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  1. Full body tour coming Monday💋


  2. Monday I'll drop a multi-angle (multi-camera) body tour video so that you can see every inch of me! Here's a little preview💋
  3. Here is my latest video! Perfect for your Friday night! A little dancing and some laughing in my naughty school girl skirt💋
  4. Come and play with me guys! It's Friday night and I'm having TONS OF FUN! Check me out in my NAUGHTY SCHOOL GIRL outfit! Watch me SHAKE MY ASS and DANCE a little then I show and SAMPLE MY STRAWBERRIES. Finally I get some BELLY CLENCHING LAUGHTER GOING as I play a few rounds of CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY! So sit down, unbutton your pants and hang out with me on a Friday night💋


  5. Do you want to play Cards Against Humanity with me while I wear my school girl outfit? Here's a preview of my newest video which will be available tomorrow💋
  6. Here's my newest clip! After watching it, let me know if you think I am bare or have hair down there 😮🤯😍💋
  7. Feast your eyes on my fat and squishy body as I tease you in my little white bra and panty set! You'll get a little peek of you know where so you can find out if I have hair or if I'm bare...please review and share😁🤣😁🤣💋


  8. I think my first clip I ever uploaded was overlooked because I was newb...Don't miss my Public Stuffing at Cinnabon clip!!







  9. I'm no expert on the topic but basically any unique art could do well as an NFT from what I've heard.
  10. That is my fav so far! I love boba tea though i usually get Karo flavored...are you making these into NFTs?
  11. Piper Pines

    Piper Pines Weekly Gifs

    I'll try to post all my gifs for the week here💋
  12. Welcome @MadamWest Are you going to be modeling here? Because you've got a very pretty face and it's true the folks here are honestly very welcoming and supportive of all curvy body types!
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