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  1. I wanted to try eating this HUGE Rice Krispies Treat, almost 4000 calories of pure sweetness! Can I finish the whole thing??


  2. Get ready for my next video. 


  3. One more month and I’ll be 26 yo! 😱



  4. Ass up, face down as I take on these cream filled treats and show off how fat my ass is getting.


  5. Sensual belly play with tons of sexual fat chat



    Select videos half off for limited time 🔥 

    Some of my best content on the site!







  7. Today I let you watch me bake cookies in my apron which is WAY too small and barely covers my massive body! Join me for a snack when theyre done as I try to eat the entire plate of cookies!


  8. Eating 50 Cheeseburgers is on sale for limited time. 😱 


  9. Today I’ll be letting you in on changes I’ve noticed myself going through as the weight piles on! Between greediness and expanding my appetite I will also be showing you how I get up off the floor in under 5 min as a 450lb woman, all by myself!


  10. BUY 1 ❤️ GET 1 ❤️ FREE 


    Buy a video valued at 9.99 or more of mine & get a FREE video of your choice!!



    Deal only applies to video purchases AFTER the time of this post. (Dm me after purchase) 


  11. What was in that drink he gave me? I feel my blood thickening, my body tightening ... as if.. I’m expanding. Oh god, am I? My clothes feel tighter, my face feels fatter. What’s happening to me?! Am I .... turning ... into a ... BLUEBERRY?!


  12. I know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for this, Blueberry Expansion Photo Set to drop 🐳💙

    Lucky for you, it won’t be much longer.  



  13. Make my day, buy a video 💞


    1. Dert477


      Make my day mamahorker and send me a DM 😍

    2. S77


      Seems like a good idea! Why not

  14. Mamahorker hardly opens to mouth to talk as she crams mass amounts of pizza down her throat while she chases it down with cola.


  15. Tonight’s dinner:

    beans, rice, queso covered green chili chicken enchiladas, extra rice, chips and salsa, sesame chicken bowl from panda, kfc bucket, two large sides of Mac and cheese, 8 biscuits, two large cokes, two chicken littles and an ice cream sandwich. 

    Still hungry. What should I order next? 😍

    1. rambler


      Pasta... and pizza...

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