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  1. that growing fat body is only getting hotter
  2. one of the hottest growing bodies there is...thickness everywhere, keep eating and grow that body much more i can't wait to see how big and thick it will get😍
  3. i love how big and wide your thighs has gotten..show us how big that booty has become!!
  4. lets hope that booty just blows up...show us some progression over time while your gaining too see how big that ass will get!!

    1. sugarbutt


      Let's hope it does! Been too lazy to get off it lately to do my squats or bike but I'll get back there... and won't stop eating when I do.

    2. romeos92


      that's what i wanna hear...GROW BOOTY GROW😍

  5. your growing thighs just keeps me amazed, how big and wide they are and will continue to bigger and wider😍...keep eating babe
  6. i can see it as much as fast as possible, your gaining so fast and your body is so sexy😍...keep gaining and hope to see you as big as possible
  7. so sexy...keep gaining and i can see that your titts got even bigger, lets see how big they will get😍
  8. we all have faith in u, with an increasing appetite there will be a good results...and i will say this sexy body will get thicker and for that booty your gonna win the fight easly babe❤️
  9. #teambooty is the best team ever, always wins...and hoping for much growth in the future, she's a beauty in everything!!
  10. it's amazing the bigger that ass gets, the sexier it become😍
  11. How i can miss something this hot😍...your on🔥🔥...just keep eating and post videos like this, your gonna be a legend baby
  12. Omg. Yess yess, oy yestrday i hoped you would tear those pants to shreads and it happend😍😍, it's like a wish come true, and i hoping for a lot of videos to come ripping pants like this...keep gaining and growing and continue ripping more and more pants😍❤️
  13. somebody have to tell us her name??, what an amazing growth😍!!
  14. start with 250, those thighs and booty will so big and wide and i cant wait too see that booty grows even bigger with more cellulite on it😍😍...and if she liked it let her start her way to 300!!
  15. more upload on her growing ass...maybe it destined to grow huge😍
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