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    It’s finished! Took a while, but it should be approved tonight. Now time for sleep 
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    She keeps going through a cycle of loosing weight and gaining it back plus more. Even if she does lose weight, she’ll balloon up.
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    @Ed732 taking the shot with supreme precision 

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    Half her ass checks were “visible” thru the window in this clip when she stood up from her couch. time stamp 9:13ish from her newest vlog https://youtu.be/tHgxrIiwO2s

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    Goddamn, Ed, you eagle-eyed libertine!
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    Lies! Tricked me into looking it up: December 17th. 
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    She chomnk 🔥👌 my favorite shape too. The kind tight, stretchy dresses are for
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    Went to see a girl in Charlotte, NC over the weekend (this is why I was so quiet the last two days) and she’s been dieting for a bit but accidentally gained five pounds recently. Still, I told her she was noticeably smaller than last I saw her, so of course she eagerly asked me how I could tell. “Cause last time, your stomach was out here…” and I put my hand about an inch out from her belly. This made her squeal and slap my hand away. “You are too honest for your own good!” She said. But I just said it would’ve been worse if I said she looked the same size 😂
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    Eh... maybe three more pounds than this. 
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    A couple more from yesterday’s stream. https://streamable.com/72h9kp .

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    It looks like a pretty stretchy dress when she needs it to be. Maybe shes experimenting on how well she can hide her stomach under it?
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    Cravings can really get to her and other women once they get it they need to eat whatever theyre craving even when theyre completely full.
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    She’s wearing a dress today but you can see a roll right under boobs every time she moves.

     Can see roll
    Can see roll

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    Here are some recent photo posts via Instagram.
    Caption: "Miami nights 💦🔥" (07/24/21):

    Caption: "More from last night 🥰" (07/24/21):

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    Ugh… guys… I’ve been writing for so long! This thing is way longer than I thought it would be. I figured I would post another part of it for free here while I finish the last two scenes because it’s, like, fifty pages already! Okay, here you go 👌 lemme know what you like

    In some ways, it felt like it had been eons since I’d been anywhere close to a business setting. In others, it was as if I’d never left. Everything felt so surreal as I drove my car into downtown Tampa towards the high-rise bank headquarters I worked in. I stared at landmarks and listened to spotify music as if for the first time, sipping my boba tea and reflecting on exactly what I was going to do for the day: park in the garage. Sip the last of this boba tea. Throw the empty container in the recycling bin (not the trash). Track the calories on my fitness app. Ride the elevator to the fifteenth floor and say high to Stephanie before I passed her cubicle. Avoid the break room and all its temptations…
                   It was at this point that my handinstinctively brushed against my waist. I was wearing my work suit for the first time in nearly a month, and I felt all seventeen extra pounds – yes, seventeen, because apparently I’d somehow managed to bloat-up a whole extra pound overnight. I had to make this diet work, and I was going to stick to it no matter how hungry I was already starting to get.
                   Because you know I’m all about that bass,
                   Bout that bass,
                   No treble.
                   I’m all about that –
                   “Ugh…” I groaned at the car’s roof.“Skip! Skip!”
                   Songs that reminded me how plump vacation had made me were the last thing I needed now, but just my luck, the next song had actual bass to it, and I could feel the beat pulsating against my cheeks.
                   “Fuck,” I thrummed my fingers against the steering wheel. “Fine. You win this time Spotify.”
                   I really needed this diet to work. I would make this diet work, cause if I got any fatter, my ass would start jiggling, and having tits wobble as I ran was annoying enough. As things were, my stomach was definitely pressing against my black trousers, the belt was off by one notch, and I preferred it not get any worse than that.
                   So there I was, glancing down at my watch and waiting for the elevator doors to finally open and let me into the office. It was taking longer than was comfortable, which was why I adjusted the fit of my trousers for the third time in an hour.
                   “It’s not that bad,” I muttered to myself. “They fit better, if anything. Very snug. Too snug. Okay… focus Chelsea. Diet, exercise, and money. That’s all we’re thinking of today.”
                   The elevator doors opened at last – only to reveal all my coworkers waiting for me.
                   They’d ambushed me with a welcome back party and a cake. There was no escape.
                   “Oh hi, um…” I bit my lip. “Is that chocolate cake?”
                   “Welcome back, Chelsea!” Stephanie stepped forward with the cake in her arms that was big enough to feed two dozen people – or one dozen hungry people. “We missed you! How was the honeymoon? How ‘bout you tell us about it while we eat?”
                   “Unless you’re dieting, of course. I know how vacations can be.”
                   She really had me there. I took a lot of pride on my physique, and did not want anyone to know about my predicament. Best to pretend as if nothing was wrong.
                   “Sure,” I smiled. “Just a small slice so that – wow, okay, I guess that’s the right size.”
                   “You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want,” Stephanie laughed. “Come on! Let’s go to the break room! I’ll tell you what Dwight did while you were gone.”
                   “Oh… sure. Okay…”
                   I tugged nervously on my waistline just in case any fat was bulging into view, and hoped that my blouse would hide my pooch.
                   When I bent down and sat myself back into the driver’s seat of my car, I felt a noticeable bloating above and below my belt.
                   “Fuck,” I muttered, keying the ignition. “Why did I let Stephanie convince me to eat all that?”
                   It was frustrating that as I was in the midst of a secret weight crisis, my coworker just happened to be the most talkative, friendly person in the world and had slipped me not onebut two cake slices for morning, not to mention an assortment of snacks… or the lunch outing just a few hours afterward that I hoped wasn’t too fattening. It was more frustrating still that the pressure against my belt was telling me otherwise.
                   “I’m not unbuckling,” I grumbled as I started driving downtown. “I’m not a fatass.”
                   Fuck. If this is what my morning was like, I had to skip dinner, and that was going to be hard – but not as hard as meeting my sister for the first time since the honeymoon. Today’s the day she’d moved into our apartment.
                   “Honey!” I opened the door to our home and kicked my pumps off my poor feet. “Babe, I’m home! Babe?”
                   It was then that I saw Dana poke her head out from the living room. “Hey Chels! You’re finally home!”
                   “Oh hey, sis,” my face deadpanned. “Um, where’s Chad?”
                   “He’s on his way back, don’t worry about it. C’mere! Gimme hugs. Hugs!”
                   “O-okay…” I nervously let myself be wrapped into her tatted arms and patted her back for good measure. I really didn’t want her to know how much weight I’d gained on vacation, so these tight hugs made me extra uneasy.
                   If Dana suspected I’d grown any softer, I couldn’t tell, but she had me in a bear squeeze all the same. “You feel so tight, Chels,” she pressed me into herself like I was a stuffed teddy bear. “Was work hard today? Must be hard adjusting back to your old routine.”
                   “Oh, not really, um,” I paused as she gave me one last squeeze and let me go. “They threw me a surprise welcome party and we had cake.”
                   “Lots of cake…”
                   “Ooh,” Dana’s eyes twinkled ominously.
                   “Sounds fun! Hopefully you aren’t still full from lunch cause Chad’s getting takeout!”
                   The problem with that was that I was full, and if I – a girl who pigged-out everyday while on vacation for a few weeks – felt full, that was a bad sign. My waistline was in danger!
                   “Did you say takeout?”
                   “Yeah, takeout! I thought it would be nice for you to be able to relax and not have to worry about cooking after your first day back at work.”
                   “Oh it’s fine, I’m fine… don’t you still need help moving into the guestroom?”
                   “Nope! Got all my stuff out of the seabags already – I’m living light while waiting for my class to start training. I’m not going to live here for long before getting orders to my first duty station – and thank you so much for letting me live here for a bit. The barracks is a fucking frat house every night –”
                   Before I could say anything, the door jostled open. I was standing in the living room, but I could hear the tell-tale sound of rustling paper bags in his arms. The dreaded takeout had arrived.
                   “I’m back Dana!” Chad called as I heard him slip his shoes off. “The line at Chick-fil-a wrapped around the whole restaurant, but I’m finally here.”
                   “You got the barbeque sauce I wanted?” Dana asked.
                   “Yeah, and the combo for Chelsea when she gets home.”
                   “She’s right here!” Dana slapped my back hard enough to make me yelp.
                   Chad’s head poked into the living room, followed by the rest of him carrying not one, but three bags and balancing a drink carrier. “You’re home early!” he told me. “We were gonna surprise you. I got your favourite by the way…”
                   “Yeah, I just skipped my traditional stop at Dunkin Donuts,” I stopped myself from resting my hand from my stuffed gut before my sister might notice. “And actually, I was planning on going for a jog sometime.”
                   “Hey, that reminds me!” Dana grinned at me. “You want to run the Marine Corps Marathon with me this year! That must be why you wanna try jogging all of a sudden.”
                   “We’ve been jogging for years, Dana,” I replied curtly as I tried to resist the rich, heavenly smells of the Lord’s Chicken.
                   “We should mos def run together sometime. Wanna go tomorrow morning? We’re going watch Netflix in a sec.”
                   “The new Witcher season just dropped!” said Chad as he jumped onto the sofa and searched for the remote. “Toss a coin to your witcher, o valley of plentyyyy…”
                   I turned my attention back to my rival. “When do you usually run? I have to start driving to the office by seven.”
                   “Eh,” Dana shrugged. “I have to be at formation at six, so I usually do a little running before that.”
                   “But what time, though?”
                   “Zero-four,” she grinned that sly, cunning smile of hers. “Is that too early for you?”
                   “Of course it isn’t!” I sniffed. “You just think I can’t handle it cause I didn’t join the Marine Corps like you.”
                   “Yeah, you wanted to sit in a bank and make money,” Dana pinched the sleeve of my suit jacket. “But if you’re up for it, I’ll wake you up and we’ll do a little jog.”
                   “Bring it,” I replied.
                   “Okay chill! Let’s sit down and eat!”
                   It was tempting to refuse the food, but I didn’t want to act like I was watching my weight in front of Dana, and so I plopped myself into the middle of the sofa between my husband and my sister. Chad hit play on the TV and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, then Dana crossed her legs and rest her head on my other shoulder, and Iended up holding all the food in my lap.
                   They never should’ve given me all that food.
                   “Are you guys gonna help me eat all this?” I asked.
                   “I’ll get around to it,” Dana patted my thigh. “Don’t worry about it.”
                   My thigh almost jiggled! I really needed to watch what I was eating, but in the meantime, I had two waffle fries calling out to me. I started eating and tried my best to ignore the growing tightness of my belt.
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    It’s because I’m finishing it today! I’ll post here when it’s ready. I suppose the story can go in multiple ways, but it didn’t feel that way to me because, you know, I’m the one writing it haha 
    Speaking of paid content, I have all of those posted in the Curvage store under the stories section! There’s about five stories on there already. I’ll post here again when this story is complete. Been toying with making a patron page or a coffee page to let people read all of them at once and read what’s finished as I write. Not sure how many people would tip a dollar for that though
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    It’s because I’m finishing it today! I’ll post here when it’s ready. I suppose the story can go in multiple ways, but it didn’t feel that way to me because, you know, I’m the one writing it haha 
    Speaking of paid content, I have all of those posted in the Curvage store under the stories section! There’s about five stories on there already. I’ll post here again when this story is complete. Been toying with making a patron page or a coffee page to let people read all of them at once and read what’s finished as I write. Not sure how many people would tip a dollar for that though
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    It’s because I’m finishing it today! I’ll post here when it’s ready. I suppose the story can go in multiple ways, but it didn’t feel that way to me because, you know, I’m the one writing it haha 
    Speaking of paid content, I have all of those posted in the Curvage store under the stories section! There’s about five stories on there already. I’ll post here again when this story is complete. Been toying with making a patron page or a coffee page to let people read all of them at once and read what’s finished as I write. Not sure how many people would tip a dollar for that though
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    We've done it! After a couple side-quests, we return to the main storyline -- the sabotaging of the cheerleading team! Jane's got a couple tricks up her grimy sleeves; the cheerleaders are going to get so fat... 😝
    Chapter Thirty-Three

