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    It's great to see CC feeling better and looking as beautiful as ever in this video, amazing return to form from my all time favourite model. This video, as you'd expect, is fantastic and I really, really can't get enough of watching CC trying to squeeze into a variety of tight T-shirts, laughing and jiggling as she does. As with all of her videos her personality shines through and it honestly makes the video for me, you can see she's genuinely enjoying fighting to get the shirts on and her laughs as they roll up her huge, gorgeous belly really do add to this video and elavate it into something special. Now obviously I'm biased, I adore everything about CC and can't get enough of her content... in fact, she could release a 30 minute video that's just her reading out a list of 18th century diseases and I'd still love it and couldn't rate it high enough. But with that said I defy anyone to not fall in love with CC after watching this, she's something special!
    I mean, I don’t even know where to start here... I can’t articulate a sentence that would even begin to sum up how incredible this video is. The beautiful CC and KittyPiggy together in a video... absolutely immense
    Just like every other video from CC, this one is amazing. Look, by now we all now how beautiful CC is from top to bottom, her heavenly looks, her incredible body and her amazing personality are always going to make good content, you really can’t miss with this one. What I did like, however, was this had a different feeling from a lot of other stuffing videos I’ve seen, this had a much more ‘intimate’ feeling to it, you genuinely feel like you’re sharing the journey (both the drive and the stuffing) with CC, something that I didn’t realise how much I’d enjoy. This is fantastic from start to finish and it goes without saying the end result is mind blowing. The only thing that got me with this one is the fact that this particular McDonald’s seems to have Monopoly stickers on more of their packaging than I’ve seen before, so I feel like I’ve been cheated by my regular McDonald’s... pretty sure I could have won a Mini by now... amazing work as always, CC!
  1. Wow, that sounds rough! You’ve definitely been put through it haven’t you! I have everything crossed for you that you’ll be home soon and able to move around properly again, hospitals are no fun so god knows how you’ve not gone mad by this point! Feel better ❤️
  2. Hope you’re starting to feel better CC, hoping you won’t be stuck in hospital much longer! Sending you all the positive vibes... which aren’t as good as donuts but that’s the best I can do right now haha.
    I'm a bit late to the party here but this video is so good I had to leave a review. This starts out great and just keeps getting better! Getting to see CC bloat her beautiful belly in an amazing outfit is the content I never knew I needed. Her incredible personality shines through for the duration of the video making it all the more special, her gorgeous smile, her stunning good looks and her out of this world body make this such a special clip, you HAVE to buy it! The bloating is fantastic to witness, watching her steadily swell as her belly slowly stretches her incredible outfit is truly a sight to behold and a very good glimpse of what the future holds for the beautiful CC. Her playful jiggling and fat chat really set this video off again and the burping, oh wow the burping, absolutely elavates this clip, incredible work. I can't wait to see more bloating stuff from CC, she definitely has a talent for it! Must buy!
    Seeing the absolutely beautiful Chubby Cupcake struggling into her dress is such a wonderful sight to behold! Yet again, CC’s lovely, bubbly personality shines through in this video and her reaction to how her dress fits (or rather, doesn’t fit) makes this such a great clip. Then, of course, is CC’s incredible, out of this world body. Seeing just how big that wonderful belly is in this dress is an incredible sight and solidifies CC as a true Curvage legend. Beautiful woman trying on too small clothes, what’s not to love?! Buy it!
  3. You two are incredible 😍
    Amazing... so so amazing. I absolutely love this video and from start to finish you get the impression CC loved making it as much as I, and you, loved watching it. CC is looking absolutely resplendent in this video, her beautiful face and hair combined with a stunning outfit that doesn’t quite cover her incredible body make this clip legendary from the very start. CC knows how to make amazing content and this quality is seen all the way through. The way she squeezes and jiggles and caresses her body from the first shot makes it worth the price of admission alone and it only gets better from there. CC talks us through her outfit, smiling her gorgeous smile the whole time, before sitting down heavily in a chair that will soon be way too small for her stunning body. The views we get of CC are incredible, her beautiful belly out on display, never wanting for attention, combined with her amazing personality make this one of my favourite clips, easily an instant classic. Watching CC chug her way through a full bottle of Coke combined with the brownies will definitely put a smile on your face. I can’t praise this video enough and I can’t thank CC enough for putting amazing content out there, you will not regret buying this clip - I really can’t recommend it enough! It’s the little things that make it just that bit more special, the beautiful smile to the camera as she works her way through the Coke and brownie combo, the playful way she moves her hair, the gentle squeezes and jiggles of her already legendary belly, topped off with adorable burps towards the end make this clip a masterclass. CC has already hit legendary status and this clip confirms it, I’m completely smitten 😍
    This was the first video I bought from ChubbyCupcake and it was easily the best decision I've made in a long time, the price point is insanely good value and that should encourage anyone who’s even considering it to jump in, you absolutely won’t regret it. The video starts off fantastically, we get to be up close and personal with CC as she seductively shows off her incredible (I really can’t stress that word enough) body with the viewer. Her outfit is fantastic and shows off every roll, bulge and curve that covers her beautiful figure. We get to see CC from every angle but it’s the belly reveal that blew my mind and cemented CC as a model of legendary status. For the weigh in section we get to see her phenomenal body jiggle and sway with every movement, something that I personally adore about this video. The hot tub section is fantastic and complements the first part of the video brilliantly. You get the feeling that you’re just hanging out in the garden with a stunning BBW as she seductively hangs out in the hot tub, showing off her body in the very un-British sunshine. The scene of her stepping out of the hot tub and walking out frame is short but absolutely incredible. Above all else, however, is the way that CC’s personality shines through. She seems to love showing off her amazing body and that is the cherry on the (ChubbyCup)cake. TLDR: stunning woman with an amazing personality and a ridiculously hot body. Buy it.
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