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  1. I was a size 4-6 for so long, it's so weird that a 16 no longer fits!


  2. Just your big belly goth gf looking to be played with...






    1. Antpant


      ufff super hot 😍🔥

    2. Antpant


      Them thighs are getting so wide the belly is just hanging beautifully 

  3. Don’t forget about my grocery list everyone 🤭 I still need lots of ideas for my trip
  4. Hi everyone. 
    The gluttony holiday is upon us. . .Only two more days until we get to dig in 🥵

    Whether you are staying home, going by family, or hosting your own Thanksgiving, please be safe and enjoy yourself no matter what your plans are! :)


    1. jackal27


      I say we all pregame for the big meal to prepare our appetites and stomach capacity 😉😍

  5. I need help building my grocery list, I’m only getting what my darlings on curvage tell me to next trip!

    Check out my forum thread and tell me what I should get next grocery trip!



  6. Food diary for yesterday! 11/24/20 Breakfast - Smoothie w/ strawberries, bananas, vanilla yogurt, flax seed, chia seed and almond milk. 3 cups of coffee w/ a caramel premier protein Breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese and valentina hot sauce Lunch - Mcdonalds quarter pounder, large fries, large coke, mcchicken and bbq sauce. Dinner - An entire box of pasta with an entire stick of butter with seasonings Snacks - 2 slices of homemade pumpkin pie
  7. Update - worked an entire stick of butter into my noodles without them getting soupy :)


  8. Butter is a material from the gods above 😍 I put it in almost everything... tummy aches are worth it lol

  9. I have a hankering for buttered noodles.

    Lets see how much butter I can add without it turning into butter soup 🤣😭

  10. Sometimes when I feel down I think of what I’m good at in life.

    Doing makeup, cooking, eating a lot of food, baking, identifying spices and components in food. . . 🥰❤️

  11. I thought I only needed a snack so I ate my fries that were smothered in BBQ sauce, finished a mcchicken, sipped down my large coke, and finally finished the last bite of my quarter pounder - but with that last bite being finished I realized I was STILL hungry.

    So when I got home I quick ate a slice of my pumpkin pie that I just baked, but that wasn’t enough either.

    Now Im pondering what I want next . . .

    1. henke26


      seems your belly never gets satisfied😅

  12. I have such an admiration for quater-pounders w/cheese from mcdonalds 😍❤️The grease they always leave on the bottom of the box never deters me!

    1. GodBless22


      @RosieMarieFeedee I could definitely hook u up with some I am a position below a manager I have worked at McDonald’s going on 4 years now I think;) I’ll make it extra greasy for u girl 😍 I made a little compilation for you on my account if you care to check it out:)

    2. Thatguy2552


      Have you tied triple cheeseburgers from Wendy’s , eat a couple with a frosty or two

  13. I love how cute I looked in my pocky eating clip, such a fun food to munch down :)



    1. giottano2


      Wow! I want see you eat a lot of fattening foods and grow a lot more fat!

  14. My least favorite question is “Do you have a model that you wish you looked like?”

    or “If you could be anyone else who would you be?”

    I think that all women are beautiful and unique, and that includes myself!

    I think all women should embrace what makes them different instead of worrying what others look like ❤️❤️❤️
    So, Happy Monday, and remember that you are beautiful and the BEST at being you :)


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Somedumbasswholikesbbw


      Love her or hate her, she's right

    3. A Saucerful Of Harry

      A Saucerful Of Harry

      People who ask this are simply into the body swapping fetish and are trying to get you participate in it on the down low

    4. RosieMarieFeedee


      @A Saucerful Of Harry Tbh I usually hear it pertaining to my weight gain. like people asking if I want to be as fat as someone or if I was inspired by another person.

      I guess I didn't know body swapping was a thing!

    5. A Saucerful Of Harry

      A Saucerful Of Harry

      Trust me it's a thing Rosie, I don't get it get but whatever floats your boat I guess, personally I don't think it's all that cool to compare someone to someone else.

    6. RosieMarieFeedee


      @A Saucerful Of Harry I understand it a lot better as a fetish, but outside of that it’s still very unhealthy to make people feel lesser than others you know?


