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  1. All tissue consumes oxygen. Fat has a relatively low metabolic demand, as it's purpose is almost exclusively energy storage. So yes, it does consume oxygen, but less so than muscle. The reason extra fat reduces cardio mainly because people who gain weight are deconditioned. But fat also requires more work to move around without actually contributing to the work that you perform like muscle does.
  2. Just talked to Jenn, she said she's gonna publish her weigh in to onlyfans!
  3. She hella photoshoots. You can see a huge difference between her videos and posted photos.
  4. Said fuck it, pulled the trigger. Looks like it will be adult content, but content is minimal right now. One clip with brief nudity. Some twerking. Offering to rate dicks for an additional $20. Buuuuuut, weigh in and measurements coming soon now ;)
  5. Curious about this too. It's definitely legit, promoted by her Twitter, but is it adult content? Like she jokingly tweeted about feet pics for TP, which isn't really my thing, but if she's doing feet would she do other stuff? Also the first thing on her wishlist is a bondage set. I'm very tempted, but at $20 a subscription and only a handful of content out, doesn't seem worth it.
  6. My educated guess would be ~30lbs with an all out food blitz for someone who has never been heavier before. Realistically, probably 10-15lbs per month depending on the circumstances
    Her best video yet. Lots of new chub on her buddy. GGG literally destroys her clothes with her new fat, and then even O's in the process. She is truly curvage's feedee, and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.
    GGG is so visibly turned on from start to finish, the whole video is a treat.
  7. She's probably a binge eater, and probably hides it pretty well
    Really impressive work. GGG sexy as always. I think I almost lost it at the banana gag.
    She shows off everything you want to see in this clip.
    Not only is couchqueen's belly in this a site to behold, but the video shows off lesser appreciated gems like her new found bingo-wings and cellulite covered thighs. This is an excellent return from vacation.
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