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  1. ass and thighs babby...you have the potential and i know you can do it...your looking sexier than every with each pound you gain!
  2. welcome to the site baby, i just love your meaty thighs and big as show us how big you can make them...cant wait for your first video...and by the way what's your weight goal?
  3. yes you must to, that's the purpose your modeling here...to grow to much bigger size and make your body thicker than ever!!
  4. welcome to the site babe, you look hot AF you have an epic big breasts i hope they grow much more, whats your plans i hope you have a long gaining journey, do you have any goal weight and what's your current weight??
  5. each single part of that perfect body is sexy and thick, but i'm a booty fan so your booty babe is the main show!❤️
  6. you already look hot and thick but here we prefer the girls as thick as possible, i hope that's your goal to grow much bigger, welcome to the site baby...tell me about your plans and what's your goal weight?
  7. that doesn't matter and you should keep with what you desire and what you love, and you have all the support here because i know as many others including you with this journey you will blossom and gonna be as sexy as you ever been...the bigger you get always the better you should remember that babe!!
  8. i only hope this appetite keeps growing bigger to make you the biggest sexiest feedee in the world...hard to describe how sexier your getting the bigger your get
  9. welcome to the site baby, you look so hot and your gonna keep getting hotter the bigger you get, thickness all over...i hope you have a huge goals in mind!!
  10. keep growing babe damn the bigger your getting the sexier your becoming, show us how your gonna become like a whale size!!
  11. damn how i love this thick body of yours, and especially those chunky growing thighs and ass!
  12. stuffing videos of course, start using weigh gain shakes to make you weight increase fast, trying outgrown clothes showing us your whole body front and back and also public stuffings also super hot idea!!
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