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  1. Just sub the milk for heavy cream. Done. Other ingredients that are high calorie and can work depending on what flavours she likes: Peanut butter Chocolate Icecream Avocado
  2. It’s called apetamin - but be careful As it likely will make her very sleepy.
  3. If she carries her weight lower on her body, e.g. mainly below her belly button she is more than likely predisposed to carrying more subcutaneous fat. You can usually tell as it is jigglier and over the top of any muscle compared to visceral fat. However, obviously as one becomes fatter they will always gain some visceral fat and therefore become unhealthier. There is no way around that unfortunately.
  4. Wow, she must have quite the belly going on now for this to be the case!
  5. So she come out and said this directly to you? This means she pretty much want to double her weight right? How tall is she?
  6. Hi Brooke, I can almost guarantee that might happen and hurt a lot the first time it happens but after that you will brush it off like whatever! Life moves on, friends and family get used to it and everyone moves on. You are happier than ever in your sexy fat body and it’s happily ever after. Trust me my super stick skinny wife of 8 years has gained nearly 50 lbs over that time and now enjoys finding her own fat sexy curves, despite what a small part of society may think. Remember most people are overweight these days so you’re actually joint the majority. Sit back and enjoy it.Dont get so caught up In the moment and just enjoy getting fat. All the best. H
  7. Start slow as it will make you drowsy. Try 5ml per serve instead of the recommended 10ml. Also, I suggest drinking before bed so you don’t feel the drowsiness as much but wake up hungry. Have plenty of snacks and food around for when the desire to eat hits hard. Keep is updated pls.
  8. Look into Apetamin to stimulate your appetite.
  9. Research Apetamin for appetite stimulation.
  10. Just replace some milk with cream or half and half. Won't notice much difference and don't have to eat any more.
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