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  1. Racism will not be tolerated, intellectual diversity, however will. To quote Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan, 




    Also Curvage fam, stay strapped or get clapped.

  2. She's a sweet girl. I don't know what else to really say. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. The KFD Talk: Closet FAs is up in Lifestyle Discussion. 

    1. Baby


      Might have to check this one out...

    2. S77



  4. I know that I am normally one for not saying much more than yelling at people for their actions that may or may not violate rules on here, but I figured I would make some sort of a halfway serious contribution to the community that I love so much. Something that for the life of me I will never ever in this day and age be able to wrap my head around is the closeted FA. Twenty years ago, it was more commonplace, you would even see Pop Culture references and jokes, such as the moped yard, referring to shame and society's perception of our preference. All you young cats out there an internet land who are currently wrestling with how your friends or family might react when you bring that overweight dream home, pull up a chair or a Toyota engine block, and let's talk about this. Allow me to indulge and talk about myself more than staying off the grass... If we were to jump into the DeLorean and go back to the early to mid eighties, you'll see a young KFD. As a phrase going back to Plato and Socrates goes, it was a simpler time back then. I would be at the grocery store with my mother, and walking around with her as a little toddler. It wasn't that she was negligent, it was the times back then. Often as young children do, they can disappear in a Split Second. More than anything, all my mother would have to do is go find the largest woman in the store, and normally I would be trying to hug on that woman or trying to get her to hold me. So that right there sets up the notion that I was hardwired to gravitate towards larger women. My grandfather wasn't in FFA at all, in fact there were no large women in my family, but he would often indulge in my hobbies and applications, and even as a young boy, he would take him to the mall so I can count the fat girls. This has to be around year six for me. Puberty won't hit for another seven years or so. So now as someone who is not quite Generation X, and not exactly a millennial either, a lot of us discover their sexuality at the dawn of the burgeoning internet. Still a lot of us couldn't find too much in the way of satisfying any sexual needs, a Lane Bryant catalog, maybe some Theighlor videos in a darkened corner in the back of a seedy porn shop, next to the gay midget section. It was slim pickings. Of course I can say, the Yahoo groups much like the one that this site evolved from did give us some sexual Refuge, but again a lot of the things that we're available were some aging troglodyte who was maybe three hundred pounds at most. Of course there were the Kellygrls, the WazUpGirls and the Carolyn Owens. We can talk all about the early days of what I call Internetfatgirlworld, but that's not why we're here. Cranking it out to a screen with fuzzy pictures and 56k dial-up didn't help in real life. Any sort of bigger girls at my school were few and far between, and very rare, and coupled with the maturity of teenage girls, and my lack of ability to interact with them, kept me relegated to the under hood of my car. If my couldn't be open with my preference a woman, in my mind, any sort of sexuality was off the table. So, I focused on getting good grades in school, playing football, working on my beat up old Buick Skylark Gran Sport, and leaving Florida, and going back to California where I came from. Now the South had far more proliferation of large women, but then going to sunny Southern California beaches? Even less. So do you think I settled for some skinny surfer chick knowing that her size your body is going to make my wee wee hard? Hell no! So here we are at an impasse. I know what I like physically, I know it gets a physiological reaction out of me, but we're still at that societal notion that there is a stigma around preferring large women. Now I have yet to use that filthy disgusting fucking f word that I load so much, and there is a reason for it. We will get to that later. I started going to college, and start dating curvier plus size women, and then I met my daughter's mother. She was a rarity among the tiny women seen in sunny Southern California. Now keep in mind, the BBW scene wasn't exactly what it is either, Shadoe Roberts still ran Club Moxie in the basement of the Redondo Beach Pier, the butterfly Lounge was only once or twice a month at this point. But back to my kids mother. She was 12 years older than I was, full huge boobs, a thick midsection with a relatively flat stomach, and a beautiful symmetrical face that didn't have a double chin. She looked young, and she was curvy. But as she was sitting down or behind a desk, your jaw will drop she walked around the counter or the a desk and you saw her 67 inch hips contrasted against her 34 inch waist. She honestly could be a doppelganger to Big Cutie Jenni. Now remember when I said I kept my sexuality off the table, so that meant I was relatively Late Bloomer when it came to losing the V Card. I had a girlfriend in College, that I did lose that v card to, and she probably wouldn't even get a Second Glance from anyone here six months later, that blonde haired pear-shaped Vixen with those immense hips and the largest ass I've ever seen on a white woman, was pregnant with my child. Now it was the hottest fantasy I've ever seen, because everything on her swelled up. The reality punched pretty hard, besides impending fatherhood, but the stares and glances. Will you be in a public place, and here I am 20, 125 lbs soaking wet, 0% body fat and pretty cut from surfing and skating and being active, walking around with a morbidly obese woman who had thighs larger than my waist. It was at that moment that I honestly didn't give a damn. I got used to the snide comments, and turmoil from my family about being trapped by the large woman who is in her thirties. Body positivity wasn't a thing yet, and well you could go on any social media right now and find a 400 pound woman in a bikini in .02167 seconds, the acceptance just wasn't there. But watching that big ass bounce when she walked, or she struggled to go through a turnstile was the hottest thing ever. She was the living embodiment of a fertility goddess. I could ramble all day about this, but the same time this isn't helping you with your emotional struggle. All the grief, all the strife, that I expected to get from being a woman of size was all my own perception. This is the thesis statement I'm trying to impart on you guys. In this day and age, we consider far less things to be sexually taboo than we did 20 years ago. Your biggest adversary about coming to grips with the fact that you like women of size is your own perception. Are you worried about what your friends, or your family thinks about your preference? Maybe you should ask yourself if their approval of your sexual preference is that important. If you are with that socially acceptable size zero, and all you lust for is an SSBBW, are you going to be happy? Back my kid's mom, as much as she ticked all the right boxes, physically, and even if I was twenty, and all I cared about was screwing chicks, drinking beer, and eating cheap Pizza, emotionally and intellectually, she wasn't the one for me. So we parted ways. Another integral part of who I am, is that I'm a proud veteran. Afford some pretty intense friendships, and you deal with a lot of ribbing and what you civilians might call bullying, that was all part of the comraderie of military life. Another great pearl of wisdom that I picked up and almost four Decades of existing on this rock is that your biggest insecurities and fears when one on your sleeve or shoulder is your biggest armor. So of course, the KFD likes fat chicks thing came up a lot, and here's something else I realize, is that perception is a pretty powerful thing. I'm not going to comment on the level of chauvinism that young men amped up on testosterone having a military, but a common bar game these guys special on East Coast would do, is go to the bar and find the biggest chick and take her home. For those guys it was sport, because that's not something they wanted. Well if big girls make your wee-wee hard, it wasn't a contest. Remember when I talk about that nasty fucking f word? Yeah the one that I loathe the purple passion? That is fetish. We've discussed it plenty of times here, but there is a distinct sharp delineation between the two. You don't take a fetish home to your family, you don't build a life around a fetish. I like women of size, the same way a gay guy likes sucking dick. Is he a fetishist? No, he's gay. I have to scratch my head at the guy that's going to call me a fetishist, when all he dates is Asians. How is that any different? It isn't. Now the one last thing that I will talk about again, is perception. I was out with somebody's back on my wild days in Mississippi, where there is a proliferation of large women. I was out with my wrecking crew at a local Watering Hole, when I saw a blond BBW dream. I went right to her, and struck up a conversation. Luckily for my friends, she had her group of friends that my buddies were all interested in. They were pretty girls, just too small for me. Like I said, I was preoccupied anyway. We had a good night, I'm not going to comment any more than that but later one of my buddies told me that I was the ultimate wingman. To that I responded to him, "No, I am not the wingman. I'm just fortunate that I have an endless supply of friends who will willingly jump on the grenade for me and handle all the skinny annoying chicks I don't want!" It's all in perception, fellas. YOU DON'T NEED SOCIETY'S APPROVAL FOR YOUR PREFERENCE OF WOMAN. KFD out.
  5. It's Rosie Mercado, you pinecone. Also, did you not see the disclaimer about bumping old threads? Please, do that again, because it seems like utilizing Google Images is beyond comprehension.
  6. It cracks me up my photo of her is making the rounds. I shot this last fall at one of the fəåbie meetups. Also... Here's some others I shot of her...
  7. I think I might need to do a curvage TED Talk for these younger impressionable guys that are still in the closet about liking big girls. Might be worth while to do thqn just give psa's and threaten to ban people.  


