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    FatGurlLover reacted to Mochii Babii for a file, Fat In Public | Mochii Babii   
    In This Video: Public Eating • Public Fat Display • Public Burping • Waddling • Daily Task Struggle • Donut Stuffing • Stair Climb • Struggle Chat ~ 13 Minutes
    The time has finally come for me to leave my bedroom and venture out into the world as quarantine restrictions begin to lift...
    I'm now nearly 100 pounds fatter than the last time I was outside and it shows! None of my clothes fit, my shoes are too tight, I get tired SO easily and I have a very distinct waddle when I walk now...
    In this video watch me take my first post quarantine steps outside and go for a walk to the park, very quickly I realize my body can't do the simple things it used to be able to do and people are staring at my fat belly which can barely be contained by my ripped shorts and too tight shirt...
    I eventually get too hungry to continue and have to publicly shove donuts down my throat in order to go on..
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    FatGurlLover reacted to Nina1408 for a file, Wet Belly.   
    This is a clip that I made to raise funds to improve my content,
    I would like to make more filler videos, but baby, here it is expensive to buy everything that my heart and belly want.

    The people who buy this video leave a review and I will send you a private video where I will eat a cupcake with your name and I will mention you,
    so you also help me feed myself. 🐷
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    FatGurlLover reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, FEED ME! - Big stuffing with gassy end   
    This is my most expensive video because it's a way that you can support my gain and feed me directly. Till the end of the year I have a goal of +50lbs! 19.99 for 22min is like the average charged tho 😘
    One of those hungry nights that I went for delivery: burger or sushi tho? It took me like 2 seconds to realize that I actually wanted BOTH. 
    2 egg rolls/ sushi / deep fried calamari rings/ deep fried sushi (yep)/ HUGE cheeseburger / coke in less than 15min. Are you curious to see all that coming fast inside my fat gut? 
    Oh, for those that are not much into belly noises, farts and burps, skip the end: maybe the combination of random food made my stomach act funny 😅
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    FatGurlLover reacted to Tinchii for a file, Tinchii can't stop eating. (Fat chat & Body tour)   
    Tinchii can't stop eating.
    Every week that passes she notices new changes to her body and the way she feels! She didn't know how long it would take to reach her goal gain of 20 pounds, but at this rate she doesn't think it'll be a challenge for her greedy-for-food self. 
    With progress weigh-in day looming closer and closer, Tinchii shows off some of her off-scale body growth achievements and talks about 'fat girl problems' while munching down on bacon and buttermilk waffles.
    You won't want to miss this one.
    (belly play, eating, fat chat, body tour, no music)
  5. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Nina1408 for a file, FATTENING the Piggy... with PIZZA!   
    I'm eating an extra large pepperoni pizza and a dessert of 3 glazed donuts.
    I did not lie to them, it was difficult for me the last 2 pieces that I thought was going to explode.
     I ate them for you.
    Just for you to go, my soft belly grows ever tighter.
    Leave your comments;)
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    FatGurlLover reacted to acdc34434 for a file, Quarantine weight gain PART2   
    Its been a long quarantine and you already miss how Laura burps as a real pig. Definitely, this is your video. 1.5 litters of soda at midnight. You will watch how her belly is bigger and hotter than ever. Enjoy it.
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    FatGurlLover reacted to DirtyHarriet for a file, Burping as much as we can!   
    If you like LOTS OF BURPING then watch this!! 
    We drink cider and beers and burp as much as we possibly can ❤️ 
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    FatGurlLover reacted to ChubbyValerie for a file, Jiggling, Dancing & Eating Ice Cream   
    Watch me eat ice cream while I jiggle and dance to Chunky by Bruno Mars! I get a little messy!
    Can't believe how much I jiggle and bounce when I move my body!
    Thank you for supporting me and helping me make more content 🥰
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    FatGurlLover reacted to ChubbyValerie for a file, 2 Triple Thicc Milkshakes + Coke Bloat   
    It was a super hot day today and I really needed something cold. Thank goodness for delivery!
    I ordered two milkshakes and a Coke, and it was the best decision I ever made!
