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  1. Yeah, sorry. I was only categorizing people in order to make my argument. I don't think my therapist does that in any way. They've always done a great job working with me as an individual. Anyhow, I did bring it up with my therapist! I was really anxious during the process, but afterwards felt so much better! They were understanding and really made me feel comfortable talking about the subject in any form I need. I plan to continue discussing it but didn't get a chance to this week since I've got other stuff going on right now.
  2. Yeah, I've basically hated myself for my urges/desires. I'm tired of hating myself. Also, I don't want to be sad, miserable and lonely repressing things. I just want to live my life, enjoy sex, etc! I just have a lot of internalized shame I need to deal with. It is what it is... Come to think of it, though, I bet people whose partners have gained weight have talked to their therapists about preferring slim bodies! E.g., their attachment to their partners causes them guilt for not feeling attracted to them.
  3. "Oh hey, me too!" Haha, not likely. It's bothered me to the extent that it's brought harm not only to my psychological well-being but also to my physical health! Just letting it out would be huge for me. I've walked around the subject in therapy, drawing circles in ever closer... I think I'm just going to dive in next week. It's not just about preferring one body type over others. There's a bit more to it than that. Anyhow, I think that's a weak comparison. Do hetero people go to therapy to discuss their hang-ups about being straight? Do cisgender people seek out help with their shame for being cis? Do ethnic majorities need help adjusting to their privileged status? (Actually, this last one's a bit complicated, isn't it!? 😜)
  4. Has anyone ever talked to a therapist, psychologist, etc., about their weight gain, fat, or feedism kinks and fetishes? I've been thinking about discussing some of this with my own therapist. I just entered my 30s and for over two decades now I've been conflicted, ashamed, self-loathing, and repressive regarding my sexual preferences and desires. I'm just tired of it and want to learn a little acceptance. So has anyone else talked about their kinks with anyone in a therapeutic context? How did it go?
  5. Not gonna lie... I clicked on this expecting something really lame. Then I viewed everything from start to finish! 😂 You have some really great skins: cellulite, blue jean details, etc. My puny MacBook Pro couldn't handle that shit...
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