                   Wiping sweat from my beading brow, I squinted under the light of the noon sun from the balcony ringing the football field. One by one, the cheerleaders were entering the field to conduct their stretches. When Brooke and Mary strolled into view together, I rubbed my hands contentedly against the balcony railing. All except one of my chess pieces were in place.


                   Emily rushed towards me from behind, clothed in loose sweat top and bottom combo, leaving most of her slim curves to the imagination.

                   “Oh, Emily!” I leaned in awkwardly for a hug, but she only touched me for a heartbeat before backing away slightly. “It’s great that you’re here.”

                   “What are you doing here?” she whispered. “Don’t you know that Brooke’s here?”

                   “I could say the same to you,” I replied casually.

                   “It’s different with me,” Emily crossed her arms, attempting to regain composure. “But you don’t have to be here…” she leaned in closer. “You remember how she reacted when you first met her? You almost…”

                   “Yeah, I know,” I nodded confidently. “But Brooke’s the centre of everything,” then I leaned in, so our faces were mere inches away from each other. “I have the feeling that something big is going to happen here. We just need to keep an eye out for it… deal?”

                   Off in the distance, a whistle sounded. The cheerleaders scattered across the field stood to their feet and faced towards the locker room doors. Emily sighed before looking me in the eyes. “I can’t make you leave, but I care about you Jane.”

                   “I care about you too,” I replied quickly.

                   “Just make sure you aren’t the big thing that happens,” Jane said hastily as she turned away. “I gotta go. The new coach is really strict.”

                   “Who is it?”

                   But she was already gone. Oh well. I shrugged to myself and leaned over the railing to see who the new coach was.

                   She strode confidently into the midst of her newly-acquired cheer squad, dressed boldly in a tight red sweater and short-shorts with matching white stripes on the sides – a bold choice, even for a coach. It made her stand out in the crowd gathering around her like a flame seen between tree trunks. In spite of all this, I couldn’t hear the speech she was beginning to give. More importantly, I still didn’t know who she was because I couldn’t see her face.

                   Curiosity overwhelmed me, and I decided to approach from behind. My behaviour shouldn’t raise to many eyebrows – not with the gender bias geared completely in the favour of girls at this damn college – and so I casually made my way to within feet of the fiery bombshell.

                   “—and I’m not saying anything negative about your old coach. Zoltan and I have known each other for a while now, and I know what she can do. But there’s no denying it. Discipline has slacked. Mentally… and physically.”

                   The cheerleaders exchanged glances with each other, several stealing looks at their chubbiest members, Mary and Brooke, the former blushing red from the back of the group, the latter staring at the furthest, highest cloud she could find.

                   “I don’t need to call any of you out by name. You know who you are, and if you take this sport seriously, you need to start getting your head back into it and whip yourself into shape.”

                   I almost snickered as she said “sport,” but managed to stop most of the noise from escaping my mouth – most. Several girls looked in my direction, and the coach swivelled her head slightly to glare at me. The sight of her face made me freeze in awe and terror, for I recognized her as Ms. Buxley, my old Economics teacher. I barely recognized her without her proper business attire on, but it couldn’t be anyone else – and she was way hotter than I ever suspected, especially with her ass out of a skirt.

                   I coughed half-heartedly as she kept staring at me, hoping that she would think that I was just clearing my throat. Whether it worked or not, I couldn’t tell, but Ms. Buxley turned to face her squad again.

                   “I want a full routine of stretches done by all of you until I blow the whistle.”

                   One of the cheerleaders raised her hand.

                   “Yes, what is it Amy? Stop making stupid faces.”

                   “Shouldn’t we run laps now? We already stretched,” she raised her eyebrow with that irritating combination of sneering and disbelief common in rebellious teens.

                   “You’ll stretch until I come for you,” Ms. Buxley pointed towards the centre of the field. “Now get out there and stretch. I’m leading the running, and you better be ready… not you Brooke. A word with me.”

                   Brooke rolled her eyes and folded her arms, but she came walking up to Ms. Buxley. I approached as well, keen to play an act that would make my presence less suspicious.

