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  1. Mcdonalds is always a fave for a growing girl to eat and some feeders love seeing
  2. I mean i do get majorly attracted to it online and the times i've seen and met ladies my dream size even just sitting next to can feel very nice but depending on the situation it can be mostly nerves to feel that attraction. Then again getting to meet is sometimes a major challenge and that recently has put me off when getting off. So i've not really met many bigger girls that are comfortable with their size which does make it hard to say its reality for me, but maybe over time that will change. Sure i've had some public hand feeding girls but were not chubby or bigger. even a mates ex at one of their bbqs years ago and did enjoy it aka boner from it then but it wasn't really that special moment and can be embarrassing for the girl i hand fed burgers at the time. Then again i had a afternoon out with a girl who i introduced to feederism gradually over the past 2 years and sitting opposite her eating a pizza i bought her all to herself in a pizza restaurant which it did give me a boner in public while watching her eat it and to me that felt really good which even at a size 18 it felt more real and special that even happened. Which to me made me realise how its small steps of making online fantasies real which i appreciate
  3. Wont be too long until you'll be even growing more than this
  4. I can tell from the roundness of your face and even slower steps as you nearly waddle, you've done really well to grow in the lockdown
  5. You know what really feels bad in the uk. In a way its now illegal to cuddle with a girl and feed her doughnuts by hand until lockdown is over, maybe fingers crossed it will happen next year with someone real from maybe a feeding community like here 

  6. Sometimes that is the best thing with seeing jeans ready to burst and i've not had takeout since lockdown
  7. Now Giffgaff does have an adult content block https://www.giffgaff.com/help/articles/how-do-i-turn-off-the-adult-content-block
  8. Its been years since i had the toby cavery breakfast, still one of the best breakfasts i ever paid for
  9. Thats as vidid as dreams i have about feeding a girl and moving in with her. the best introduction gif i've seen in a while
    An excellent introduction of a greedy lovely lady who loves food to the core of her personality and she loves how soft shes been eating herself too. From the soft double chin thats grown on her amazing face to the gigantic thighs that really know how to make an entrance, she will be one for the lovers of the big appetites
  10. i know the feeling indeed, its been no day off for me until christmas day
  11. So excited for this holiday when I leave Wednesday, rumour has it in feeding an amazing friend of mine up to 48 doughnuts 

    This is one of the hottest casual McDonald's drive thru mukbangs i've seen in a while, its got that amazing kitty showing off her outstanding obesity, with even the little things from the accidental leather chair squeaking, to even the cream marks on her leggins to show she's ready to burst. She always says how good the food is and it makes me crave mcdonalds at the same time as seducing to feed her more. From the belly having to be shown from how stretched her shirt is and even how she even says she ate pancakes earlier and also wanted you to rub her belly in the car, which for feeders, drive thru dates for feeding and belly rubs is an absolute dream i'm close to fulfilling with a friend in a few weeks. Even the cute little lines like she wishes she could move just to get ubereats is exciting, as uber eats vouchers are the best way I feed ladies that don't fancy building trust up or meeting. Make the most of the videos of Kitty in the car since shes well on her way to being too fat to drive at the beautiful effort shes putting in to eating and growing for her own pleasure . Eventually, just seeing her struggle to get into the car will be a few signs of excitement Theres been some REAL good prices for eating videos on Curvage recently, and this is another example of how good they are,
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