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  1. Don't we all, I would say yes but I don't know where you live etc
  2. Yes I'm a player, hooker or back row. Been pretty lucky injury wise- outside the normal broken fingers, ripped ears and broken noses I've not had anything too serious for which I'm thankful.
  3. 100% like thin girls I just prefer chubbier ones. I've had a girlfriend who was really thin and was still just as attracted to her as I would have been if she was fat.
  4. Noffy

    "Smaller" Girls

    Please say someone will, a lot of labans posts kind of fit this criteria
  5. So happy this has been posted I have some of these photos saved too! Probably my favourite gain ever!
  6. Mines would maybe be to contribute a bit more.... And actually try and have a real life feeder/feeder thing. Lol
  7. Noffy

    Any clue who this is?

    Unfortunatley not. Could only find this lone picture
  8. Noffy

    Any clue who this is?

    Hey guys, just looking through myspace for old times sake and I found this. I know its a long shot but does anyone know who she is? She's unbelievable! Enjoy.
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