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    Legendary Thunder reacted to John Smith for a status update, Ladies and gentlemen, as you may know, we are now passing through the month of Februa   
    Ladies and gentlemen,
    as you may know, we are now passing through the month of February. Month which may have a grand, meaningful importance for some people as it ignaugurate the Black History Month-- the fifth one occuring during the International Decade for people of African Descent.
    I just want to tackle this topic with everyone, so that we may recall and cherish altogether about the significant influence that men and most particuliarly women of color have brought to the staggering Plus Size/Body Acceptance movement/s over the span of the nearly half-century-long struggle for a better society devoid of size stigmatization and discrimatory thin-centered social norms prejudiciable to the self-empowerment of many individuals-- amongst them so to speak, many women as well as ethnic communities used to valorize feminine beauty standards different from the ones publicized by the Western fashion industry alike medias and medical reality. Otherwise, I wanted that we enjoy this month to celebrate the influence and beauty of fuller-figured sisthrens as well as the BBWs, SSBBWs and USSBBWs as members of this broad F.A. community in all peace and self-learning appreciation and how embracing their curves, rolls, fullness or adiposity changed the landmarks of our society forever. For the better, we hope.
    Thanks you for your attention and happy Black History Month to all people.