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  1. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Asian_Goddess for a file, Asian BBW Posing with her Fishnets Dresses   
    Let's make your Lockdown fun and take away your boredom😋
    (100% SEXY & MIND BLOWING Photoset) 
  2. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Chubbycat666 for a file, I’ve really let myself go (outfit try-on)   
    I saw this picture of me on my phone from a while ago and I HAD to try the outfit on to see what I looked like in it now and honestly, I’m shocked, confused and turned on by how much my body has grown! 
    watch me try and contain my huge hanging belly into my shirt (with no success), 
    do you see what happens when I have a loyal and supportive group of people that let me spoil my every craving with yummy and fattening food. 
    here’s to more gains and growing even more plump.  ❤️❤️
  3. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Chinky Jawn for a file, My pants are too small -Weigh In 🐷   
    Chinky’s pants are way to small for her now. She can’t even get them up. She’s also gained 🐷
  4. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to thicccollegegirl for a file, Two Burrito Stuffing Part 2   
    This is the second part of me stuffing my face with two huge burritos! I take off my clothes because they’ve become too tight and show off my fat body as I rub and slap my aching belly. There’s tons of moaning, fat chat, and burps! 
  5. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to CurvyCannabisCat for a file, Measurements B/A & WING FEST!!!   
    CURVY CANNABIS CAT has been growing and gaining. She decides to host a WING FEST, she'll devour extra spicy buffalo wings, bone in & bone out!!! Yummy heaps of BREAD and RANCH are consumed. Watch as the curvy cannabis cat takes her measurements showing off her juicy curves, YOU WON'T BELIVE how MUCH GROWTH has been made.   
  6. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to CouchQueen for a file, Fatty Weighs In   
    My diet and my gains are out of control.
    It feels like my rolls are expanding and my willpower to stop it is decreasing.
    And I've got these long stretchmarks to prove it.
    I step my big butt on a scale in this video,
    and then head back to the bedroom for lots and lots of belly play and jiggling!
    I do a lot of talking in this video-
    about my gains and my lack of fitness.
    I explore my stretchmarks, including the underside of my arms.
    My biceps used to be super toned and I worked so hard on them.
    Now they're like big marshmallows that burst from my sleeves.
    Here's a little b&a for reference:

  7. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Asian_Goddess for a file, Stuffing Massive Ice Cream Cake   
    My regular FEEDER requested me to eat this massive ice cream cake while wearing my very tight leggings and shirt and told me to moan, growl, and say how much I love being fed🥰🎂
    When I am feeling very full I lie down on my bed and played with it while slapping my huge belly and telling how much I love being fed and how hungry piggy I am😍😋🤤
  8. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to thicccollegegirl for a file, Two Burritos Part 1   
    Watch me stuff myself with two burritos as I complain about how fat I’m getting! I can’t believe how massive I am now but I keeping stuffing my face with so much food I feel like I’m going to burst! I know that I can’t stop and my belly is past the point of no return.
    Part 2 will be me finishing my last bites of the second burrito with tons of belly play, fat chat, and LOTS of burping. 
  9. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to AnnaOli for a file, Anna Thursday Night in   
    Is Thursday night and in order for me to prepare for my future weight in, i decided to go that extra mile and snack a little bit before the grand day! In this video, you will see me snacking on a lot of stuff, while my bubble butt engulfs my chair, and well, you can guess the final destination that  the chair had along the way. time to buy some new furniture haha.
    Come watch me eat and enjoy myself a bit
  10. Like
    FatGurlLover reacted to WildCarolina for a file, Get to know me while i eat this delicious quesadilla!   
    Hey check out my video and pictures! I introduce myself! Let me know what you think and what would you like to see in the future! 😊
  11. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to acdc34434 for a file, Stuffing with beers and belly play   
    Laura is already stuffed by her breakfast but she is always trying to be enormous and today she decides to drinks beers and give you the best burps. Yo can note how her belly is super huge and rounder and how stuffed she is because of all that moaning and all how her breathing is super deep... her burps are something wow! and the way she is playing with that big belly of she, is simply more that hot.
  12. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Curvybaby for a file, Inflation & Deflation in Tight Shirt!   