                   “Hey…” I circled towards Buxley’s front. “Ms. Buxley?”

                   “I’m busy coaching right now, what is it?”

                   “I was wondering if maybe I could be part of the team too?”

                   “You want to be part of the team?” she looked at my awkward-fitting jacket and denim jeans. “If you’re serious about joining, be dressed and ready to train. Come back next time with some sweats, at least. As for you…” she turned her attention to Brooke.

                   “Yeah?” Brooke huffed.

                   “I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It’s clear to me that you are a major contributor to the lack of discipline and teamwork in the squad.”

                   “What do you mean?”

                   “First of all, Zoltan went out of her way to tell me that you have been bullying not one but several individuals both on and off the team.”

                   “Like when? No one cares when I’m bullied.”

                   “Besides that, you’re having trouble maintaining your weight.”

                   Brooke’s eyes lit up. “My weight? There’s nothing wrong with it. My body looks fine…”

                   “Do I really have to point it out? This is not normal, Brooke Deeters. You’d have to have gained at least twenty pounds – and in such a short span of time? You need to cut back now, or I will have no choice but to suspend you from the cheer squad.”

                   Strangely enough, Brooke looked calm – peaceful, even – as she looked down at her body and began caressing the slight swell of her belly. “Yes… I do suppose my stomach’s a little soft…”

                   To the untrained eye, it looked as if Brooke was sucking her stomach in, but I recognized the flattening of her stomach for what it was. It was fortunate that neither Brooke nor Buxley were paying me any attention, for I was gawking like a fish. I couldn’t see Buxley’s stomach properly through her sweater, but the fabric definitely shifted.

                   “And my legs are getting pretty thicc…”

                   As Brooke’s thighs lost a few inches, Buxley’s gained some. The skin of her legs softened as it expanded, losing definition for soft, creamy mass, pressing lightly against her short shorts. To someone who knew what was happening, it was extremely noticeable, but I suppose Buxley passed-off the feeling as something else.

                   “My butt’s getting pretty plump too…”

                   Buxley’s rump poofed within the confines of the short shorts, smoothing-out the folds and wrinkles from the cheeks’ sudden expansion. I stared at the new thiccness in disbelief. How could Buxley not feel what was happening to her?

                   Brooke sighed, brushed the sides of her miniskirt, and looked up at Buxley with a smile. “Thanks for the tip, coach. I’ll be sure to watch my figure closely.”

                   “Be sure you do,” Buxley replied. “Weigh-ins are this Friday.”

                   “Weigh-ins?” Brooke blinked innocently. “Is everyone participating? Even you?”

                   “Absolutely,” Buxley replied quickly. “Everything the team does, I will do. You’ll find it challenging.”

                   “Sounds fun!” Brooke said cheerily. “I look forward to it!”

                   “On that note, it’s time to start running,” she turned to me quickly. “Nice meeting you,” she said coldly. “What is your name?”

                   “Jane Wick,” I smiled.

                   “Maybe I’ll be seeing you.”

                   “Oh yes, of course!” I watched as Brooke and Buxley strode towards the rest of the team. Brooke had lost some of the gain in her lower half, but it was still thiccer than when she’d first started expanding. Buxley, on the other hand, had her short shorts stuffed to the brim with newly-pliable ass-cheeks, and it was only a matter of time before she finally noticed the gain, whether it was from her thighs touching slightly, or her backside bouncing as she ran. I grinned at the beautiful sight. “And I’ll be seeing more of you…”

                   I raised my hex finger and cast my curse upon the imperfect coach: Buxley will absorb weight from the heaviest cheerleader and transfer it to the lightest cheerleader at the rate of two pounds per minute.

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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from everclearfan23 in The Thin College   
    By the way, I do NOT suggest driving six hours at night, even if all the fireworks were gorgeous. Here's another chapter! I'm going to take a nap now 😫
    Chapter Thirty-Two

                   Wandering amidst the study halls of the campus, with their wooden roofs crowned with elaborate Victorian carvings, I wondered how I hadn’t yet realized how lucky I was. Yes, my skin was layered with grit, and I had to rub flecks of dirt off my neck every few minutes, but I was free. As a man, I was discriminated against, looked-down upon, and suspect to everything. As a woman, I was just another student – except I had no classes. No classes, obligations, or any form of identification whatsoever. Sucky had given me the ultimate secret identity, and I had never been doing so well.

                   Not that I had a room, though. I grimaced as I wiped my dampened locks from my forehead again. I was beginning to regret not showering in Emily’s dorm like she’d suggested. The truth was that I didn’t feel comfortable taking my clothes off and seeing what I really looked like. Just the thought of the… body parts I might see made me grind my teeth nervously. Same went with buying new clothes. I just wasn’t mentally prepared.

                   No classes, no room, no shopping, and no obligations whatsoever only left me one thing to do. It was time to go on the biggest, greatest girl-fattening spree I had ever done. But who should I fatten-up first? How should I do it?

                   A dozen ideas spun aimlessly through my head, each of them fairly good, but only one proved more valid than others. I needed to make another “fat conductor” – a system of hexes that pushed weight between girls in a self-feeding loop that would generate me a steady stream of pounds income – but I only had one hex ready. In addition, I needed to find a way to get the new cheerleading coach fired so that Zoltan could return triumphant. The solution to all these problems was simple: yet another hex on the cheer squad, this time on their new coach.

                   Breaking into a grin, I continued my leisurely walk through campus.

                   Cheer practice would not begin for another few hours, but the Equestrian Club would be trotting their horses through the forest paths soon, and it gave me an idea for how to kill time. I approached the barn from my usual route, through the narrow dirt path in the woods behind the sports centre, and casually entered the barn as a couple girls rode their rides inside an outdoor corral for a warm-up.

                   When I entered the barn, the smell of fresh manure mixed with hay instantly hit my nostrils, and I inhaled contentedly as the horses peeked their noses out of their stalls to investigate.

                   “Hey horsie,” I fondled the long cheek of the nearest animal. “Did you miss me? I missed you…”

                   Peering past the horse’s jawline, I searched for its nametag. This one was “Peach” – not the one I was looking for.

                   “And you,” I smiled as I stroked the next horse. “I missed you too… ‘Summer.’”

                   One by one, I inspected each horse, until at last, near the middle of the row of stalls, was “Hollywood,” Mary’s favourite ride.

                   “Hey,” I perked-up about as much as Hollywood when I touched her. “Hollywood! So good to see you! You look pretty hungry…” Pointing my Feasting Ring at my open palm, I conjured a long, moist carrot. “Here, go ahead and – ah, don’t lick my fingers! Yes. Yes, that’s it. Good girl…”

                   As I pet her head comfortingly, Hollywood’s belly began to gurgle softly, then steadily louder as the carrot’s calories worked their magic. Even as Hollywood stared droopily ahead as if nothing were happening, her belly slowly swelled and sagged heavily. As it stretched down, it began to spread outwards. I stared in awe of the transformation unfolding before my eyes, for I had no idea what a fattened horse would look like, much less how much so little weight would show on it’s formerly-lean body. The tight, coiled muscles were long-gone, replaced by a fuzzy, soft padding. Hollywood’s belly bulged on either side, more like a cow than a horse. Gone was the impressive racehorse, replaced with a common farmer’s plowhorse, grazing constantly on grass after harvesting season…

                   “Oh hey!”

                   I turned around to see a blonde, braided woman approaching me with a wide smile. She was the same woman who had chided me for feeding the horses when I was still a man.

                   “Hey,” I smiled back. “It’s so nice to see you.”

                   “Isn’t she beautiful?” she nodded towards Hollywood. “She’s a thoroughbred – earned second place in last year’s derby.”

                   “Really?” I gasped, feigning awe. “That sounds pretty fast to me! She looks pretty strong, doesn’t she?”

                   The girl cocked her head when she caught sight of the plump horse behind me. “Uh… is that…?” She leaned sideways to get a better look.

                   “What?” I asked innocently, trying not to laugh.

                   “Nothing,” she shook her head. “So what’s your name?”

                   “I’m Jane,” I held my hand out for a handshake.

