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    You look huge after this bloat! 😍 There are some good burps too. 5 stars! 🙂
    I love how you eat cheeseburgers, drink soda, show off how big you are, rub your belly and burp. You got so stuffed! The fat chat throughout and the belly show while standing up are amazing aspects of the video as well. It's the best video I've ever seen. A true masterpiece from Ms MacandCheese! Incredible! 😍❤️
    I love this video 😍 You look huge! Love to see you eat that big sandwich, drink lots of soda and burp. Can't wait to see more!
    You look really big in this video 😍 The burps are great as well!
    You look enormous in this video 😍 I love how you show off your huge belly and butt in that outgrown bikini. I like the belly rubbing too! 😊 The burps and farts were really big. You definitely let it out and didn't hold back 🐽 What did you eat and drink to make you so full of gas?
    Nice video 😊 I like seeing how fat you are, especially from the side view 😍 I'm surprised you didn't burp after all that soda 😄 Still a great video though!
    You look enormous in this video 😍 I love how you show off your huge belly, rolls and butt. Love the burps and fat chat as well 🐽 Awesome video!
    Laura looks huge in this video 😍 I like the burps! 10/10 🔥
    Chubby Valerie says that she wants to be her piggy self after a stressful day of work. She relaxes and enjoys her favorite show while eating the best pizza in town 🍕 Valerie says she's such a pig, and that she has been gaining. She releases her belly from the tight jeans 😍, grabs her fat and rubs her belly while eating. She burps, says she wants to stretch out her stomach, and takes off her jeans. Those are just some of my favorite moments. This video is a masterpiece. I love it! ❤️
    Nice video 🙂 I like to see you eat all that chicken and drink beer. Looks like you're getting fatter. I love how you show off your belly hang, fat rolls and arms. Beautiful! 😍
  1. This video is amazing! Mochii Babii gets so stuffed! 😍
    Mochii looks huge in this video 😍 I love to see her eat an entire bowl of penne from her point of view 😊
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