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  1. If their dangerous now, just wait....
  2. Since your so petite, weight should show faster than most and I can't wait to watch!
  3. Wow, you're gorgeous. Can't wait to see you in 20lbs more.
  4. See you guys next decade :)

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  6. Caption; Candii, Destroyer of Thighs and Pants This happened at work today...
  7. Caption; Bonus- Christmas Belly on the Counter
  8. Ok, I would like to say this, I myself, like more gradual weight gains and seeing where I've come to get to this point and it's more gratifying to see the hard work I've done and to enjoy my success. Now having thrown that out there, When you are looking at something to help you gain weight, there are 5 methods the "drug" uses to make this out come happen, 1. Increase of appetite 2. Fluid retention 3. Increased Fat storage 4. Slowed metabolism 5. Difficulty exercising Apetamin I believe, falls under categories 1&5 (maybe 4 IDK) So, I believe, to optimize your chances of growth in that specific area. You should get a product like "Major Curves" which is designed to increase Fluid retention (I understand it says for butt and breast but, it does work on any part of the body.) It's minimal but, it does fit the "hole" for the lack of a better phrase. Also maybe do some sort of growth hormone (They get a bad wrap rightfully so, but it does work) like insulin to help you build more fat storage. Obviously, you should do some of the things the community members said like stuffing, drinking richful products (cream), and do bloatings to expand your stomach (coke&mentos, baking soda&vinegar), Doing expansion via the anus, just to name a few. But you should do these things in addition to. I will comment more, the more I research the specific topics but for now here is a article pertaining a little more information that I've said. Thank you so much for posting your journey here and taking us along your ride and I wish you guys the best of luck.
  9. Sorry for the blank bar, I couldn't seem to find how to delete it.
  10. Wow, that belly is screaming to get out of those pants! And thanks for the update
  11. Awesome news, so what's been going on lately. I mean what have you been doing to help her get a good push along her weight gain journey.
  12. If you don't mind me asking, why did you stop (running)?
  13. Saw this lovely lady on CBS 60 minutes, and I thought I had to share her!





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