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    Really sexy video. She talks about how fat she's getting, rubs her belly, moans, drinks pop and burps like a piggy 🐖 She even pops the button on her shorts that used to fit her 😍
    I love this video. Thatfatguineapig looks enormous after getting bloated with bananas and Sprite. She lets out deep, guttural belches throughout the entire video - those are the best kind 😍 Perfect video. 10/10
    BigBellyJudy has a 20-piece order of boneless chicken wings, mozzarella sticks (with lots of marinara sauce), a large order of fries, and a can of orange soda to wash it all down. She gets completely stuffed while wearing a skin-tight striped dress that she looks sooo good in 😍 Before she starts eating, Judy shows off her body, which is already huge prior to consuming this meal. As she stuffs herself, Judy rubs her belly, drinks orange soda, and lets out satisfying burps to make room for more food. She puts her belly on the counter, then shows off how fat she is from lots of different angles 😍😍 Judy tells you that she loves to feel full. She gets stuffed, drinks soda, rubs her belly and burps. Buy it to find out what happens next and see the whole thing unfold!
    Another great video from BigBellyJudy. She gets stuffed and shows off her fat gut and cellulite 😍 Judy looks huge in this video. If you like to see a fat girl burping, be sure to check out 03:08, 04:39, 06:16, 06:30, 08:32, 09:58, 11:22, 12:37 and 13:49. This video is amazing!
    Roxxy tries Coke and Mentos for the first time and the results are amazing 😍 She looks so big and fat. Roxxy really shows off her belly, love handles and thighs at many different angles. She talks about how she likes to feel bloated and says that the Coke and Mentos is giving her a lot of gas. There are some amazing burps throughout the video, lots of sexy talk, moaning, belly play and jiggles. 10/10 This video is incredible. Everyone should have this in their collection 🙂
    Great video! I hope she will do another Coke and Mentos video soon. Check out her burps at 03:09, 04:02, 05:50 and 07:07 🙂
    Ladylilou can burp on command by swallowing air. That is a rare talent! She also happens to be really big and fat 🙂
    Laura looks huge in this video 😍 She wakes up after a night of partying and starts pigging out uncontrollably. Her blubber is hanging all over the place. She moans in pain because her belly is so stuffed, but she can't stop eating. When she's not stuffing food in her mouth, she's either chugging or burping. If you like to see a fat girl burp, check out 05:52, 06:12, 08:52, 10:28, 11:01, 12:25, 13:08, 13:39, 14:21 and 15:19 🙂 10/10 would recommend this video
    BigBellyJudy looks so big and fat in this video 😍 She eats a whole pack of Mentos and drinks every drop from her 2L Pepsi bottle! Judy tells us that she really likes the bloated feeling she gets from the Mentos and Pepsi filling up her belly with gas. Her belly gets huge and her love handles are popping out! You might even fantasize about grabbing a hold of them. Judy shows off her fat body from many different angles, smiles and acts very sweet. She really appreciated her fans. Burp lovers should know that Judy belches throughout the entire 30 minutes. Her ability to belch is nothing short of amazing. Get this clip and see for yourself! 🙂
    Thatfatguineapig looks completely enormous in this video 😍 She is already stuffed, and then she starts gulping down beers to bloat her belly even more! She feels so full and reveals that she is really turned on by the feeling. She shows off her belly from many different angles. There's blubber everywhere! She lets out some huge burps in this video too. If you like to see a fat girl burping, check out 04:15, 05:23, 06:09, 08:34, 15:06, 15:36 and 16:36 🙂 Amazing video!
    Roxxy looks really fat in this one 😍 She eats 2 burgers and 2 orders of fries. She even drinks 2 bottles of soda! Roxxy shows off her big belly and boobs after she finishes all her food. She looks huge! There were some nice burps in this video too. If you like seeing a fat girl burp, check out 0:58, 01:58, *03:03, 03:47, *04:49, *06:18, 06:31, 07:25, 08:40, 09:01, 09:12, 09:24, and 09:42 🙂 Great video!
    BigBellyJudy looks straight up huge in this video. It starts out with her wearing only her panties. Then, Judy goes through the struggle of trying to squeeze into a dress that used to fit her before she gained all that excess fat. Eventually, she is somehow able to get the dress on. It is so tight that her blubber looks like it's about to bust right through the dress. BigBellyJudy proceeds to rub her belly, show off every angle, and look at herself in the mirror with satisfaction. There are some big jiggles that will mesmerize you as well. Get this video and see for yourself what a fatty she is!
    PrettyPiggy is filling out nicely. She has fat arms, fat tits, a chubby belly and a big ass. As she eats Mentos and drinks from her 2L Coke bottle, her belly gets so big and bloated. She talks about how she loves the feeling. It's easy to see that she is getting turned on by the fact that she is getting bigger. PrettyPiggy also displays a hidden talent in this video: she can really belch! 😍🐖 If you are into a bloated fat girl burping, you will definitely want to revisit 02:50, 05:11, 05:31, 06:10, 07:05, 07:41, 10:02, 10:27, 10:54, 11:29, 13:40. I highly recommend this video!
    She definitely gets stuffed in this one! The burps are really nice too. PrettyPiggy is getting fat! I recommend this one!
    I'm so glad BigBellyJudy is back on Curvage. This girl is amazing! In this video she shows off her fat body while taking a shower. She's wearing a tiny bikini so almost nothing is left to the imagination. She displays her huge belly and boobs, as well as her gigantic ass and thighs. She puts soap on her wet body in the shower, plays with her belly, and shows off her back fat too. The whole video is fantastic. Don't miss this one! 🙂
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