    Watch me down two milkshakes at once, filling up my belly and making me full.
    I show you my belly from all angles and give it a jiggle. The pants must come off; they're much too tight.
    I talk about how good and sexy it makes me feel to be gaining all this weight!
    Hope you enjoy as much as I did 🥰
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    FatGurlLover reacted to Chinky Jawn for a file, Fat Wife Loves Burgers and Burps   
    Your fat wife chinky loves to stuff her face with huge burgers and watch her stomach expand ! She also loves burps 
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    FatGurlLover reacted to chanelthicc for a file, Super Stuffed & Gassy   
    The aftermath of me trying to eat a four person family meal from Red Lobster. Lets just say it made me quite gassy... Watch me fart, burp, and moan in pain with lots and lots of belly rubs. 

  12. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to chanelthicc for a file, Bloating my Belly With Soda & Burping Like a Pig   
    One of the reasons I'm so fat is I love soda. So much so that in this video I chug a two liters of it! Eventually I can't take it anymore and lay down to rub my super bloated belly and let out some loud burps. 
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    FatGurlLover reacted to loveadipose for a file, First Checkers Stuff   
    My first time at checkers! I got tons of fattening foods to stuff myself with. Check out how I stuff all the yummy food and chug my soda, burp, and lift up my tight dress to show my full belly. I jiggle and rub on it as I continue to eat and stuff myself full. The tight dress digs down into my fat thighs as I continue to shove food in my mouth and swell with delight.
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    FatGurlLover reacted to Mochii Babii for a file, 90 Days of Quarantine Weight Gain | Mochii Babii   
    In This Video: Literally Everything.
    This is a very special BONUS VIDEO that I think my die hard fans will love 😉
    This video showcases highlights from EVERY SINGLE VIDEO I've put out during my Quarantine Gaining Challenge! That's a mashup up over FIFTY (50) different videos into one! All in chronological order. Think of it like the Mochii Babii sampler 😆
    You can quite literally WATCH ME GROW from my first video to my latest AND it includes ALL weigh in numbers from start to finish!
    I even included some bonus, never before seen footage from my skinny days & accidental gain from last year!
    Whether you have followed my journey from start to finish and just want to see it unfold in one video or you're new to my content this video is the one to get!
    Note: It's not actually sped up like the preview. This is a mashup of normal speed highlights from each video with full audio.
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    FatGurlLover reacted to ChubbyValerie for a file, Touch My Body - dancing and twerking   
    In my second video on Curvage, I felt really sexy! I put on one of my favourite sexy songs.
    In this video you'll see me take off my tight t-shirt and leggings to reveal my soft curvy body!
    I get in all kinds of positions and jiggle my body so you can enjoy me from pretty much every angle!
    I felt a little freaky and even gave you a little twerking hehe 🥰
    Hope you enjoy and if you'd like more dancing and twerking in future videos, please let me know in my thread or private message 😍 And suggest a song!
  16. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Big stuffing, burps and belly rubs   
    First of all: I wish you could see what a workout it was to get myself into these clothes.  
    Once I'm in, I have a huge burger with 3 extra bacon portions, with soda. When Im done, the sneezes come because Im kind of full with this snack after dinner... then I decide It's a good time to chug a whole container of melted ice cream! 
    It was a painful, burpy, moaning mess. Hope you excuse me 😳
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    FatGurlLover reacted to Chubbycat666 for a file, REAL feedee sits on feeder POV   
    There’s nothing I love more than having intimate, real, nightly feeding session with my feeder!
    It’s usually nothing glamorous or extravagant but that’s what I love about it.. just real feedee and feeder relationships where the goal is to feed me something good and fattening before bed.
    If you have ever wanted to see what it would look like having me straddle you and have all of my soft squishy fat resting on you than this is it!
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    FatGurlLover reacted to Sofia for a file, Bloated Button Pop   
    Starting on an empty belly, I down a 1.25 liter bottle of sprite, bloating my belly bigger than I ever have before. I didn't even know I could make my belly this big! I let out some of the biggest burps of my life (so ridiculously big I contemplated cutting them out out of embarrassment) and try on one of my favorite pairs of jeans only to pop the button right off! Since my jeans are now buttonless, I decide to simply take them off all together, and proceed to adore my soft, growing, bulging belly.
