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  1. sad spongebob gif GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsme just watching my inbox 😂

    1. Chevalier


      Part of the natural order being a guy. Initiative/chance just glad when I used to showcase and exchange I got plenty of compliments from women. Just need the right bait and ability to change tactics when a field test fails.

  2. Add me on kik AlexWelcomeParty!!! 

  3. oh my god GIF by Nerdist.com

    I’m going to start sharing my collections :0

  4. Hey well I just wanted to know how are ya ?? It’s been a while since we talk and well you are my friend soo I hope you are great :0

    Also it’s my birthday 😂 hope you see this Luna!

    (sorry I publish it here Luna but your inbox must be soo full)

    1. KittyPiggy


      Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day! 😊❤️

    2. AlexDeep


      Thanks ! Luna !😊

  5. .

    1. ylledeuce


      You do know that everyone on this site can see this pitiful message right? Just a guess here, but you must of already filled up her inbox with the same kind of messages, right? This behavior is what runs off awesome curvage models...

    2. AlexDeep


      Not really but I kinda appreciate what you try to say and sorry I’m little new here but thanks for the advice and well she is my friend just wanted to say hi sorry I  guess.

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