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    Kaybearcutie is awesome at burping. There are lots of big burps in this video 😍 I like how she shakes her butt too
    RainbowPiglet looks so sexy with a huge belly, and she is burping constantly throughout both of the videos 😍🐷 She also rubs her belly and jiggles it, showing off her body. It's a must-see if you like to see a fat girl burping. 10/10 perfect. Hope there will be many more like this! ❀️
    This video is so sexy 😍 I had no idea Asian Goddess could burp like that. It was a very nice surprise. She already ate her dinner before the video starts, so she is already stuffed. Then she manages to down a big bottle of Coke while eating Mentos throughout the video. Asian Goddess lets out some sexy burps, explains that she tastes her dinner when she belches, and talks about how fat she is getting 🐽 She shows off all her fat, and gets down on all fours to show that her big belly can touch the floor. The whole video is amazing. 10/10 must-see
    Nice stuffing video πŸ™‚ It's easy to see that TheMistress is really loving her food. She eats a lot of fried chicken and beans and drinks soda throughout the video. She also burps and says that she is a fat piggy 🐷 By the end, her gut looks really big. She also jiggles her fat body for you. I recommend it!
    Sexy video. I like your fat belly and burps! The way you rub oil on your gut is really nice too 😍 Beautiful stretch marks. Hope to see more videos like this! You have a real talent for burping 🐷
    This is a really sexy video. TheMistress chugs from a big bottle of Sprite while wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt that's a little too small. She chugs a lot of soda, and her burps are just amazing throughout the video 😍 At the end, she can barely take off her tight jeans. I hope to see more burping and fatness from this girl!
    Chinky Jawn is looking really fat in this video 😍 She eats a big loaf of cheese bread, drinks soda, burps and shows off her big belly, which is really hanging down. By the end of the video, she can't button up her jeans because she's so stuffed 🐷 Great video!
    Nicole burps more in this video than any of her other vids 😍 She definitely has a talent for burping. Nicole even lets out a couple of farts with the microphone up to her butt. She gradually removes her clothes throughout the video. By the end, she's just wearing her bra and panties. She's looking like a big piggy with her fat belly hanging out πŸ– It's a must-see!
    Chinky gets on all fours and shows off her fat body for you. This a really sexy video. A must-see! 😍
    You have a real talent for burping πŸ–Looking big and fat too! Could you make a Coke and Mentos video showing off your fat and burping? That would be amazing!
    Nicole looks really cute in this video. She shows off her belly and butt, while letting out some big burps! 5 stars, I love it! 😍
  1. I would love to see a remake of the banana and Sprite video with more burps! πŸ˜πŸŒπŸ·πŸ’¨
    BigBellyJudy looks gorgeous as usual in this video. She starts by eating a big piece of cake, with lots of chocolate syrup to make it extra fattening. Then, she takes you to her bedroom where she shows off her fat body for you. Her boobs are looking enormous, and her belly is so huge 😍 BigBellyJudy lets you see her belly from her point of view. Her belly is so big that she looks 9 months pregnant! It's really jiggly and fat though - the only thing that's in there is a big food baby! Finally, Judy changes the camera angle once more to display her belly from below. She is just enormous! There is plenty of belly rubbing and navel play in this video. If you like to watch a fat girl sensually show off her blubber, this is a must-see! 10/10, I can't wait to see more!
    I like the way you chug and burp. Your body looks amazing too. 5 stars! πŸ™‚
    Laura is so sexy. She looks really fat in this video. Her burps are the best! πŸ˜πŸ– Laura is wearing short shorts that are too tight. Her gut is hanging out and she shows off her huge belly. She also shows you how fat her arms are and shows off her rolls. The fat talk is really sexy too. This video is a must-see!
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