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    Question, is there anything better than CC jiggling her incredibly beautiful body in a mirror whilst talking about how fat she's gotten? No, no there isn't. This is amazing! CC, you are the absolute definition of perfection and beauty and you look absolutely stunning in this video. Watching you jiggle your amazing body while you talk about how fat you've got and how much fatter you're going to get is fantastic. Amazing video featuring the best person to happen to humanity at a fantastic price, what's not to love?! Just look at those preview gifs! See that one where CC leans forward and drops her belly? Yeah, you're gonna want to get this clip for that alone.
    Reviewing CC's videos is somewhat difficult because it borders on pointless, it's a bit like trying to review antibiotics or the sun or democracy, obviously amazing and wonderful things that are already held in high regard, but still I do enjoy doing it. This is, as with all of CC's content, amazing! Full of jiggling, belly play, the beautiful ChubbyCupcake and SO. MUCH. FOOD. As always CC's personality and lovely nature shine through fantastically. I mean I don't know what else to say, look at those preview gifs! See the second one? It's alright I'll wait, go look again... I know right?! Amazing. Thank you so much for the video CC and for putting out consistently fantastic content ❤️ I have a sudden craving for some pancakes and syrup now...
    CC, the absolute personification of perfection proving once again why she is the best at what she does! Incredible video, absolutely amazing, I cant get over just how good this was and at a fantastic price! CC is looking, somehow, more beautiful than ever and is definitely looking bigger, and that's before the Coke and Mentos! She greedily chugs down the Coke after swalling a few Mentos and it just keeps getting better from there. If you can take your eyes off CC and watch her beautiful belly I swear you can see it get bigger with each passing second! The way she guzzles down the Coke, the playful and flirty looks to the camera, the way she plays with her stunning hair and the amazing way she plays with her huge, fat belly honestly make this a special clip. So if you like beautiful, fat women bloating themselves up this is definitely for you, I can't stress enough just how good this is, it might be the best thing I've ever seen and I saw Avengers End Game in 3D Imax so... CC, thank you for making the best content out there and it looks like you had a fantastic girthday! 😍
    Wow, another fantastic clip from the always amazing Chubby Cupcake. CC is looking as beautiful as always here and squeezed into tight leather pants? Next level! To be honest, writing a review for most of CC's stuff is somewhat difficult as the previews usually show you just how good the content is, but I figured it was probably worth putting a few words down anyway. So we have the most stunning model, squeezing herself into tight leather pants and chugging an incredibly fattening shake - sold? You should be, this is fantastic. CC is looking as beautiful as ever as she chugs down this shake in the most incredible way, at one point I was distracted by watching her incredible belly jiggle and sway and didn't realise just how quickly she was working her way through the shake, its no wonder her belly is blowing up the way it is. Lots of playful jiggling, belly play and fat chat whilst she works her way through the shake which makes this video as special as all of CC's content. And the belly reveal... wow, amazing! You can see how stuffed CC is and how much of an effort it is to heave that enormous gut out of those pants but the pay off is exquisite, I'd love nothing more than to funnel gallons of that shake into that stunning belly until those leather pants burst off. So as usual we have the beautiful CC making incredible content at a really good price, whats not to love?!