    CurvyBaby is back with yet another inflation clip! She loves inflating because it stretches her belly to make room for more filling And fattening food!🐷😍 watch her blow up in a tight pink piggy coloured yoga top and then watch her moan and groan and roll around on her bed as she releases all her gas 😏 
    *excuse the bruises all over, I had a wild night🥴* 
  13. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Trying on new summer clothes (brazilian 54/56)   
    Got some new jeans shorts size 56 (brazilian), and new swim suits since mine are pretty much gone from the last summer. Initial size 44/46
    An over 90lbs gain in less than a year made my wardrobe shrink, I guess...
    Watch me trying on some swim suits and get stuck on a pretty decent sized chair
    Xx 🐖
  14. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Chinky Jawn for a file, February weigh in &measurements💕   
    Chinky is really starting to pack on the pounds ! Almost at her first weight goal.  ( sorry this video was quiet guys I had guest in the other room❤️) I’ll make it up next video
  15. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Porky Princess for a file, Huge sausage stuffing   
    Watch me devour a plate of sausages and chug coke in a tiny bikini. You can see how much weight I’ve gained compared to when you last saw me in this bikini. The sausages are so hot but I’m such a piggy I can’t wait so I just end up burning myself. I stuff myself silly and my belly becomes so bloated. I can barely move! 
  16. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to RainbowPiglet for a file, Burping Frenzy   
    View is of my hanging fat belly while I burp out Alll my pizza burps. I burp through the WHOLE video while also jiggling and playing with my piggy gut.
  17. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Asian_Goddess for a file, Chugging Coke and Mentos (Burps & Gassy)   
    I did Chug the whole bottle of Regular 1.5 Coke and ate Mentos candies with it. I felt like I'm going to explode, my belly is so bloated and GASSY. I can't stop BURPING😅😅😅
    Then I go all fours letting my massive belly touches the floor. I am loving more my body each day.
    Please leave some review and Don't forget to rate this video. Kisses😘😘😘
    Note* Sorry for too much brightness in the mid of the clip. 
  18. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Stuffingkit for a file, How much does she weigh?   
    Have you ever seen a cute fat girl and wondered “Damn! How fat is she? How much does she weigh?!” Well I weigh a lot! And that number has gone up recently. I’m happy and giddy to step on the scale, show off that cute new waddle and give you the new fat body tour. Also! End of the year means goals and resolutions! How big will I get from here? MASSIVE. 
  19. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Curvybaby for a file, Fat Talk & Belly Play Eating Pasta   
    Join CurvyBaby for her 100th clip on curvage and finally one with SOUND😍 She talks about her gaining, how much she’s been eating over the holidays, how bloated dairy makes her belly as she eats Alfredo pasta, which makes her bloat and moan and rub her chubby gut to make more room for more bites! 😍🐷 she burps and plays with her belly and wishes you were there to rub it after all that pasta😏
  20. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Will I Keep Gaining?🤔   
    It's been a year and a half since I came around for the first time: I was already gaining by myself, and had a very ambitious goal of 400lbs. Now, 18 months later I come back to talk to you about my goals, random fat moments, embarassing moments around family that was not too used to my new size since last time they saw me I looked probably half fat and half happy!
    Also I thank you for being so awesome and joining me on my journey. THANK YOU!!
  21. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Porky Princess for a file, Whole trifle stuffing!   
    I’ve just got home from lunch with friends but I skipped dessert! Nobody else would have one and I didn’t want to look like a piggy. Now I’m home I can let my belly out and be my true pig self. Watch me devour a full trifle that’s around 2,000 calories. I tell you how fat I’m getting and I get so full I have to rub my belly with lotion. 
  22. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to TheMistress for a file, Bloating in tight clothes   
    Bloating while in tight pants. I eventually take them off so I can breathe. 
  23. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to acdc34434 for a file, December weigh in 2019   
    My belly is being wrowing for years, however a year ago at the begining of December 2018 I registered a huge number for my weigh in, this year you are gonna be crazy with the new number, all the extra fat that i played and how hot i look with my neew extra kilos plus... i will update my goals. enjoy it!!
  24. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, [📸SALES]Family Meal Stuffing #2   
    Its been 5 months since I have done it last time and I decided squeezing myself into ther very same (inexplicably stretchy) clothes to now devour a BK family meal with a few bottles of pepsi. 
    Be ready for loud burps!
    Original price: 10.00
  25. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Nicole Passat for a file, Do ya' like it when she's burpy?   
    The piggy has gotten word that you secretly enjoy her unvoluntary burping! ☺️
    So she has decided to do a private burping show off for you! 🐽
    If you stay 'til the end, she might show you something else... 😉
    Leave a review if you'd like more burping videos in the future! 😘


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