                   “Sally,” she took my hand daintily and made a face. “Ow-wuh! Why’d you do that?”


                   “You crushed my fingers!” she whined.

                   “Oh, sorry. Bad habit.”

                   “Don’t worry about it,” she rubbed her hand. “So… I guess you’re interested in joining the club?”

                   “Yeah, how’d you know?”

                   “Who wouldn’t want to join? Horses are awesome.”

                   “I love horses.”

                   “That’s great! We’re going to ride a forest trail in a few minutes. Wanna come?”

                   “Can I?” I was genuinely interested this time. Riding a horse through the woods with a group of girls sounded absolutely divine, whether they were spoiled, biased rich girls or not. “I’ve always wanted to ride a horse…”

                   “You’ve never rode a horse before? Don’t worry; you can ride with me.”

                   “I can?” I swallowed, eyes round as dinnerplates.

                   “Sure! Let’s go outside and meet everyone.”

                   Ten minutes later, me, Sally, Naomi, Kelly, Darcy, and a short, spunky girl named Sam were staged with our horses by the treeline. The trail leading inside gaped like an open mouth ringed with thousands of green teeth.

                   “Did you bring the feed?” Sally asked me with her hands on her hips, fingers tapping against her brown breeches.

                   “Yeah,” I held out a few sacks filled with oats.

                   “Great! I’ll take one…”

                   As did each girl, and they began to fit the sacks under the muzzles of their horses.

                   “I also got a pack of gum to share,” I pulled-out a pack of five-pounder bombs from my pocket. “If anyone wants any.”

                   They looked at each other before gathering around me to pluck them up. “Thanks,” the girl named Naomi said as she casually grabbed one.

                   “Thanks Jane.”

                   “Thank you.”

                   “By the way,” I put the remaining bombs away. “Where’s Mary? She’s part of the club too, isn’t she?”

                   Sally looked towards the sky as she adjusted the fit of her horse’s saddle. “She… she said that she’s not coming today. Said she needs to study.”

                   “You mean she doesn’t have time for us?” Sam broke into a grin. “Sounds to me like she’s getting too big for her breeches.”

                   “Sam,” Kelly huffed. “That’s rude!”

                   “Honestly, she’s doing her poor horse a favour. It’s poor back…”

                   “Alright, whatever Sam,” Sally tucked a strap on her saddle away and turned to me. “You want front or back?”


                   “Want to ride in front of me or behind?”

                   How was I supposed to answer that? I tried, but the words caught in my throat. Then I gawked at the saddle and wondered how two of us were supposed to fit on it.

                   “Too slow!” Sally fit one foot in the stirrup, swung herself over the horse, and slammed her butt into place. She grinned down at me as she loomed overhead. “You’re sitting behind me. Here…” she removed her foot from the stirrup. “Fit your foot into that. Now take my hand… that’s it. Up we go…”

                   “Oof,” I fell awkwardly into place behind her, legs splayed wide over the horse – much wider than I thought I would. I wriggled uncomfortably to find a good sitting position wedged between the back of the saddle and Sally’s butt.

                   “Now hold onto me so you don’t fall off,” Sally craned her head back slightly, her blonde locks brushing against my cheek. “Hold my waist. Good. Alright, let’s go!”

                   The moment the horse began moving, I panicked and wrapped my arms as tightly around her waist as possible. This was nothing like a motorcycle or car. Each step made the horse’s body flex and bend beneath my widened stance, so that my pelvis was rubbing constantly against Sally’s firm cheeks.

                   “Easy, Jane,” Sally laughed. “We’re only going five kilometres per hour!”

                   “We’re so high off the ground though,” I hugged her close to me.

                   “Relax. It’s your first time, so I’ll go slow for you. See? We’re riding in front of everyone single file. I’m setting the pace. Just enjoy the scenery.”

                   Taking her advice, I looked in all directions, taking in the pleasant sights of the dense, mossy forest. The path wound up and down through several dry draws, winding around thick tree trunks and boulders. Ferns grew from every surface, and rustled as rodents scurried underneath. When I glanced back where we came, I could see Sam riding right behind us, chewing on her gum as she tugged the back of her breeches with increasing frustration. The other girls weren’t far behind, chewing absentmindedly on their juicy, fattening sticks of gum.

                   Then I felt Sally’s butt press more firmly against me. I looked down and could see each cheek plumping slightly, pushing against my inner thighs.

                   “It’s pretty isn’t it?” Sally turned slightly to look back at me as she chewed her gum.

                   “It’s amazing,” I sighed. “It’s a little awkward squeezing into the saddle together, but it’s really beautiful out here.”

                   “What are you whining about?” Sally smirked, scooting her butt further back. “You’re hogging the whole seat; give me some room!”

                   “I… sure,” I stared down at the ripened cheeks pressed against me. The breeches were tight to begin with, but they were almost a second skin now. I couldn’t resist relaxing my arms and sliding my hands to the sides of her waist, where I found soft, pliable flesh, not quite love handles, but oozing outwards just enough for me to hold on.

                   “Ready to try trotting?” Sally adjusted her grip on the reins as she spoke. “It’s a little faster.”

                   “Aren’t we trotting now?”

                   “Ha! This was just a slow walk. I’ll show you. I squeeze my legs against Peaches here, and… see? This is a trot. Oh… lots more bouncing and turbulence, by the way. I should’ve mentioned that since we’re sharing a saddle.”

                   What was this? Oh, what was this? This feeling between my widespread legs as I bounced against Sally’s ass with each step? Holding tightly to her budding love handles, I felt my very sanity tested by whatever was happening to me. It wasn’t jerking-off – I didn’t have anything to jerk – but something just as pleasurable – perhaps twice as pleasurable! I gasped at the unfamiliar sensation, thrilled with the thought of Sally’s ass softening and growing bigger against me, spreading my legs further and further apart, until –

                   As our horse continued its trot through the woods, it turned its head and looked at me with neon pink eyes, and I was certain it was trying to smirk.

                   I screamed in fright, unprepared for Sucky’s unannounced arrival, and hugged Sally close again.

                   “Whoa, calm down Jane! You’ll scare the horse! What’s wrong? We going to fast? Whatever. Alright. I’m slowing us down; take it easy…”

                   We managed to follow the trail all the way around the island and reach the barn safely without incident. When Sally climbed off, the pressure was off my pelvis, and blood began throbbing back in.

                   “You need some help climbing off?” she asked as she fondled her stomach absentmindedly.

                   “Nah, I’m fine,” I gripped the front of the saddle as I wondered if the horse would buck me.

                   “Be careful jumping off like that. You got to take your foot out of the stirrup – alright, good.”

                   We all gathered in a makeshift circle, everyone looking at me as they tugged at their breeches.

                   “That wasn’t bad for a first time,” Sally said as she shimmied her breeches into place around her slightly-bigger ass.

                   “I felt like I was in danger half the time,” I bit my lip shyly. “If we weren’t wedged together so tightly, I’d have fallen off, I bet.”

                   “You were fine, Jane,” Darcy traced her thumbs around the hem of her tightened breeches, trying to tuck some rebellious flesh that was oozing out back inside. “Most of the time.”

                   “We’ll get you there,” Naomi nodded. “You did great.”

                   “So what’s next?” I asked. “It’s pretty close to lunchtime; anyone want to go eat?”

                   There was a slight pause before anyone answered.

                   “I’m going to pass on that one,” Darcy glanced down at herself.

                   “Yeah,” Sally smiled, tugging her breeches again. “We got to brush these horses before we can do anything else.”

                   “Oh, okay,” I sighed. It was enough that they’d each gained five pounds; adding lunch to the equation was probably a bit too much, especially if they were all beginning to feel a slight pinch in the fit of their clothes that wasn’t there before. “Well, I guess I’ll be off to go eat – I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and I’m starving. Maybe we can ride again sometime?”

                   “For sure,” Sam grinned. “Every day.”

                   “I’m looking forward to it,” I grinned back. “I’ll be seeing more of you, then. Bye!”

