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  1. I like the message and the look!
  2. everythings looking a lil softer post quarantine
  3. born in 2000 i checked lol.
  4. From Ozark on Netflix. Surprisingly curvy: https://images.app.goo.gl/zAv3GkX9QTixcCYJA
  5. That weigh in pic is epic love the update.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_0NzAinwKJ/?hl=en
  7. An increasingly fat positive Denise:
  8. not bad here either!
  9. beat me to it she def looks chubbier!
  10. i def loved hearing about the new record high obesity rate and the fact that it seems unstoppable! It seems to me most plus models used to be just overweight now most seem obese.
  11. nice update shes not hiding those sexy extra pounds!
  12. holiday25

    Anyone know?

    Who this beauty is?
  13. I am Republican too but still watched and Im liking this fluffy reporter trend
  14. holiday25

    Kala Rama

    she makes ny area mornings better
  15. A hotter Anna Nicole for the 20s?
  16. That new update is her hottest and most size positive yet!
  17. looks like she isnt minding her growing belly:
  18. Denise coming on strong..
  19. I saw a 2019 update that shes 5 1 and a plump 212 lbs do we think thats accurate?
  20. Wow that means shes put on 35 since starting modeling! she seems into it
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