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    I really like the fat chat, burping, belly play and being a piggy 😍 Can't wait to see more
    If you like huge fat girls this is a must-see 😍
    Love how you show off your fat. You look huge! The burps are really good too; hope to see more 😍
    MsKristina looks like she's trying to outgrow the blue outfit she's wearing. Definitely getting big and the burps in this video are so good! Can't wait to see more from MsKristina 😍
    Loved hearing the burps and moans 😍 You really got stuffed! The captions are great too. Seeing a side view of your belly is incredible. It's starting to hang down really low! Can't wait to see more πŸ™‚
    Thatfatguineapig chugs energy drinks and you get to see her belly becoming huge🎈I like how she shows off her massive belly 😍 The buttons on her shirt look like they're about to pop off!
    This is the first time she's combined donuts with weight gain shake. She gets huge! She also shows off her belly hang and has awesome lighting and camera angles. 5 stars! 😍
    NagitoKowaru really pigs out in this video. She eats so much pizza, has fries and drinks a 2L bottle of soda. She gets really fat and burps like a pig 😍🐽 Total gluttony. Awesome video!
    Mskristina definitely pigs out in this video 😍 She stuffs herself with pizza and chicken wings in the car, not caring if those around her can see. She shows off her belly, drinks soda and lets out some awesome belches. The fat chat is great too! 11/10 πŸ™‚
    Awesome scenes with Laura looking huge and placing her belly on countertops and railings. It's amazing to see her fat bouncing and jiggling when she does jumping jacks. She tries to stretch and touch her toes but her huge belly gets in the way. She looks really happy at the end when you give her a big bottle of soda 😍🐽
    Love how you pig out eating burgers and fries 😍 The burps are awesome too
  1. The fat looks so good on you, girl! 😍πŸ”₯
    Thatfatguineapig is completely stuffed in this video. She's breathing heavily and you can tell she's uncomfortable because her gut is so packed with food. She tells you that she can't even find a comfortable position because she's so overstuffed. When she lifts up her dress to show you her belly it's amazing 😍 There are lots of belly rubs and burps in this video. I counted 24 belches πŸ˜„ Highly recommended! It's always a treat to see Thatfatguineapig after a huge meal ❀️
    Ms MacNCheese looks huge in this video 😍 She eats pretzels, drinks lots of root beer and lets out satisfying burps. There are plenty of belly rubs too. Five stars!
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