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    I love watching you eat like a pig 😍 I really enjoyed the huge burps as well. This video is highly recommended!
    Awesome video. Your huge body is a sight to behold 😍 I was impressed by how much buttercream you were able to eat, as well as a 2 liter bottle of Coke and lots of cupcakes! Looks like you got a belly ache after. I enjoyed the burping as well ☺️
    This video is a masterpiece. Love watching Kellijellibelli eat Indian food, drink sparkling water, burp, and show off how big she is. Kellijellibelli is a fat goddess 😍
    Mochii looks completely huge in this video. I was really impressed by the number on the scale. Love watching a woman eat burgers and hot dogs. Those burps sounded very nice as well 😊 Keep pigging out please Mochii ❀️
    You look massive 😍 Your inflation and deflation videos are divine
    Loved watching you enjoy an Indian feast. Your body is awesome 😍 I like the burping as well πŸ™‚
    Curvybaby gets massive in this video. She chugs an entire liter of chocolate milk, shows off her size, and lets out burp after burp 😍 The fat chat is amazing as well!
    You're so big and stuffed. It's really sexy 😍 I like the burps too!
    You are huge 😍 I love the burping and sexy fat chat. This video is hot! πŸ”₯
    Wow, you really pigged out. Your belly looks huge. Love the burping and moaning as well. You got stuffed! 😍
    NadiaNomnom looks huge in this video. Her belly and love handles are definitely getting fatter. She's really good at burping too. Love listening to her belch. Can't wait to see more 😍❀️🐽
  1. You are beautiful 😍 Welcome to Curvage!
    Fat Monique is so beautiful 😍 She shows off her large body from many different angles in this video. There is a lot of fat grabbing, belly rubbing and jiggling as well. Her back fat and belly hang are incredible! Love watching her eat pizza, drink soda and eat cake. She lets out some big burps as well. This video is a must watch. Fat Monique is so sexy!
    I like watching you stuff yourself. You are getting really big; the fat looks great on you. Nice burps too 😍
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