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    For every plan, there are at least three unforeseen circumstances 😬🏃‍♂️💨
    Chapter Thirty-One

                   The sun was beginning to set; the window’s outline stretched longer across the soft carpet in Emily’s dorm room. I sat cross-legged against her bed, trying my best to appear as if I had never been in her room before.

                   “And when I looked down, my stomach was even bigger,” Emily rubbed her abs as she described her fluctuating weight.

                   “Wow,” I stretched my arms over my head innocently. “That’s… absolutely insane! What’s causing that?”

                   “I can’t say for sure,” Emily frowned at the carpet before looking back at me. “Besides Brooke just picking on me. When she first started doing this… I was so devastated. I had no idea what to do – I couldn’t bear letting anyone see me with my belly hanging-out so much – so I just lay on my bed and kind of fell asleep.”

                   “You just slept?” her answer confused me.

                   “I was crying a little,” she shrugged. “But yeah. What else could I do? Skip dinner? Anyway, here’s what’s crazy about all this: I had this dream. Someone came and visited me. She started talking about how I was worried about nothing and that I would be alright. That’s when I felt my stomach shrinking. I woke up and it was flat again.” She lifted her shirt to gawk in awe at her flat abs again before looking up. “Jane, I don’t think that was any ordinary dream.”

                   Of course, I knew the real reason she had lost weight, but it wouldn’t hurt to play along. “So… you were visited in a dream? Who was it?”

                   “I thought it might have been a guardian angel, but now I’m not so sure,” Emily shrugged. “It was one of those dreams where you can’t really remember what they said.”

                   “So it wasn’t Jesus?”

                   “Please. Jesus doesn’t care about my stomach; he has more important things to worry about.”

                   “So who was it?”

                   “I shouldn’t have mentioned it. It might mean something, it might not. What I do know is this: Brooke’s definitely behind all this. Like, she lives in the next room! I can actually hear her scheming in there sometimes! One time, she was trying to figure out how her powers worked and accidentally… um…”

                   “I’m listening,” I glanced nervously towards the wall, worried that Brooke might be home.

                   “You saw Brooke in the showers,” she gestured vaguely. “You remember how she used to be… a little more balanced-out?”

                   “That was weird,” I replied.

                   “Exactly! Well, I was here when that happened! She and Mary were in there arguing when Brooke somehow wished her… her fat into Mary.”

                   “So that’s what’s going on.”

                   “Yes! I know it sounds crazy, but you’ve seen what’s happening lately, right?”

                   “People are getting fatter,” I nodded. “Thinner too, but mostly fatter.”

                   “And it’s mostly people who are close to Brooke! You see? I don’t know how or why, but Brooke has gained the power to shift her weight from herself to others, and she has no problems using it.”

                   “But that doesn’t quite explain why you lost weight. Also, what’s making Brooke gain weight? No one can eat that much so fast.”

                   “It’s a curse,” Emily said matter-of-factly. “She can force her weight onto people around her, but she’s always rapidly gaining.”


                   “So what made you come to me?” Emily asked. “You said you were looking for me, remember?”

                   I took a deep breath, collecting the thoughts I needed to craft the story I had been forming in the back of my head as I listened to Emily before closing my eyes and leaning my head against the side of her mattress.

                   “Jason is in trouble,” I said sombrely, opening my eyes to find her gawking at me.

                   “What? What’s going on with him?”

                   “I’m not exactly sure,” I bit my lip. “But he texted me last night, telling me he was being framed – that he needed help. By the time I reached his room, the police had cordoned everything off. Jason’s missing.”

                   “Oh my God,” Emily squeezed herself tight. “Girls in the cheer squad were gloating about him getting in trouble… I should’ve been with him.”

                   “He mentioned you,” I continued. “Said that you’d noticed people gaining and losing weight too. See, that’s why I was looking for you. This is way over my head – both of ours, actually – and we got to stick together and figure out what’s going on.”

                   “Do you know where Jason went?”

                   The question surprised me, even as I knew its answer. “No.”

                   “Do you know where he might be hiding?”

                   I shook my head. “I think there’s something huge going on, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Jason is definitely caught in the middle of it. If we can figure out what’s going on, we can get Jason back. He can’t be that far away. After all, this island isn’t that big.”

                   “Yeah, I think you’re right,” Emily sighed heavily. “It’s just this is all so terrifying. Like, you’ve never felt your stomach just swelling up, but it’s really strange. It’s almost impossible to not notice it growing when it happens that quickly.  When it happened to me, I thought I was going to explode,” she chuckled nervously. “But it was just fat. Fat can’t hurt you.”

                   “I guess,” I shifted nervously. “So… I wanted to ask you something.”

                   “What is it?”

                   “Can I sleep here?”

                   Emily frowned, looking at the single bed in the room behind me. “Why do you ask?”

                   “I don’t feel safe,” I pursed my lips nervously. “If I was with you, then maybe…?”

                   “Brooke’s in that room right there,” Emily pointed at the wall. “What if we just slept in your room instead?”

                   I felt my face flushing red. “Uh… no, my room isn’t safe. Not safe at all. I keep getting picked on by the prefects.”

                   “So do I.”

                   “You too?” I fidgeted. “Well, it’s not just that. Jason was a really close friend of mine, and when the police started going after him, I didn’t know what to do anymore. He was my only friend, so I have no one to turn to for support or advice anymore – except you.”

                   “But I only have one bed,” Emily replied.

                   “Do you have a spare blanket? I could wrap myself in that… could I stay just one night, at least? Just so I can calm down and sleep?”

                   “Well, if you think it will help, then sure. I got a quilt that I don’t use.”

                   “Oh, thank you Emily! Thank you!”

                   Sleeping in a quilt is not hard, but finding the perfect position to sleep is. After a few hours of contorting myself across the carpet, I eventually sidled myself between the wall and the desk and managed to fall asleep. Sleep came to me in brief, uncounted moments, as I struggled to ignore the slightest discomforts that interfered with my dreams. The dreams blended with reality, until I could not tell if I was trying to sleep, or dreaming it.

                   Then I got thirsty. Ignoring the dryness in my throat was no use. As I shifted my head to the side, I wondered when I had last drunk anything – I hadn’t since the cup of coffee from the police department, and before that was the half-finished bottle of Jack. Christ, that was double dehydration; no wonder I felt like a raisin. But I didn’t want to get up; that would abandon the warmth I’d accumulated in the quilt wrapped around me.

                   Half an hour later, I gave up trying to sleep through the thirst. Grumbling, I slowly rose to my feet, careful to keep the quilt wrapped around my body. I could hear Emily stirring against her bedsheets in the darkness. With a creeping-shuffle, I managed to reach the door and slide into the dark hallway.

                   Now then, where was the water fountain? I had studied in the lobby before; I remembered there being a fountain there, and I headed for that. When I reached the spacious room, stars were shining through the windows, just enough to shine against the leather sofas and chairs. The metal tray of the water fountain gleamed faintly against a far wall; I approached it while huddling my quilt close. Extending a hand out of the warmth of the quilt, I activated the fountain and knelt to sip the cold, delicious water.

                   “What are you doing?”

                   I froze in place. The water stopped flowing, but the built-in AC kicked in with a deafening hum. “Who’s that?”

                   “What the hell are you doing? It’s, like, two in the morning.”

                   “I got thirsty…”

                   Whoever was in the room with me groaned in response, though I wasn’t sure if she was frustrated with me, stretching herself awake, or both. Squinting, I could see that she was sitting in a chair on the far side of the room.

                   “Great,” she sighed. “The prefects will be coming any second now. Why couldn’t you use the bathroom sink?”

                   “Wait, why are the prefects coming?”

                   “I dunno, maybe because it’s past curfew?”

                   “What?” I whispered frantically. “What are you doing here?”

                   “I just fell asleep studying…”

                   Both of us started when we heard footsteps from down the hall. Without a word, we scrambled for cover like rats.

                   “Who’s in here?” the prefect’s voice echoed off the walls. “I swear to God, if you’re Jason, I’ll pepper-spray you! I’m ready!”

                   Lucky for me, the prefect was approaching from a different hallway, and I was able to run for the safety of Emily’s door. Sighing with relief, I twisted the knob – which didn’t budge. I had locked myself out!

