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  1. I’ve been feeling the love tonight ♥️ I’ve had some lovely messages supporting me and cheering me up after my previous post. 

    🎉🔥To Celebrate!! 🔥🎉

    ♥️Anyone who purchases my pizza stuffing video from today on will get to choose another video for free! ♥️

    A big F you to the losers who try and rip us curvage models off 🖕🏼😘

    1. Residentsteven


      Just checked out this clip now curvyvixen and left a review, love the Bloated burps in this do you ever get hiccups from stuffing yourself so much?

    2. Curvyvixen07


      Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it ☺️ Yes I do from eating too fast because I’m always hungry! 🐷x

    3. Residentsteven


      Thanks for the reply, I’m a fan of eating clips with hiccups in, it shows how much you enjoy food. I just checked out your kfc stuffing and you had them in that 🐷.

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