    I honestly don't know what to say, I feel like I just repeat myself but seriously, have you seen the previews for this?! Absolutely incredible... Easily one of the best things I've seen in a very long time. CC, you look even more beautiful than before and your body, good god that body. Seeing CC's stunning body in all its glory is such a wonderful sight it is actually breathtaking. So what's in this video? Well... The beautiful ChubbyCupcake ✔️ Stunning belly jiggles ✔️ Playful teasing ✔️ CC's wonderful personality ✔️ The beautiful ChubbyCupcake ✔️ Soapy belly play ✔️ So if you've managed to make it this far without buying it I don't know what else to tell you, this is a fantastic video with the most incredible model at a brilliant price, buy it! Thank you CC for making such consistently good content ❤️
    A few points: firstly, this is absolutely in no way a fail. At all. Not even slightly. Secondly, how CC manages to somehow get more and more beautiful with each update is beyond me, beyond words and possibly beyond science, yet here we are. Thirdly, the UK hitting 31C is ridiculous and we're not equipped to deal with it at all so props to CC for attempting to do anything in that heat! So what's in this video? Absolute perfection. The angle is fantastic and shows off CC's beautiful fat belly in all its glory. The way she devours cupcakes is a mix of massively impressive and hot AF. The jiggles, my god the jiggles... Watching her body ripple and shake is one of life's greatest joys and there's plenty of that in this video. The cheeky smiles, the way she licks the remnants of cupcakes off her fingers, the hugely impressive way she chugs the shake are all testament to just how special CC is. Amazing content of THE most stunning model at a fantastic price, you definitely won't be disappointed. Perfection is hard to describe but it's in this video. CC, keep up the amazing work ❤️
  1. TLDR: Yeah I think you can date outside of the community and be happy, but, you need to make sure you are happy and satisfied in a relationship where the other person may not share/understand your kink. (this is all personal opinion and most probably rambling bullshit but here we go)This is a tricky one. Having done both it is easier from the get go when you share the same kink as your partner, it is something deeply inherent within you both that you share and allows you the opportunity to explore with each other. What you do run the risk of, to echo what your friend said, is that you see each other as bodies or objects to satisfy your kink and all the other parts of a relationship fall away. Whilst sex is obviously very important, its all the other stuff that makes a relationship what it is and there's a risk that all that stuff falls away. Now, that doesn't and won't always happen, but it is something that should be taken into account. I think the key thing for a relationship based in the community is the understanding that you and/or your partner aren't always going to be 'on', which can be somewhat tricky to navigate. There's also the fact that it reduces the 'dating pool' somewhat and long distance relationships become an option, which can work for some people and not others. Dating outside of the community with someone who doesn't share your kink is kind of the reverse problem. All the other stuff is there but the sex may (I can't emphasise may enough here) suffer. I think taking time to explain what you like and ensuring the other person is comfortable is key, if they're not responsive or actively dislike what you like thats when you need to weigh up whether all the other aspects of the relationship are better than not having a shared kink. It is definitely possible to find love and have a happy relationship though so don't let that put you off. You're obviously a beautiful woman with a fantastic personality so that is what people will see, the rest of it will figure itself out in time.
    Ah CC, you truly are perfection ❤️ this video is incredible! This really does have everything you could want: Beautiful woman ✔️ Stunning, fat body that WILL blow your mind ✔️ Stuffing an incredible amount of food into that beautiful belly ✔️ Weigh ins ✔️ Jiggling ✔️ ChubbyCupcake ✔️ It really does have everything and I absolutely adore this video! The rate that CC devours those donuts is crazy, she gets through them at such an impressive rate it was difficult to keep up! Then there's the jiggling and posing... Mind blowing, truly mind blowing. Watching CC's beautiful body jiggle and wobble is one of the greatest things to witness and there's a lot of it here. As with all her videos her personality shines through and it feels like you're in the room with her as she works her way through all those donuts. The looks to the camera, the giggles, the belly play, the hair play, the messy eating - how 1 person can be this incredible is beyond me but here we are. Beautiful CC is looking rounder than ever and honestly, that face on that body just makes the world a better place. Buy this video, you really won't regret it!
