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  1. I will say this again, here is your friendly PSA from that one grouchy moderator... Here at curvage, we have a no nudity/no pornography policy. It isn't because we are prudes, it's because there's a lot of liability involved. This also means no matter how proud you may be of exaggerating the size of your wee wee, it doesn't mean you should share it here. Same goes with any lady parts as well. Please don't show them off. Thank you.

    1. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Come on KFD I ONLY come to Curvage for the dick pics!!

    2. MarshallT


      KFD, personally,  my favorite thing about Curvage is reading about all the exaggerated dicks....don't take my fun away! 😡 

    3. AdamansTemplum


      What if... someone dare claim to have a smaller wee wee than me? I must defend my honor!

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