    Stay off the grass, please.

    1. xcxssx


      Definitely back this. Men need to respect what they're physically attracted to and respect the women who are that. Honestly I think men coming out and actually standing up for these women in a group will be a much bigger voice than women defending themselves constantly. Its genetically what we are. Nothing more.

  8. Hey Fellas. PSA from that one Mod. 






    1. RippdFlannel


      Honestly guys posting photos of themselves half naked  in the status updates gets old also.... isnt there a certain page for them on this forum? Is this place such a safe space we can’t tell them to stop? 

    2. KFD


      @RippdFlannel report away! I might be biased, but if I see guys posting same content the girls are here, I'm going to either hide it or delete it. Sorry dude I'm about female curves not your hairy upper chest!

  9. Yeah she's hot, but that thread title makes me feel like like this is a forum for pedos... 😖
  10. I have a fetish. Fat Girls, aren't one of them when they are a preference.  My greasy disgusting fetish? Shitty seventies Corvettes like this turd. I dont like cheapasses that seem to own these things though. On the plus side (size?), I am getting proficient at yanking out a four speed transmission. 

    I have dubbed this pile of crap the Tiger King Corvette. This looks like something Joe Exotic would drive. After spending a lot of time with this car, I'm thinking this car should have been named Carole Baskin. 🤦🏼‍♂️


    1. pgtip00


      That is a truly ugly car.  The 70s really was the decade that taste forgot.

    2. imp


      I think that's an awesome-looking car.

    3. goodgirlgrow


      Yet you talk about black and white eye sores...

      kidding, looks good. 

    4. Synthesis


      Gas crisis really did take its toll on these cars, they look like victims of drug cocktails.

  11. I find it very interesting that another user quoted this post and bumped a dormant thread. I'm going to repeat this, because I guess my earlier reply is hidden and sent to the abyss. Why don't you use your brain, you freaking pinecone. Damn, I must be getting soft because I'm saying freaking instead of fucking. It's been 5 years, I have no idea who it is. Get your hand off of your wang long enough to long press or right click, and do Google image search. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  12. PSA kids: Don't be a dick to other users. You might piss off a moderator, and find yourself spending a night in the box. 

    1. goodgirlgrow



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