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  1. i hope thighs and ass start filling out
  2. your so cute and welcome here...what's your current weight and what's your weight goal?
  3. the booty baby...always he booty!! i only wanna see the booty growth progress!!
  4. that ass is super hot, make herself stuff all day long to keep growing that sexy phat ass!!
  5. i love how you ass is getting bigger and how cellulite dimples appears more and more, keep growing i wanna see it gets huge!!
  6. you should you should keep with 10k challenge for a whole year, just damn how thick and hot your thighs are becoming your turning into sexy goddess!!
  7. i really really hope that ass get more than 55+ inches with much thicker thighs...stuff yourself to your absolute limit everyday babe!
  8. this thread should keeping it going, of someone has anything new about her please upload!!
  9. hey babe i wanna tell you how hot you are, and i can't wait you start making content

    your gonna be one of the top models here i'm sure of that, welcome to the community!!😍

    1. F@T


      Gracias ❤️❤️

  10. your so hot and i hope you get so much bigger than that, i hope your journey will be so long and far away from over and keep growing and showing us your hot body i hope your goal is going to be so big that it will make you booty reach 60+inches. and thighs as wide as a couch, and by the way i would love to see that ass of yours!!😋😍
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