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  1. Version 1

    Piggy is now fatter than ever (255lbs) but that doesn't stop her from submitting to gluttony... Watch me as I eat an entire McCain chocolate cake and drink pepsi. The video is in two parts; in the first one I start devouring the cake in tight jeans (they will soon be unbuttoned ), I also do a little belly play. In the second part, you'll see me struggle to eat the last bites of the cake. Eventually, I manage to finish this 1600 calories cake, not without moaning and burping. I'm now round and full and ready to take a nap !


  2. Version 1

    In this video I'm wearing old workout clothes and I attempt to make jumping jacks, situps and push ups. I quickly give up and start eating a chocolate fudge cake with heavy cream. After I eat half of the cake, I manage to get up and show my belly while burping a lot. Hope you'll like it, I'm always open to your feedback.


  3. Version 1

    Please note : the quality is not that good because I was recording in selfie mode and there is NO sound ! You will still have a great look at my gains I've been eating uncontrollably this week and I wanted to share my progress. In this video, you will see how my belly, thights and boobs jiggle as I'm walking around. I'm also showing my fat and playing with it in different angles. Weight in at the end


  4. Version 1

    Watch me as I eat a medium pizza while watching netflix. I'm also having a 1100 cal milkshake and a bit of poutine. This video includes burping, belly play, measurements and before and after weight in. I hope you'll enjoy it.


  5. Version 1

    Hello everyone, So for my first video I'm showing you the results of a McDonald's stuffing. In this video, I'm grabbing, rubbing and giggling my belly. I was pretty full also and you'll hear me breathing heavily while I show off my fat. For the stuffing I had : 1 medium fries, 1 poutine, 10 chicken nuggets, 1 double cheese, 1 bigmac, 1 medium coca-cola and a large vanilla milkshake for a total of 3320 calories. Feel free to give me suggestions, requests and advice. The video was recorded on my phone. The resolution was set to FullHD 1920x1080, but I feel like the quality is a bit lower due to the lighting.


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