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    I like to sing, cook and eat 😏

    I’m trying to see how far I can go

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  1. Ever fantasized about your sexy Fat Teacher? Well your girlfriend knows and she wants to make that fantasy a reality for you hehe 


  2. Trust me if you like burps this is the best video for you 😏

  3. I spent the whole day drinking liquid calories to see how round I would get at the end of the day. I had, Vanilla Iced Coffee, Soda, Energy Drinks, Soups, Milkshake, Red grape juice along with a lot to eat to keep this gut niceee and round. Come enjoy me rubbing out all my burps from my clearly distended belly as I also throw in some cheeky belly play. 🥰 Hotness Scale: 🔥🔥🔥


  4. Fat Chat and Belly Play with loud biggg burps! I sit down in bed and talk to you about how big my belly has gotten after tea and rub and play with it until all the burps are out 😁😘 Hotness Scale: 🔥🔥🔥


  5. Watch this Quick Workout video in low intensity with lots of jumping, jogging and me being goofy and tired really quickly, loud breathing and pauses in between to catch my breath. Haha I’m just such a fatty these days!! Hotness Scale: 🔥🔥


  6. Hey guys, Do you think i’m gained much? Hehe definitely think you should check out my Curvage clips 😉 BB475712-8649-4C42-9092-9AB41FADBCBC.thumb.jpeg.268cef797ddd65abc1e648e16472a2fb.jpeg

  7. Haha you know I’d love to 😉 Would be sad if I had to leave the Villa first tho haha
  8. Hey guys 👋🏼

    1. FatGurlLover


      Hey! 😊

  9. Check out my latest hot video!!
    Boyfriend experience POV: Birthday Surprise Body Tour! 



  10. Bunny sits in bed and shows off her newly gained weight in a very tight new set of underwear 😈😏 She bounces up and down and shows off her big beautiful double belly, her two gorgeous plump growing tits and her chunky thick thighs before she turns around and stuns you with her glorious ass 🥵🔥 hotness scale: 🔥🔥🔥


  11. My Latest Video is probably my hottest video yet!!!

    POV BOYFRIEND EXPERIENCE BIRTHDAY WEIGHT GAIN SURPRISE BODY TOUR for only 3.99$!! (Early Bird Sale for first 12 hrs) 



  12. POV VIDEO: (Boyfriend Experience) It’s your birthday and I want to surprise you after purposely gaining weight. Hehe I wake you up by placing all my new weight on top of you and bouncing up and down on your body 😏 After you wake up I decide to put on a hot show, and show off all my new weight as your Big Birthday Gift 🥵 Hotness Scale: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  13. Check out this sexy video for only 4$!!! Fat Chat and Body Tour after my Monthly Weight Gain for You hehe






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