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  1. Haven’t had much progress, hoping to get back on track 

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      >_< 0_0

      It's hard! No rush, of course.

  2. My appetite is def coming back I’m excited just to stuff myself later in the day 

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      What kind of appetite? There’s all kinds of cravings; what’s your craving now? 🤔

  3. I’m still alive lol

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      >_< 0_0

      Hang in there! Haha

    2. vampy007


      How are you, happy that you are still alive

  4. Hey I’d like this old duplicated thread delete since it has my face in it thank you
  5. Welcome Sister Saray! Excited for you to be here 😊 Enjoy the stay! 

    1. Saray


      hayyyy! thank you!

  6. one day I'd love to be a curvage model, but my privacy is way too important to me. 

  7. Why is it so hard for me to gain?? im literally losing weight!

  8. I’ve been stuffing myself all day 

    1. Chevalier


      Show and tell 😘

    2. Saray


      Will do !

    3. shotgun123


      Careful, you might get fat ;)

  9. I can Wait til i get Bigger so i can Post more 

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      Don't worry about numbers! It's good to hear from you whenever.

    3. Dh123456789


      Just be patient. You should definitely post more pictures though. You’re so pretty! Plus, the apetamin will really make you gain fast. I’ve seen girls gain 10 lbs a week on that stuff. You should also try CB-1, it’s a weight gain pill that really works too. I also suggest serious mass powder. 1250 calories a serving. My friend mixes it with heavy cream. She has gotten massive😍

    4. Saray


      You guys are so sweet ! 💕

  10. I love Being praised, call me a good girl. 

    1. Shar’s Lover

      Shar’s Lover

      you’re a good girl you know it babe 🔥

    2. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      That's a good girl 🙂 You've been working hard, haven't you? Now be safe out there in the blizzard; huddle inside with a blanket wrapped around you, watch some Netflix, and snack on something sweet, alright?

  11. Can’t wait to go home and eat omg 

  12. If anyone wants to stuff me I’ll be eternally grateful 

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      Ooh, the spirit is willing, but the body is hundreds of miles away 😭

  13. Just ordered my apetamin I’m so happy 

    1. Poptart9000
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      You did it! I'm not sure if it will work, but maybe make a daily blog of using apetamin on youtube to show how it works. Lots of girls did that and I'm sure they made a lot of easy cash.

  14. Ugh I’m so bloated heavy cream and a boost vhc is not a good mix 

  15. also! I dont Know how to reply in my own threads lmao. On today’s episode of sara is slightly confused by curvage 😂

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      Pretend it’s Instagram! Type into the white box lol 😂 

    2. KFD


      It's called click reply!!