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  1. Cosplaying as the one and only Misty!


  2. Just showing off my ever growing tummy 😏😚


  3. The quality isn't FANTASTIC but I down a whole box of Pastina in MINUTES.


  4. I am officially 320.8! Let's celebrate with some oreos! I've been an insatiable little piggy lately and my belly has grown from it. Enjoy! 😍😘


  5. I gained some weight! I am now 320!


  6. Stuffing Myself with Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake for Breakfast! It was to die for! Also a bit of belly jiggling of course !


  7. I have a bunch of random pics, including a BEFORE & AFTER picture!, that show off my growing body. Enjoy


  8. Just enjoy dressing up! And a bonus picture thrown in


  9. I just got my harley quin sequin undies.... anyone up for a harley shoot!? 😜
  10. NEWEST PICS Click for my newest picture set....
  11. *NUDITY WARNING* Just a few pics showing off my growing belly!


  12. Thanks everybody ♡♡♡ Buying my vids and pics helps me eat more and more!
  13. I have recently posted a new photo set and 2 new videos! I am around 310 now and I keep growing! Here are some samples!
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