9. Mama decides it’s time to make herself a delicious snack of milk and cookies. Take a look at how big mama makes her way through the kitchen to bake her yummy treats!


  10. Watch me try to stuff my huge breasts and massive gut into my much smaller boyfriends wardrobe. I struggle to get in and out of the clothes as much as I struggle to keep my breath.


  11. Sunshine ☀️ 


    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      Your radiance has burnt my eyes.


    2. Toba12


      Just incredibly beautiful ❤️

  12. 💝


    1. Chevalier


      wow, blueberry fetish


    2. Jd345


      Could I message you in private please? I need help with something really badly. 

    3. CFH


      Wow, you look amazing 😍

  13. Bring on the bikini weather 💕🍍☀️


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jd345


      What size bikini do you even fit in. I was just asking because I’m this post and most of your clips you aren’t wearing underwear 

    3. Mamahorker


      I’m a 5x-6x in bottoms. I prefer to go commando in general but I love bikinis 

    4. Niro639


      I Love your hair and this sexy double chin😋😜!

  14. Today I’ll be taking down as much savory and sugary treats as possible. Watch me as I shove food into my face non stop for a half hour as I complain about being far to full for more.. (spoiler, I eat more anyways )


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