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    She drinks from a funnel and lets out some great burps. Then she lays back, eats some dessert and acts like a big fatty. I love this video 😍
    10/10, I love this video 😊 She chugs 2 cans of soda, lets out some nice burps, jiggles her belly, and gets on all fours to show off her belly hang. I think it's cute that says excuse me after every burp too. She is very feminine and beautiful. Everyone should get this clip! 😍
    The most beautiful face and body 😍 She gets stuffed, turns around and shows off her thickk butt. I'm in heaven πŸ˜‡
    She's gets stuffed. The way she eats is cute 😊 She shows off her belly including a close up of her chub. Burps are at 05:17, 05:26, 05:44, 08:07 and 08:30 😍
    The best burping video I have ever seen 😍 She shows off how huge she is and oils up her belly. Everyone should get this!
    I enjoyed learning more about her. She talks about her body goals and much more! She is very cute too 😊
    Nice one πŸ‘Œ She really shows off her belly and butt. She is absolutely gorgeous! What a pretty face 😍
    Great video 😊 I enjoyed seeing her chubby belly and thick butt. She's getting fatter too! 😍
    Another must watch video from Chinky Jawn. Her body looks incredible and she shows it off from many different angles while dancing to her favorite song. She's very smiley and happy. So gorgeous! 😍Great views of her belly hang and butt. I like the jiggles too! 10/10
    This girl is the best! She gets stuffed, drinks soda and lets out some great burps! She also shows off her butt and all her fat 😍 This video is a must watch! The whole thing is so sexy. If you like burps, you will want to revisit 03:17, 05:01, 05:14, 05:24, 05:35, 05:45, 06:01 and 07:09 πŸ˜„β€οΈ
    Chinky Jawn is getting nice and fat 😊 She stuffs herself, then measures her belly, butt, thighs and midsection to show you how big she is. She also shows off her belly hang. So chubby!
    Nice video 😊 She gets really stuffed and drinks lots of Coke. After eating, she sits back, rubs her belly and lets out some big burps! 😍
    I love this video. She is so beautiful! She shows off her belly, rubs it and lets out a big burp 😍 Fat chat and cute eating also included. Hope to see more belches in future videos! She's good at it πŸ˜‰
    Fat body and amazing burps πŸ™‚ She takes off her tight pajamas, shows off her belly and belches. So sexy 😍
    Piggy burps and a stuffed fat belly relaxing in bed. I love it! 😍
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