  19. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to StacyLatina for a file, My first and favorite meal!   
    As you maybe already know, I am trying to be a camgirl and started just a few days ago,this day I was getting ready to start broadcasting but I was also really hungry, so I was thinking to get something light from delivery so I can broadcast with a light stomach, but then I saw my favorite burger on the app and thought about what one guy told me about the people who love to see other people eating and gaining weight, and I tought "I always loved to eat a lot and I am already chubby, so why not try this? " So I had a really big burger with chilli fries and a pie for dessert, I know maybe is not that much as you guys are use to see, but I promise I got really full! You can see it on this video, that is because when I dumped my ex boyfriend (closet feeder) I tried sometime to diet, but don't worry guys because it didn't work lol 😀 so please help me supporting my gain, then you will see that I am totally into the gaining and eat a lot more each time, Thank you guys!

  20. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to NagitoKowaru for a file, Orange Soda Chug - Bloated Beyond my Limits   
    Y'all know by now that I love orange soda! So as part of my challenge to stretch my stomach by chugging every week for June, I sucked down this 2 liter of orange soda. This is by far my favorite of the four chugging videos I uploaded... you can watch my huge belly bloat up and hear me moan, burp and complain through the entire thing...
  21. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, Beer gut in outgrown clothes 🍻   
    Its a pretty day here!! Nothing better than to sit my lazy ass and inhale a 6pack of beer 😅
  22. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Cytorah Rose for a file, INSANE BEER BLOAT 🍺   
    WHAT'S IN THIS CLIP | Beer Chugging - Burping - Cigar & Cigarette Smoking - Belly Play - EXTREME Bloating - Fat Talk - Chair Breaking - Voyeurism

    This is my first EVER Beer Chugging Bloat Video, and OMG, Was I EVER buzzed AS HECK After!!!
    Watch me as I sit and Chug Beer, after Beer, after Beer.. 6 BEERS to be exact! - Most of them are chugged in a matter of SECONDS!
    The burps that come out of me are INCREDIBLE, I have NEVER Burped like this before!
    (Also, OOPS, I drop my Belly and accidentally cracked one of my nice outdoor chairs.. hehe)
    AND OMG, Look at how my belly EXPANDS to UNBELIEVABLE Proportions! Just WOW!
    I also Smoke the Rest of my Cigar and smoke a few Cigarettes to keep me nice and Buzzed!
    This is one you HAVE TO SEE to Believe! It's INSANE how I literally BLOW UP before your eyes! 😍
    Cytorah 🌹
  23. Hot
    FatGurlLover reacted to Ms MacNCheese for a file, Ms Mac - Stuffed and Stacked   
    Ms. Mac received another email offer from Pizza Hut on her favorite pizza ever, STUFFED CRUST! It's nearly midnight, but she couldn't resist her cravings for all the warm, cheesy goodness. She challenges herself to finish an entire large stuffed crust pizza, with 3 toppings and a diet coke to wash it down! This is a task never yet been completed. Determined, she stacks slices on top of each other, to make the most of every bite. Will she finish the whole thing, or will this be another training session? See for yourself - enjoy!
  24. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Thatfatguineapig for a file, 2 XL Milkshake in a VERY small bikini   
    It's always summer in Brasil! But I believe this bikini wont last me too much longer...
    Watch me chug very damn fast, 1.4L of milkshake and mh belly get from flabby to round right before your eyes!
    Oink 💚
  25. Love
    FatGurlLover reacted to Mochii Babii for a file, 3L Coke & Mentos Super Bloat | Mochii Babii   
    In this video: Bloating • Belly Play • Burping  ~ 27 Minutes
    Watch me push my self to my ABSOLUTE LIMITS expanding my belly with over 3 LITERS of coke with Mentos!
    At first I don't feel much but then the pressure hits me ALL AT ONCE as I BELCH uncontrollably...
    Despite being stretched to my max I KEEP CHUGGING more and more soda until I nearly get sick.. 
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