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  1. Lol, thanks guys, I didn't know there was this much good stuff. 😅 I wish there was an index or a wiki or something with links, themes, length and one-sentence-summaries of all the stories here; there's just so much!
  2. I'm looking for recommendations for stories that don't state a weight and a cup size in the first paragraph. Stories with environments, with more than one plot thread, with multiple defined characters that may react to any WG elements in their own ways; stories with atmosphere, that detail things besides the shape and texture of the female flesh. One example that comes to my head is a comic: No Lunch Break. Doesn't have to be quite as lengthy, as long as it feels "rich". This isn't meant to deride readers/writers of the more to-the-point type, a slower story is just what I'm looking for right now.
  3. Yes, I think it works the right way now. Thank you The settings can be a bit confusing sometimes...
  4. So I'd prefer not to have Curvage mail in my mailbox, for obvious reasons. Love the site, but don't want to get it mixed up with other mail. I much prefer the in-site notifications for this purpose, the little bell thing. However, it looks like I can't let thread reply notifications go to that bell? I can only receive email notifications for followed threads, or no notifications at all. Really annoying. My current hack is to check the "manage followed content" list for bolded thread names, but that doesn't feel right.
  5. I really like your art style!
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