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  1. Dudebro2092

    **SALE ** Messy Cake Stuffing

    Not what was advertised, isn't on all fours, just lying eating little mouthfuls of cake from her hand. Only eats 1/3 to 1/2 the cake before saying she has to go clean herself up, not really messy at all.
  2. Dudebro2092

    [ON SALE] Burger and Fries Before Bed

    Loved this! The burps nearer the start are kind lost with the background music but the later ones are amazing! Your belly looks so good and watching the close ups of you eating were to die for!
    Awesome clip! I loved that you could barely stop rubbing your belly to push more snacks into your mouth, and the belly hang on all fours at the end, perfect! ❤️
    Really hot, loved watching you get fed the chips, especially when the hand tries to shove a pile in all at once! The burps and your big round belly are perfection... ❤️