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  1. Been on here since beginning of 2018. Ive had a lot of inner conflict of what I wanted from all of this. Yet each time my weight goes up I feel better about myself so it must mean something right? I'm not really sure to say a goal I have in mind(other than self love an acceptance)but it's been great learning to not care what I eat and not worry if I look fat. Other than the "youd look much better at 250+ pounds" I appreciate how body positive this forum can be. For that I thank the models and everyone else :) here's a pic of my summer shorts, an example of how relaxed my eating habits have been as of late 😅 shout out to @Goddess shar cause if I hadn't found you from insta I never would of discovered curvage 


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    2. Curious24


      Thank you @S77 :)

    3. snapper


      Your belly button forms a perfect heart.

    4. asdf2011


      Oh wow, all that pizza!, Good work :3

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