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  1. Going through the same thing with my girlfriend. Went from 180 to 240 pretty quickly. Normally weight goes to her breasts or thighs. This time a majority of it went right to her belly. She has a nice belly that overhangs that is at least a handful with some stretch marks. Some also went to her butt. My favorite thing is as she was gaining her pants would come unzipped from her gut pushing forward and anytime she was wearing leggings the fabric would be see through. Wondering if you had any similar experiences? Also has anyone said anything about her gain?
  2. Honestly the best thing might be to talk to him about this and get his opinion.
  3. Had to share this. 

    I was at friendsgiving with a few people. I was next to this slender brunette wearing a long sleeve blue crop top and skinny low rise jeans. She was chowing down on some food for most of the night. She then starts rubbing her tummy and makes a groaning noise. Then proceeded to stop sucking in her stomach and bloat it out while unbuttoning her jeans in front of everyone. She then kept on rubbing her bloated gut just right there in the open.

    It was probably one of hottest things I've seen in awhile. Just had to share with someone lol. 

  4. She blew up when she went on it. Constantly was hungry and eating on it. Every calorie stuck too. Probably gained about 35 lbs in 3 months on it. Outgrew her bras and couldn't button up her jeans because of her thighs and belly.
  5. Progesterone birth control. My ex-girlfriend went on it and her breasts went up a cup size. Well and her appetite did too.
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