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    Well this is just excellent! Honey is looking gorgeous here and shows off her huge body perfectly! Hair and makeup is absolutely on point and the outfit she wears is fantastic, clinging to her curves beautifully. Watching her struggle to unzip her dress was fantastic and really shows off just how big she's gotten and the weigh in was brilliant, no spoilers but it's a great number! Honey is relaxed on camera and talks throughout the video which I love and then the baby oil is just ๐Ÿ˜ The background music was a bit loud (and reminded me how terrible radio advertising is ๐Ÿ˜‚) but it absolutely didn't distract from Honey, just something to note for future clips. Overall its over 10 minutes of a gorgeous fat babe for a hell of a good price, buy it, you won't regret it.
  1. Incredible gain, you look amazing!
  2. I hope you're doing OK, these anniversaries are tough โค๏ธ
    Reviewing CC's content is getting tough tbh, every time a new video comes out I'm blown away by her all over again and it's difficult trying to think of new ways to say how incredible she is. I should maybe learn new words... Or a new language... Anything to mix it up a bit. So the Get Fizzy With Me videos always have a special place in my heart, I absolutely adore the series and seeing CC bloat herself with a huge bottle of full fat coke and a pack on Mentos is always going to be high up on the list of my favourite things to watch, this video only adds to my love for them. CC is looking absolutely beautiful here, her outfit is sexy af and looks amazing on her, her hair looks fantastic and her face, that beautiful face, is just the perfect cherry on the perfect cake. I don't like to give much away about the content of the videos I review, feel like that spoils the journey a bit, but what I will say is that within the first minute CC had me smiling with her reaction to dropping a Mento on the floor and letting her funny, warm personality shine through. The way she chugs the coke is genuinely impressive and the way she manages to devour the Mentos just adds to it even more. The jiggles, the huge, deep, burps, the wonderful sound of CC's voice make this easily one of my all time favourite clips of hers. CC's incredible, awe inspiring gain is also so noticeable here and she's really grown into the SSBBW body shape, with her enormous belly making its way further and further outwards and further and further down her thighs, she truly has the greatest shape. CC is utter, utter perfection. โค๏ธ
  3. Also, I know I'm double posting but my god, you are so beautiful! ๐Ÿ˜ Every picture of you is stunning โค๏ธ
  4. Oh wow, that's great! You know, there's never really an ideal time to do it and if you're unhappy then you should do what you can to change that, so I think that's fantastic. Good luck with everything and I genuinely hope you find something that suits you better
  5. Ah that's not great, it's tough enough as it is trying to keep some normality but that's even harder to do when your shifts get messed up, fingers crossed they get back to normal for you soon! Omg no wonder you're feeling tired if you're up at 6 ๐Ÿ˜ด I mean, your dog is absolutely adorable so I can see the motivation there haha. You'll find the balance soon, I'm sure, just gotta do whatever is right for you and however long that takes xx
  6. You look fantastic and holy shit your belly is looking HUGE ๐Ÿ˜
    This is fantastic! Isabel is looking big, blue and juicy and definitely makes an amazing blueberry! The angles she uses accentuates her enormous belly perfectly and her outfit is absolutely brilliant, even going the extra mile with the blue face paint which is a great touch.
    Straight to the point, I absolutely love watching CC and Harriet together and honestly it's brilliant watching these 2 friends sit and stuff Domino's together. It's a nice change of pace I definitely recommend you watch this, just to feel chilled out, happy and you even get some expert burping advice from CC which is always welcome! It's obvious by now that I adore everything about CC, her incredible, out of this world body and looks honestly gives me energy and her personality is a definite 11/10, but seeing how much more confident Harriet has gotten since joining the site and creating content is fantastic, she's so comfortable on camera, loves food, looks absolutely incredible (seriously, that tan is ๐Ÿ”ฅ) and is definitely getting chubbier and who doesn't enjoy that? So for being able to watch 2 food loving pals enjoy each others company and stuff a load of pizza and sides this is an easy 5 star and comes highly recommended. Great work CC and Harriet!
    I mean, this is just absolutely brilliant, just look at those preview gifs, that first one though?! So obviously this gets 5 stars. CC is looking more beautiful with each new clip she puts out and she is definitely looking bigger and bigger each time as well. Harriet as well is looking absolutely amazing and the extra weight is becoming more and more obvious, and that tan is ๐Ÿ”ฅ I absolutely love seeing CC and Harriet together making content, they do such a good job, they're both so natural in front of the camera and they make some of the best content I've ever seen. Seeing CC tied up and chugging a crazy high calorie shake is just the best. And it's THICK, like, this shake is so thick and it makes it all the more satisfying seeing CC guzzle it down. One thing I absolutely adore is that when CC is chugging, her eyes go so wide, it's fantastic. The speed at which CC manages to chug the shake is so impressive and Harriet does an amazing job making sure all that thick shakey goodness ends up in CC's beautiful, fat belly. And then there's the belly rubs and jiggles at the end, which are just absolutely ๐Ÿ˜ Thank you CC and Harriet for making such excellent content, you're the best!
  7. Ah that's great, I'm glad you're able to get out a bit more, even a quick trip out of the house can make a massive difference to your mental health. Yeah I get that, it's tough to know if you're doing everything right or not and even more so when you're relying on other people to do the same thing. But yeah I get what you mean with people being too close, it's a bit of a weird one to call out isn't it. Yeah I'm still working, it does help that my week days are more normal but it's weird that I log off and that's it, that's all I have to do for the day, but yeah I'm not complaining cos it's definitely helped keep some sense of a routine haha. Have you been able to work at all?
    Fantastic video featuring a big fat belly with some lovely thick rolls and SO MANY BURPS! If you're a fan of bloating and burping I definitely can't recommend this enough. Brilliant job Thiccprincess
  8. It's been OK, seems to go through phases where I'm alright with it then start to struggle with it so it's a bit of a cycle haha. Not sure how long I've been isolating tbh, think I started at the end of Feb/beginning of March so it's been a while. Are you still isolating or are you able to get out and about a bit more? No idea when I can start getting back to normal, I think this is going to drag on for a while longer tbh. Thanks for asking โค๏ธ
  9. I hope you're doing OK CC, times are really tough right now so I hope you're doing alright. Really nice of you to put this out there, the world definitely needs more people like you in it.
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