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  1. Version 1.0.0

    Here I've just had 4 helpings of dinner, my belly stuffed and bloated. I burp loudly and uncontrollably throughout the entire video, rubbing and jiggling my stuffed belly to help more burps out. ❤️


  2. Have an awesome burping vid ready to upload in the morning for you all ;)❤️ 

    A special thankyou to each and every one of you that has purchased a video from me, you're all angels ❤️

  3. What's your favorite food to settle down in a comfy chair or bed to have a good ol fashioned stuffing on? Personally I love sushi and anything greasy like fries and potato cakes. Pastas are also a favorite of mine. For sweets I love blocks of chocolate because I can easily eat several and pack down delicious calories. Icecream and custard come in close second there mmmm I'm making myself hungry again damn it lol So, what;s your fav? ❤️
  4. Family sized chips and box of springrolls for dinner followed by a litre of custard and icecream, I must be growing fast because I still feel room for more in my big belly hehe

  5. Running a sale on all my content for you guys, some as low as half price ;)
    Hoping to save enough for a new microphone soon so you guys can hear the full power of my slurping as I stuff myself hehe ;)

  6. thankyou! i've got a few i'm too obsessed with that show haha
  7. Nothing better than devouring 3 tubs of icecream after another sweltering hot day here in australia. 

    1. S77


      3 whole tubs? Wowza!

    2. lanalovee


      Ben and Jerrys is too good to stop at just one am i wrong? :P

    3. ps5k343


      Careful! All that ice cream is gonna make you fat.

  8. Version 1.0.0

    I've just baked a favorite of mine, homemade pizza. I'm on my second for the night when I decide to share me demolishing the pizza with you. I stuff the pizza down, leaving no crumb behind, i pick crumbs off my belly and thighs and make sure I eat those too. I loudly burp, and jiggle my bloating belly as I stuff down the whole pizza, washed down with orange soda. Uncut, unedited, watch me demolish my delicious pizza in what seems like no time at all ❤️


  9. I have an awesome new video uploading for you all ❤️ 


    1. Gainer boy

      Gainer boy

      Your belly is so hot and big maybe someday we can just feed each other and have our bellies collide into each other and feed each other till we pop

  10. I'd always loved chubby curvy girls, and loved watching the changes to a womans body during pregancy. I ate too much one night and found myself looking quite bloated and pregnant and very aroused at that sight, so I started on the tumblr loop hole with pregnancy and it was only further down the rabbit hole from then
  11. Drink beer and eat lots of saturated fats ❤️
  12. Version 1.0.0

    My longest video to date! Watch me try on a pile of my old clothes that used to fit me like a glove, or even be too big for me at one point. I squeeze and struggle into my clothes, almost getting stuck several times! I work up quite a sweat trying to squeeze my clothes on that by the end of the video I'm out of breath haha. Of course there's a bit of cheeky belly play in here, I'm nice and stuffed after 3 helpings of dinner, of course followed by dessert You can truly begin to appreciate my gains in this video! Come hang out with me, watch me huff puff and struggle, and listen to some of my favourite music with me. ****I DO NOT OWN THE RITES TO ANY OF THE MUSIC PLAYED ****


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