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  1. omracer


    Thats a good goal
  2. omracer


    you will be if your embracing your appetite like you are there, you might be 400 in less than a year
  3. omracer


    This seems like it will be a night of many stuffings like this, you might be waddling all the time at this rate haha
  4. omracer


    Thats the dream many of us love to worship when she is stuck on the sofa from food haha
  5. Well, this weekend I was in London. I had the best weekend, even if it was just taking a girl I've been feeding online out to her favourite eating places (only 2 actually) and finally meeting her and building the friendships that doughnuts and Greggs gift cards sort of blossomed from. 

  6. Exciting times are next month. Okay sure I've had to spend about £60 on food to improve chances of making the possible dates happen but it's going to be so fun. Especially with London next month too 😍

  7. Maybe its time I think about a mini contract for new girls I feed online so we both know what might come out of it, since I'm probably not assertive enough to be a feeder anymore

  8. I was going home from work yesterday and saw serious mass for like £19.99 and knowing my luck when i have to buy it when meeting up with a feedee in real life, it will go up to full price. Plus i feel im close to meeting some lovely lady soon

    1. ChubbyCupcake
    2. omracer


      holland and barrett

    This is one of the best I've heard if you like hearing out of shape fatties trying clothes on. Her Breathlessness is so sensual and you feel you can have a laugh and relaxed just watching it, the belly and huge muffin she made from that top is incredible, The quality is incredible and you can even see the cute chins forming and bed denting, and to top it off, she drinks and also has a basket of crisps to prove she can't resist food even after the innocent "I haven't got that fat question" with one of the loveliest accents I've heard from a girl up centre of the UK
    This was very beautiful indeed, Kitty's accent is adorable and it's seductive just watching her soft chins jiggle as she takes a bite, everything has grown on this lovely lady and it shows and in all honesty, I was turned on quickly, even before the part she used the whipped cream. Donuts are always a weakness for a feeder like me, and this does take the pleasure of eating them to another level
  9. well, last weekend didn't go well, those dates that were planned fell apart but why is it when I have one date planned, Somone else wants to have a date with me the same time

  10. Hopefully tomorrow i get my first date with a feedee, a cute burger bar she likes for 2 or  3 burgers and desert then snack shopping in poundland or shops then back to hers to feed some and maybe lose my virginity at 25 :)

    1. cai man

      cai man

      Good luck ! 👍

    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      Uuuh we don't need details, mate. 

  11. Last night I was chatting and found out the online feeding I've done has pretty much implied I have no self worth at all

    1. Joshk5200


      Not true bro 

      Don't let others get ya down.

    2. S77


      Yeah not true at all 

    3. omracer


      Thanks, I think she said it to me since I've been feeding girls for at least 2 years and never met up with any of them even though some we did plan with each other to meet but last minute either blocked or can't meet up (most of them are the same country as me in the UK) and it kinda gathered the idea that i have no self worth

  12. I miss belly worshipping, hope to do that next year

  13. Sometimes I think back to my first ever date and how she reached her hands out and we held them as we walked to a fish and chippy, I missed that 

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