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    Dani looks huge after chugging a 2 liter bottle of soda as fast as she can. Her burps are amazing! You can view her fat body from many different angles in this clip. The heavy breathing is super hot too 😍
    Fantasy meets reality in this clip from Thatfatguineapig 😍 I really enjoyed the roleplay of a science teacher conducting a virtual class to demonstrate the Coke and Mentos reaction. It's way hotter than your typical class. She shows off a masterful ability to chug soda and is visibly outgrowing her outfit as her gut expands. The burping is incredible as well. Eventually she pulls up her top and lowers her skirt to reveal her enormous belly. Her description of feeling bloated is very hot too. You will have to see for yourself; I highly recommend this video!
  1. I would love to see an update on your fat body 😍
    PiggyFer eats a mountain of McDonald's burgers in this clip. She also has plenty of ice cream and soda to go with it. She puts her massive belly on the table and lets out huge burps throughout the video. At the end, she lays down and shows off her body while digesting the huge meal. Awesome video 😍
    Thatfatguineapig eats a huge lunch consisting of pork ribs, chicken wings and a 2 liter bottle of sweet tea. After finishing her extra large meal, she lifts up her belly and drops it on the table repeatedly. The sound of her fat belly landing on the table is incredible. She lets out many burps and shows her body from all angles. She also demonstrates that, after sitting in a chair, she cannot stand up without the chair coming with her; it gets stuck to her big butt! I highly recommend this video! 😍
    Thepiggyprincess looks huge! She is outgrowing all of her clothes as she continues to gain weight. Those jeans look like they are about to break! I also like to see her side rolls, big arms and double chin. This girl is beautiful from head to toe 😍 She has a sweet personality and you can tell she loves to eat and get big!
    Another fantastic video from Thatfatguineapig. You get to watch her drop her belly on the table and eat a huge meal of burgers, fries, a milkshake and Coke. After she gulps everything down, she looks enormous. The views of her large body from many different angles are amazing. Lots of sensual belly rubbing and some burping as well. You don't want to miss this clip. Thatfatguineapig is huge and very beautiful. I always love watching her pig out! 😍
  2. @Thatfatguineapig's weight gain journey is just incredible 😍
    Greedy Sow drinks an entire 3 liter bottle of Coke in this video. It's amazing to see her drink so much soda. I really enjoyed watching all of the burps as well 😍 Awesome video
    MissJellyrolls eats lots of ramen and dumplings. She also drinks her beverage through a straw while pouring more into her glass. The big burps are a plus too 😊 Hope to see more
  3. Wow, you're getting huge. You are stunning 😍
    In this video, Thepiggyprincess wears red lingerie and shows off her huge body. She eats a homemade scramble of sausage, sweet potatoes and peppers, with some Hawaiian rolls. She also chugs a can of orange Fanta and lets out satisfying burps. By the end, Thepiggyprincess is totally stuffed and bloated. She stands up after the stuffing to reveal her fat body. This video is a must watch! 😍
    Awesome burping 😍 You look huge! Love the fat chat, belly rubs and jiggles as well πŸ™‚
    Laura gets so stuffed with donuts 😍 I like the burps as well. She looks huge!
    Really nice video. Thank you for the introduction and for showing us your big belly and arms. I like your side rolls too 😍
    I love watching you eat like a pig 😍 I really enjoyed the huge burps as well. This video is highly recommended!
    Awesome video. Your huge body is a sight to behold 😍 I was impressed by how much buttercream you were able to eat, as well as a 2 liter bottle of Coke and lots of cupcakes! Looks like you got a belly ache after. I enjoyed the burping as well ☺️
    This video is a masterpiece. Love watching Kellijellibelli eat Indian food, drink sparkling water, burp, and show off how big she is. Kellijellibelli is a fat goddess 😍
    Mochii looks completely huge in this video. I was really impressed by the number on the scale. Love watching a woman eat burgers and hot dogs. Those burps sounded very nice as well 😊 Keep pigging out please Mochii ❀️
    You look massive 😍 Your inflation and deflation videos are divine
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