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  1. your so hot, make your first video and show us how big you will get😍

  2. your so hot babe...show us some of your body
  3. romeos92

    Yes Julz

    what a phat white ass she has...more of her
  4. hoping to see a lot of content from you, you have the potential to grow huge sexy body...so start eating and gaining and show us how this sexy body of your blows up
  5. soon that booty will explode from those pants and rip the seams apart...you should make a video like that
  6. Those thighs and booty are so deliciously big cant wait to see them much bigger, everything is so hot about you baby your born to get massive
  7. You have all of our encouragement, show us gow this hot sexy vody of your will blow up
  8. finally we can see this hot lady grows bigger and bigger day by day and more active...your hott

  9. i would love to spank that growing ass and see how it jiggles😋
  10. do you have plans on gaining weight, if so whats your goal weight because that hot thick body needs to grow and get much sexier i cant for that to happen
  11. your so hot, the bigger your getting the hotter...keep growing babby
  12. your boyfriend is a lucky guy, and i wana tell you that you have a hot body that needs to get much larger and we all cant wait to see how big and fat you will get...so start making a lot of content and increase your appetite and show us how your progress changes
  13. i hope that not gonna happen and she continues adding a lot more pounds
  14. so cute baby, so why you decided to join curvage and start gaining weight, and whats your goal weight?
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