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  1. Good lord, you are sexy without filters! 😍😍😍
    Your face is sooo beautiful and the way you wear those clothes perfectly accentuating your body shape is just amazing! Please do a video squeezing into old clothes, especially pants. I can imagine with that much gained this year, you probably have a lot of tight pairs
  2. Omg, you are the dream!!!! Please make a video where you try to burst old clothes, pretty please
  3. Her ass and belly fighting for room in those jeans, simply great!
  4. The way you carry your extra pounds is so insanely sexy, I cant really put it into words!
  5. Hot damn, they way you clothe yourself is so on point! πŸ‘Œ
  6. wow, please make more videos, you are so gorgeous!
  7. Yes, you definitely should gain! 😍
  8. Please do a longer vid where you stuff yourself in tight jeans, insta-buy for me 😍
    Frickin hot how much food you can casually stuff into yourself, just amazing! Unfortunately the video was encoded vertical, so all the horizontal filming lost a lot of detail. You have a really cute face and I love the way your boobs spill over you bra, but I would have loved to see more shots from below and the sides, so your belly's growth during stuffing is visible, and from behind for dat ass. Also this vid had a lot of weird hard cuts. But still quite good value overall price/length wise.
  9. this but in some jeans that will need to be unbuttoned during stuffing would be god tier 😍
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