    Firstly, thank you so much for the video, CC. That really was a fantastic surprise and it's very much appreciated! Now, if you've seen any of my other reviews it won't come as a massive surprise to know that I absolutely adore this video. Like, really, really adore it. CC is looking as incredibly beautiful as ever and the outfit only accentuates her phenomenal body even further! As in all CC's videos her personality shines through in this one and it honestly makes her videos such a pleasure to watch, her obvious love of food and gaining as well as her cheeky, fun personality make her videos stand out. So whats going on? Well CC is devouring some rather chunky looking cupcakes and washing them down with the thickest looking shake I've seen, seriously this thing looks insane and incredibly fattening I don't want to give too much away because CC's videos are best appreciated by actually watching them rather than me talking about them, but I can't emphasise enough how much I enjoyed this video. Watching CC struggle with those incredibly sweet looking cupcakes whilst psyching herself up to eat them was equal parts adorable, funny and ridiculously hot. CC is beauty and gluttony in one amazing package and watching her body jiggle and move as she struggles to reach the cakes is truly awe inspriring, every reach gives you an amazing view of her beautiful belly. I've said it before and I'll probably say it again but there's not much CC can do wrong in my eyes, she really is the complete package and makes some of the best content I've ever seen. Buy this video, I'm sure you won't regret it! As a side note, CC's reaction when there's a knock on the door genuinely had me laughing and made me consider a career as an Amazon delivery driver...
    It's pretty obvious by now that I can't get enough of CC, every single video I've bought has been incredible and, shockingly, this one is no exception. This is a fantastic video that had a more intimate feel to it and CC is looking as achingly beautiful as ever and her incredible, flowing body looks utterly breathtaking, worth the price of admission alone. Taking on that much Subway is definitely a challenge and its great to watch CC as she devours the foot longs, spilling some of the fillings on that stunning belly just adds to this incredible video. I won't go into detail as I feel like you should definitely watch this one unfold in all its glory but I will say that the ending is mind blowing. So in this video we have the most beautiful model stuffing an obscene amount of Subway complete with jiggles, burps, moans and as always, CC's stunning personality, sense of humor and playfullness shine throughout. CC, thank you for making such amazing, consistent content, it's fantastic to see how much you enjoy making your content and it makes it a pleasure to watch, as always. Can't reccomend this one enough, but then again I can't sing CC's praises enough, she's just that good!
    Thank you so much for the gift CC ❤️ Incredible, absolutely incredible! Being able to watch the most beautiful woman sensually jiggle and shower her phenomenal body has absolutely blown my mind. Lots of soapy jiggling and a full view of CC makes this video so good that I'm running out of words to describe how amazing she is and just how good her content is. What I will say is that ending... Wow! As with all CC's content I can't rate it high enough, she truly is amazing!
    Wow... Just, wow. CC is my absolute favourite model ever and it's so good to see her back, looking bigger and (somehow) more beautiful than ever in this amazing video! As with all her videos CC's amazing personality shines through in this video and it honestly makes it so much more enjoyable watching someone enjoying themselves. The video does it exactly what the title says, it's all about buttons popping off CC's stunning body. I'll be honest, button popping is up there with the wheel and antibiotics in the list of my favourite creations, and CC is the absolute definition of perfection so I was always going to love this vid, but I can't recommend it enough, I promise you'll enjoy every second of it. Thank you CC for consistently incredible content at a brilliant price, you are the absolute best 😍
    It's great to see CC feeling better and looking as beautiful as ever in this video, amazing return to form from my all time favourite model. This video, as you'd expect, is fantastic and I really, really can't get enough of watching CC trying to squeeze into a variety of tight T-shirts, laughing and jiggling as she does. As with all of her videos her personality shines through and it honestly makes the video for me, you can see she's genuinely enjoying fighting to get the shirts on and her laughs as they roll up her huge, gorgeous belly really do add to this video and elavate it into something special. Now obviously I'm biased, I adore everything about CC and can't get enough of her content... in fact, she could release a 30 minute video that's just her reading out a list of 18th century diseases and I'd still love it and couldn't rate it high enough. But with that said I defy anyone to not fall in love with CC after watching this, she's something special!
    I mean, I don’t even know where to start here... I can’t articulate a sentence that would even begin to sum up how incredible this video is. The beautiful CC and KittyPiggy together in a video... absolutely immense
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