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    I like to sing, cook and eat 😏

    I’m trying to see how far I can go

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  1. Hey everyone, how are you all today? Any plan for Valentines? 

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Either work or weather being too bad to go to work. 

    2. Chubbybunnyfeabie


      Oh I see, where abouts do you live? 

  2. Hehe, Oh Hey Babe, I’m sorry to wake you up at such a late hour 🙈 I just couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d call you while rubbing lotion on my big fat growing belly. I know how much you love watching me play with myself 😏👅 Hope this makes up for waking you up ❤️ This video is a Role Play POV Facetime chat where you’re my Boyfriend/Girlfriend and I call you late at night because I can’t sleep and I want to rub lotion and play with my plumping belly for you. includes: cute talk, fat chat, belly Play, Lotion Rub, POV, thigh play, Belly Button Play.


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