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    Nice inflation, burping and farting. I like the way you pat your belly as well. The slow motion belly jiggling is really hot. And that tight lingerie dress with the cheetah spots on it 😍
    Awesome eating, drinking, belly bouncing, and burping 😍 You're huge!
    MinaMahal looks really big in this video 😍 I like her double chin and big belly. The idea to let the cards pick what she is going to eat is awesome 😊 Nice belly rubbing as well! Looks like she was stuffed from all that sushi, chips with guacamole, Coke, and ice cream. Good burping too. Great video 🙂
    It's amazing that you can drink 5 liters of water. I think that's a great way to stretch your stomach so you can eat more. I really like all the different camera angles showing how huge you are. Nice burping as well. Awesome video! 😍
    Juicy Angel stuffs herself like a pig while dining in at Wendy's. She lets out loud burps throughout the video, and shows her fat belly. Juicy Angel is very confident and she knows she's hot! Amazing video 😍 Loved watching Juicy Angel pig out at Wendy's!
  1. Merry Christmas! 🎄 Thank you to the ladies of Curvage for sharing your beauty with us ❤️

    I watched in amazement as Bella's fat body grew bigger and bigger 😍 I really like the burps, moans and groans. You can tell she is really stuffed and bloated. I'm loving the way her belly hangs as well. Highly recommended video 🙂
    Marie Belly acts like a pig in this video. She looks really fat 😍 I like how she shows off her huge body wearing only her bra and panties. It's great to see her gobbling up cake. The burping in this video awesome as well ♥️ This video is highly recommended!
    Awesome video. Amber lets out some really good burps. She looks huge after eating bananas and drinking a fizzy lemonade. I highly recommend this clip 😍
    This video is really hot 😍 I like how the elves are getting stuffed because Santa wants them to. Aria and Nadya both look super fat. The burping, moaning and belly rubs are so sexy. Double chins are looking great too, ladies! I'm a huge fan of Aria and Nadya ❤️ Can't wait to see what else they have in store.
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