                   “Shit,” I shook my hands under my quilt. “Shit, shit, shit…” Should I just knock?

                   “What is…?” light beamed against my quilt, spreading shadows across the wall. “Who is that?”

                   Panicking, I sprinted for safety.

                   “You come back! Get back here!”

                   It was good that I still had all my clothes on, otherwise running would be more difficult. By the wobbling light shining from the prefect’s phone, I could see the turns I had to make. The exit was before me, a mere ten feet away…

                   “Got you!”

                   Out of the darkness, another prefect had been lying in wait. I screamed as she snagged her fingers against my quilt. Faint memories of my high school Sports and Activities class resurfaced, and I twisted around her groping grip to slam into the front door and escape into the night – touchdown.

                   “That’s right, keep running you stupid freshman!” the prefects called from the doorway.

                   “And don’t you come back! We know who you are!” the other added.

                   But it was impossible for them to know who I was; and I couldn’t help but grin. Turning for the shelter of a winding park path, I leaped over a stray wooden bench, quilt billowing behind me like a giant cape. I was free! They would never take me alive!

                   Several hours later, I was knocking on Emily’s door again. She opened it a crack, leaning into view wearing a large T-shirt and not much else.

                   “Jane?” she frowned. “Oh my god, Jane! What happened to you?”

                   “Hi,” I said awkwardly, tugging a leaf out of my hair.

                   “You’re filthy! How did you get mud on your face?”

                   “I fell.”

                   “Where? In the pond?”

                   “Uh… by the way, I brought your quilt back.”

                   “I see that,” Emily eyed the dusty quilt in my arms. “Well, come in before anyone sees you. You can tell me more when you’re washed-up.”
                   "Also... do you have any water?"
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    Uhhhhnnnn… hey, I'm back! You guys wouldn't believe all the things I've been doing lately! I just got this excellent apartment (with a pool!), plus I've been doing loads of classwork and all, but I STILL managed to get a new chapter up! 😖 I really did miss writing this stuff; hopefully I get to write faster now.
    Chapter Thirty

                   “I’m going to Central Hall to get to the bottom of this,” Zoltan said finally.

                   For the past few, uncounted moments, I’d shamelessly clung to her, stifling sobs and sniffling as I slowly came to my senses. When I lifted my head to look into her round, inviting eyes, I spotted the clock on the wall. Had it really just been a mere three minutes? It felt like twenty.

                   “Come on,” Zoltan patted my back. “Let’s finish this day strong. Do you need anything from me?”

                   As we picked ourselves up from our seats, I couldn’t help but gawk at Zoltan’s height compared to mine. Being over six feet, she had already been slightly taller than me, but as I stood next to her in my shrunken, feminine form, she loomed overhead, breasts jutting straight towards me at eye-level.

                   “Um…” I swallowed, craning my neck to meet her gaze. “I think I’m going to be okay.”

                   “Good. We’ll talk, alright?” she nodded confidently. “Come back sometime and we’ll talk.”

                   “Alright,” I said as she began leaving. “And Zoltan?”

                   “Yes? Call me Tracey.”

                   “I think you’re the best coach – I mean it. It shouldn’t matter if you’re bulking or cutting. I’m sure you can coach the cheer squad again. I’m absolutely positive they’ll put you back in soon.”

                   “Maybe they will.”

                   “Also… my name is Jane.”

                   “Alright Jane,” she patted the doorframe while bending back to look at me. “Be seeing you soon.”

                   Zoltan left, and I was alone again. Standing in the midst of her office, I shrugged and folded my arms together as I stared absent-mindedly at her various trophies, team flags, and pictures of teams she had coached.

                   One picture in particular drew my attention, a photo of last year’s basketball team, with dozens of grinning girls lined-up holding all the awards they had won for the season. Zoltan sat cross-legged front-and-centre, beaming with her rock-hard abs bared and shining in the sunlight. I sighed, composed enough to not cry again, but still overcome by sadness. It was my fault that Zoltan was fired as coach. Before I knew her, I had just seen her as another mean, imposing staff member that I could use to rack-up poundage and fatten the cheer squad with. Now I was realizing she was one of the greatest women I had ever met, and I had put her through so much hardship, all because of my own sexual desires and lust for vengeance.

                   Was making random girls gain weight wrong? People I cared about were getting caught in the crossfire, and while I struggled to make things right again, things kept getting worse. Hell, I’d lost everything at this point – even my own body. Was it right to keep going?

                   I had to keep going. Stopping now wouldn’t get me my old body back, and it sure as hell wouldn’t earn me any friends. I would’ve been framed for something whether or not I had the fattening app or not; it was only a matter of time before the Dean, Brooke, Mary, or most anyone else would’ve found an excuse to get rid of me forever. The fattening app wasn’t a perfect tool, but no tool came without some amount of risk. Early cavemen singed and burned themselves learning how to wield fire and roast their meat. The fattening app was my only flame as I braved the frigid winds that were Biltmore College, and I would shiver and starve to death if I let it grow cold.

                   Confident with myself, I turned away from the picture and left Zoltan’s office. I would use my fattening app to get Zoltan her job back, and find shelter in the meantime.

                   I stood before the locker room’s plain entrance with a pounding heart. Moments ago, I had decided that I would have to go inside to complete my mission, but now that I had arrived, there were so many excuses not to enter, and every single one of them were spinning in my head.

                   Then a pair of snickering girls entered, snickering to each other as they bumped into me.

                   “Um, excuse me?” I asked shyly.

                   They stopped snickering as they edged past me. “Huh?” One of them loomed two inches over my diminutive height. “Who are you?”

                   “I’m Jane,” I grimaced, instinctively worried that they would think I was a Peeping-Tom. “Is… is Emily in there?”

                   “Yeah?” she said as they began to edge past.

                   “Can I talk to her?”

                   “Sure,” she squeezed her face into a bewildered grimace, making a show of her reaction to the situation.

                   “Can you tell her that --?”

                   “She’s right in there,” she turned and walked away from me. As she passed the front desk and left the building, I saw her friend lean over and giggle gossip into her ear.

                   I turned my attention back to the locker room door. “Great,” I slapped my arms against my thighs with exasperation. “I can’t just go in there… I’m not a girl. Not really.”

                   “Hey,” the girl at the front desk leaned over to look at me. “You need any help?”

                   “Crap,” I muttered.

    “What was that?”

    “Uh, no. I don’t need any help!” I called over my shoulder as I pushed against the swinging door. “I was just putting on lipstick!”


    “Yeah.  Girl things, you know?”

    I was standing in the girl’s locker room now, amidst at least a dozen girls milling about from lockers lining one wall to the showers in the opposite corner. I gaped at the sight of half-dressed girls in all directions. It was like nothing I ever imagined! Actually, it wasn’t as kinky as I thought it would be. This was nothing compared to what happened in the men’s locker room at my old high school. This was just a few girls talking with each other as they slipped their jeans and sweaters back on. I’d seen more flesh on the beaches in summertime.

    Relieved that I wouldn’t have to come to terms with the naked, female form, I moved inside to find my friend…

    Oh no, there was someone in the showers! I shielded my gaze before realizing that the woman under the steaming, cascading water was still clothed in a bikini, then let my arm drop. She was a voluptuous individual, with wide hips, a rounded ass, and… surprisingly small tits, but mostly she was bulging with femininity as she ran her hands absentmindedly through her wavy blonde mane.

    It was Brooke, I realized as my blood chilled. As she pushed her dampened locks off her shoulders, she suddenly glared in my direction before I could hide.

    “Wait your turn!” she hastily angled her deflated chest away from me.

    “Sorry!” I waved my arms apologetically while trying not to let my eyes dwell on her soft, bulging ass, which oozed its way around her bikini bottom, each cheek hanging heavily over thickened thighs. “I’m sorry!”

    She stared suspiciously over her shoulder at me, eyelashes fluttering like agitated wasps. “Who are you?”

    “Me?” I stood stupidly in place, unsure if it was safe to answer.

    A strange smile streaked across her mouth as she continued to stare at me. “So what do you think, huh? You think I’m fat?”

