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  1. My first ever weigh in!! Shocked by the number on the scales - didn’t realise just how greedy I’ve been the last few months. Summer has been good to me! It definitely shows on the scales and on my belly! It’s growing bigger everyday.. some belly play & measurements in the video too. Hope you enjoy 😘 - BB


  2. how many feet are you



    1. BiancaBlonde


      I’m pretty much 6 feet 🦶 

  3. Back with another video for you guys! Its been a few months since I’ve done a workout. I’ve always been very flexible so I was always good at yoga and getting in to some of those difficult yoga positions. Well I’ve put on a bit of weight since then and I’m struggling to do some of the positions as my belly keeps getting in the way! I get tired way too quick now. Watch me try and attempt the splits, some positions I can still do and others I can’t.. love BB xx


  4. Bianca Blonde keeps getting sexier with every pound she gains! I'm loving it😍

  5. Watch me try on my booty shorts that keep getting smaller and smaller. I struggle to fasten the button and my belly spills over the top of the shorts. I shake my ass for you and play with my growing belly as well as telling you about an embarrassing moment when someone recently commented on my weight. Part 2 will be posted at the end of September to show you how much I can grow! - BB


  6. Watch me eat some messy BBQ spare ribs and show off my big growing belly oh and an appearance from my dog 😂 also a little chat at the end of the video. Everyone who has bought a video now gets my premium Snapchat for free! Just a little thank you from me for your support. All you have to do is message me proof of purchase. Let me know what other content you’d like to see from me and any feedback is appreciated Thanks! -BB


  7. It’s been a long day, I’ve just finished stuffing my belly and it’s time to take a shower. Watch me wash myself 😘


  8. BiancaBlonde

    Bebe Rexha

    She’s amazing 😍😍
  9. Hey babe, welcome ☺️ I’m new to gaining too. Hope you enjoy the site x
  10. It’s a boring Monday night and I entertain myself by rubbing baby oil on my chest and playing with my growing belly..


  11. Watch me do my first cake stuffing in my bikini in the bath 😘


  12. After stuffing myself with cake I wanted to take some photos of my sexy curvy body & big bloated belly.


  13. Watch me squeeze in to some clothes from last summer. My belly bulges over my booty shorts, it droops out of my NASA T-shirt and my dress won’t even zip up!


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