    7. A Saucerful Of Harry

      A Saucerful Of Harry

      Oh yeah that's for sure, it's pretty much saying your not good enough and nobody wants to hear that nor should be told that in the first place.

  15. Goodnight everyone! Love you guys!

  16. This GIF is from my upskirting video :)
    Have you seen it? If not, this is your sign to watch me jiggle my fat body tonight!


  17. Food Diary 11/22/20 Breakfast - 3 cups of coffee w/ a caramel premier protein shake Bagel w/ 1/2 avocado & “everything bagel seasoning” Vanilla yogurt & strawberries Lunch - RX bar Dinner - Spaghetti & meatballs, 2 slices of cheesy garlic bread An entire carton of cranberry juice ————————————————————— Ugh I feel so sick due to my menstrual cycle, I could hardly eat. 😭 If anyone has any encouragement for me tonight it would be a big help!
  18. More pics from yesterday because I looked so cute 😊 




    1. Bruno49
    2. giottano2


      Wow your belly is starting to become big! I want see your belly grow huge! Eat more more more and more fattening foods and get more lazy you are beautiful! Your hungry belly must be always feed in each moment!

    3. giottano2


      You are growing well I cam't wait to see the effects of all the foods that you are eating will product on your body! I want see you become soon very very very fat all over!

    4. Lildevil
    5. thomas91


      Definitely gorgeous 

    6. Antpant


      sooo cute


  19. I actually have all-fours cake stuffings already, and a cake would be difficult to travel with
  20. What's better than a feedee sharing her experiences as a gainer? A feedee eating while doing so!

    A lot of folks have been asking what have been the downsides of my 100lb weight gain. While, my weight gain has been overwhelmingly positive, there are a couple negatives that I can think of. Even with the negatives, I can't help but find a bright side to each of my obstacles during my gain!

    To keep it interesting, alongside this fun fat chat I'm eating my famous, delicious, crispy, cheesy potatoes! 

    If you enjoy hearing a precious fatty talk about how much she has enjoyed her weight gain, or even just seeing me stuff my obese face, this clip is for you!

    Check out "Cheesey Potato Stuffing + Fatchat" to start your Sunday. :)


    1. Bruno49


      Glad everything seems to be positive for you! Everything in life will have some positive and some negative. We enjoy your contend; love to see you happy and full 😘

    2. giottano2


      Wow! I love see you eat  a lot of fattening foods! I can't wait to see you become very very fat! I want see you grow obese eating and eating and eating and becoming more and more lazy! I want see you become enourmous all over with a super fat belly!

  21. I keep a food diary on my forum thread, and I ALSO am having you guys build my grocery list and give me clip suggestions, check it out!!


  22. Soooo, I’m going to do a big week of shooting content again. Obviously Im open to suggestions on content, but also I would like you guys to make my grocery list! My family lives a good 1/2 hour from any grocery store and an hour from any fast food. So when I go to their guest house I need to bring ALL the food I will be cooking with. So, I want anyone reading this to build my grocery list!!! My only restrictions; 1. I do NOT like gainer shakes. 2. I can’t drink heavy cream because it makes me sick, Im lactose intolerant. 3. Be mindful that I have to travel about 5 hours with the food - so It has to be easy to keep during a car ride
  23. People are stupid part 10,892 ;

    People who insult me by calling me fat. 

    1. I love being called fat, that means I’m gaining and my hard work is being paid off!

    2. Even if I wasn’t actively trying to gain, there’s nothing wrong with being fat.

    3. Calling someone fat as an “insult” is literally the WEAKEST insult. You can find a deeper dig so easily, but instead you’re insulting something that’s obvious 🤣👏🏼

  24. Okay, just one more gif for tonight. . . .

    Just because my belly play POV is wayyy too cute!

    Belly play.gif

    1. giottano2


      Wow! I want see grow a lot more that belly!

  25. Chug fatty, CHUG! 

    Check out my "how much can I chug clip, it's so delicious!


    1. giottano2


      Chug fatty chug more and more!

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