    “No!” I said as my body throbbed with adrenaline.

    “Well, I think you’re fat,” she replied coolly. “I think you’re –”

    Someone rushed to my side and grabbed my arm. When I turned to look, I found Emily by my side, meeting Brooke’s gaze confidently.

    “Emily!” I sighed with relief. She gave me a perplexed look before returning her attention to our common foe.

    Brooke was visibly-shook by Emily’s appearance. “What are you doing here?” she asked as she turned her chest further away.

    “You can’t hurt her,” Emily said confidently as she nervously dug her grip into the flesh of my arm. When Brooke didn’t answer right away, it emboldened Emily. “Yeah, that’s right. I know what you’re doing, and you know you have no power over me.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Brooke sneered.

    “Come on,” Emily whispered in my ear as she pushed me towards the back of the locker room.

    “Where are we going?” I asked as she pulled me past shirtless girls by my wrist. “What was that about?”

    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” she replied in hushed tones. “That girl is dangerous. You just have to trust me.”

    “I trust you,” I said quickly, nearly slipping on the wet linoleum floor.

    “My name’s Emily, by the way,” Emily introduced herself. We were now in the furthest corner of the locker room, far enough from the other girls to have a private conversation. At last, she let go of my wrist and faced me. The look in her eyes, bordering on feral in their intensity, gave me strange chills. Was this the same timid, Christian girl I had met so long ago? “By the way, who are you? I’ve never seen you before.”

    “Um… I’m Jane. Nice to meet you,” I dumbly held my hand out for a handshake before withdrawing it to swish my hair awkwardly over my shoulder.

    Emily rested her hands on her hips thoughtfully as she chose her next words carefully. “Okay… what I’m going to tell you might not make sense, but something’s going on around here. I’m not sure how to explain it because I don’t quite understand it either…”

    It was then that I suddenly saw my chance to gain her trust and confidence. “Random people are getting fat and thin again?”

    Emily’s mouth hung wide open. “How did you…?”

    “Emily,” with a burst of confidence that came out of nowhere, I leaned forward and clasped her small, slender hands in mine. “I’ve been looking for you.”

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    A real quick chapter while I bounce around between offices (one of which was in the Pentagon 0_0). We confirm that Jane is a real bitch 🤨 and also me, because I almost shed a tear writing this scene 😥
    Chapter Twenty-Nine

                   But even with my new phone in hand, I was still just as lost as I had been. I had no shelter, and even using my meal card would get me in trouble. Though I had $500 in my pocket, I only wanted to spend it when I absolutely had to. Dwelling deep in the woods was also out of the question, for if the deer ticks didn’t find me, people would, and start asking questions. The police officer Julia had nailed it: the island was small.

                   Being a bum would simply not do. I needed to stay with someone…

                   The thought paused all others in my mind. To stay with someone else on campus. A woman. My shoulders shivered at the thought, and my breath stilled in my throat. To be sharing a room with a girl thrilled and terrified me in equal measure, to the point that I had to lean against the nearest clothes rack and blink at the ceiling. How would I even begin to make this work? I was hardly able to speak to women, much less convince them to co-ed. Who would want to live with me?

                   But I wasn’t me. I was Jane Wick, and Jane Wick was also a girl. There was no inexplicable hatred for me, no bias toward my gender. I was just another girl, and a small, harmless-looking one at that. It was a tremendous epiphany. Yes, I was a girl now, and it still made me feel awkward and uncomfortable, but perhaps I could be likeable now, or loved, even.

                   I looked down past my modest breasts towards the gap between my legs and sighed. Love might still be impossible. So close, yet so far…

                   The sound of Mary arguing with Karen the retail clerk in hushed tones refocused my mind to matters at hand. I still needed to find someone to live with, if only for a night. But who? I thought of everyone I knew, and suddenly the answer was there, hiding in plain sight.

                   Confident with my next move, I walked out of the clothing section, bumped past the two slightly-chubby girls, and left the store. It was time to go back to the sports building.

                   When I entered the sports building, a random girl was working at the front desk.

                   “Good morning,” she said politely.

                   I froze in place, frowning. “Huh?”

                   “How are you?” she lifted her head, smiling slightly.

                   Was this what it was like to be normal? I was so used to everyone hating me on sight that I had grown used to it, yet now instead of being challenged the right to even enter the building, I was being told ‘good morning?’ How was I supposed to answer that?

                   “Oh, um…” I smiled. “You look good today.”

                   “Thanks,” she beamed as she brushed a lock of hair behind her head. “You do too.”

                   My breath caught in my throat as my eyes flared with a surge of passion. Could it be? The warmth of human interaction that had been denied me all this time? This smiling girl in front of me, bestowing upon me polite, friendly words, all because…

                   Because I was a girl too. The warm, fuzzy feeing beginning to well-up from within my heart chilled as quickly as it had come. It was all so superficial. Was it really my looks that made all the difference? My gender? I remembered trying to argue with her for permission just to enter the building last week. It was so unfair!

                   “So what are you up to?” she asked. “Need any help finding something?”

                   “Uh… actually, can you tell me if the cheer squad is practicing today?”

                   “Ooh,” she shook her head. “You just missed their practice session. They’re in the locker room right now,” she pointed back behind her. “You hear that? They’re still showering.”

                   “That’s alright,” I waved my hands frantically, quivering with fear and excitement at the thought of entering. “I don’t need to go in there… but I was, uh… wondering where their coach was?” I asked the question instinctively, pondering my chances of seeing Zoltan again, even if she wouldn’t know who I was.

                   “Their new coach or old one?”

                   My already-chilled heart froze solid. “What? Zoltan’s not coaching anymore? Why?”

                   “Couldn’t you tell? She gained so much weight? And then some of the cheerleaders started getting fat too, so the staff decided…”

                   “Where is she? I need to see her!”

                   “In her office? It’s across from the gym…”

                   “Thanks. I gotta go, but…” I spawned a 5-pound bomb in my pocket and began to hand it to her. “Can you eat this toffee? It’s not my favourite flavour.”

                   “Okay?” she said slowly. “I’ll take it. Sure.”

                   As soon as her fingers plucked the fattening treat from my own, I turned away and strode my way towards Zoltan’s office as fast as my short, little legs could take me.

                   When I reached her office, the door was open and I rushed in recklessly.

                   “Hello? Zoltan? Where are –”

                   “I’m here,” she said firmly from behind.

                   Jumping, I twisted back to see that her desk was situated by the wall nearest the door, so that she had the full view of the far windows to enjoy – and myself to glare at.

                   Her eyes burned into mine as she reclined against her office chair. Her belly had shrank considerably, so that there was barely an outward bulge to it anymore, but from the size of her melon-sized breasts, I could tell that she still had some weight to shed.

                   “You’re supposed to knock,” she pointed at me sternly.

                   “I’m sorry ma’am,” I fidgeted awkwardly. “I’ll go outside and try again…”

                   “You’re good,” Zoltan smiled suddenly as she waved her hand dismissively. “What’s up? Go ahead and have a seat if you want.”

                   All my sense of urgency drained away as I stared into her beautiful eyes, her warm smile soothing my worries away. “Okay,” I sat in the nearest chair, which happened to be on the same side of the desk as her.

                   “How are you doing? How can I help you?”

                   With a deep breath, I opened my heart. “I just heard you weren’t coaching the cheer squad anymore.”

                   “That fast, huh?” Zoltan stared down her torso absentmindedly. “Yes. I’m taking some time off to get into shape.”

                   “But you are in shape!” I felt my anxiety returning, spurred by my sense of guilt. “You’re the strongest person I know!  Why would they do this to you?”

                   “That’s real nice to hear,” Zoltan grinned softly, but froze when she saw my expression. “Are you okay?”

                   Suddenly beyond words, I shook my head, trying my very best to hold back tears. Zoltan leaned closer, gauging my emotions before reaching across her desk to pull a tissue from its box and hand it to me.

                   “You don’t have to say anything,” Zoltan said softly as I tried to hide my face into the soft paper.

                   For a moment that lasted far too long, I couldn’t say anything even if I wanted to, but as my eyes welled with water, I began to recover just enough to slowly raise my gaze up towards her again. The tears distorted my vision of her, and she shimmered like a mirage just out of reach.

                   “You’re so good at what you do,” I moaned. “When I first saw you, I was almost terrified at how tough you looked, but you’re… a good person too… you don’t deserve…”

                   “It’s all good, girl,” Zoltan leaned closer, elbows resting against her knees. “This will all work out. I wasn’t supposed to be teaching gym and coaching two teams. Hey. This just means I got more time to work out, right?”

                   “But it’s so wrong…” I shook my head at the floor. “I don’t want bad things to… to happen to…”

                   I paused when I felt her long, smooth hand on my shoulder. She had rolled her chair closer to mine, and stared into my eyes so confidently, it was as if nothing was wrong. “Don’t worry about me. There’s plenty of people going through so much worse. Life is going to be hard, okay? Just make sure you’re harder. That way, you can help others having trouble with life. You hear me? Hey. Look at me for a second.” I lifted my head above the cover of the tissue and blinked tears from my eyes to see her leaning forward, close enough that our foreheads nearly touched. “You’re a good person, alright? You remind me of someone, you know. He felt pretty lost too, but instead of running away from his problems, he confronted them head-on…”

                   “Jason?” I gasped suddenly.

                   She smiled slightly. “I can’t say… well okay, you do remind me of him somehow. Hey… he’s not as bad as all that. Don’t believe some of the rumours these girls are throwing around; I’m sure if you get to know him, you’ll find that he’s…”

                   I broke down at that point, bending down and shaking under her assuring grip as tears fell everywhere. I felt her rest her other hand over my shoulder as I failed to come to terms with reality.

                   “Hey…” she gripped my shoulders.

                   “He’s gone!” I wailed. “They framed him and now he’s gone!”

                   “What are you talking about?” Zoltan lifted my head softly, concern in her voice. “Talk to me… what happened?”

                   That only made it worse. Here I was, right next to one of the greatest women I’d ever met, who had always helped me when I needed it, and even now was telling me she admired me in some way, and yet we had never been so far apart. I had lost her as much as I had lost myself.

                   Then I leaned forward and hugged her. I was barely sitting on my chair now, and I had to grip her tight to keep from falling. The sensation of her firm, coiled muscles, coated in a silken layer of softness was the most intimate sensation I had ever felt in my life. As I squeezed her, she squeezed back, leaning her soft body into mine as I muffled my sobs into her shoulder. It was technically everything I’d ever dreamed of doing with her, and I never felt so alone.

                   “It’s going to be okay,” she rubbed my back with one hand while wrapping her other around my ribs. “You can tell me anything you want, if you need to.”

                   I needed to. I desperately needed to tell someone – anyone – everything. But I couldn’t, so I kept doing my best to stop crying, sniffing as quietly as I could in her strong embrace. I’m not sure how long we rocked against each other.

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    Ha! I managed another!
    Chapter Twenty-Eight

                   Finally outdoors, I walked down the sidewalk, unsure of what to do next. Going back to my old room was out of the question, considering that it was now considered a crime scene. Then again, with both my computers smashed, there really wasn’t much to go back for. At the moment, I was starting to feel hungry, and I would need to find a bed to sleep in by nightfall, but finding my phone was top priority. But how could I retrieve it?

                   Lost in thought as I crossed the street, I absentmindedly started to put my hands in my jean’s front pockets, but grimaced at their awkward fit before pulling them back out again. How could my waist fit so loosely when my hands could barely fit against my thighs? Grumbling, I shoved them into my jacket pockets instead, doing my best to ignore my chest jiggling with each step. Damn it all, I could feel my nipples hardening against my shirt! I hated this feeling! I’d have to find better clothes eventually.

                   Hang on. I stopped walking and folded my arms. This would be another issue. Clothes cost money, but my wallet barely had twenty dollars in it. That meant I needed to use my credit card, but if a manhunt was starting for me, they’d freeze my account soon. I had to withdraw as much as I could from the ATM as soon as possible!

                   And as I strode my way towards the nearest ATM, I realized another thing related to clothes. The Dean knew exactly what I was wearing last night. How could she not? My jacket was still scratched and torn from my running through woods and falling into bushes. That meant I had to wear a new outfit before even thinking of returning to her office to look for my phone, and my phone might not even be on her desk anymore. The police might have already seized it for evidence…

                   I quickened my pace, blushing as I felt my hips gyrate with distinct feminine grace.

                   “Damn it all,” I grumbled as I tried to stomp my feet in as masculine a manner as possible. “One problem at a time Jason. Stop panicking.”

                   The ATM maxed-out at $500, which wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Perhaps I could return later, perhaps not. It depended on if they bothered to freeze the account or track its use in an attempt to find me. Having shoved the stack of bills into my wallet, I sighed with relief. Now to shop for clothes – not that I was looking forward to changing clothes. The very idea of wearing a bra made me cringe uneasily…

                   But wait! There was something better to do than go clothes shopping! Hell, there was a way to not even need to clothes shop! I didn’t have to sneak into the Dean’s office. I didn’t even need to find my phone! All I had to do was buy a new one with the same number, transfer my old data to the new device, and redownload the fattening app. That would make the first phone totally useless to my pursuers… hopefully. But it was the best idea I had yet, and my time was running out.

                   The student store was a well-stocked room on the top floor of a tower attached to the student union. Even as I left the elevator and scouted the room for the small electronics section behind the rows of textbooks, I couldn’t help but marvel at the high windows overlooking the campus in all directions. The view of one wall alone was enough to make putting this store on the top floor, and I admired the employees who had the privilege of working in a room with such a nice view.

                   Only one bored employee was manning the electronics desk when I reached it. “Manning” wasn’t the right word, of course, because the employee was a petite Hispanic girl with long, black hair, long eyelashes, and long nails to match. Dressed in a semi-professional red polo shirt tucked into tan khakis, she didn’t even notice my approach as she doodled on her smart phone. I noted that her polo was fully unbuttoned, revealing well-defined clavicles. I shook my head, resisting the urge to stare anywhere but her eyes.

                   “Excuse me,” I said with my light, girly voice.

                   She looked up with widened brown eyes, completely surprised by my approach. The name tag pinned over her B-Cup chest said “Karen.” She didn’t answer me, but I hardly cared – she didn’t resent my presence! If only I weren’t a girl, I could ask her out... but no. I was on a mission.

                   “Hi,” I shuffled my feet in front of her. “I need to buy a new phone.”

                   “Sure,” she finally answered. “What are you thinking of getting?”

                   “Well…” I glanced at the rows of phones for sale. “What’s your cheapest model? I’m trying to get something for less than $500.”

                   “Ooh,” Karen grimaced. “That’s pretty low. There aren’t many phones that cheap. What kind were you thinking of getting? Android? iPhone? We got some old brick phones down here…”

                   “iPhone,” I said quickly. “Androids are weird.”

                   “Well, let’s see what kinds we got,” Karen crouched down to get a closer look, and I got a good view of her butt as her khakis stretched against it. Not too big, but her small size made it stick out more. “Here’s our oldest model in stock. It’s $650 in total, plus $20 per month for warranty if you want it.”

                   “$650?” I rested my hands over my hips, pondering the situation. “I only got $500 in my pocket right now. You sure you don’t have anything cheaper?”

                   “In your pocket? You mean in cash? We can’t accept cash payments for phones.”

                   “What? Why not?”

                   “It’s just store policy, I guess. You got to start a monthly payment plan for the phone when you buy it, but you have the option of just paying the whole thing after the first instalment – you’ll see when we finish the paperwork.”

                   “So I have to use my credit card?” I bit my lip. I was very close to getting my fattening app back, but if I used my credit card now, it could either be frozen, or worse tracked. But then again, it would take time to get a warrant to track the card’s use, and if they did try that, they would be looking for a man, not a little woman like me. Might as well go for it. “Alright then.”

                   I casually opened my wallet and handed her my card, and she began to enter details into the computer on her chest-high desk. As she did so, I could see her beginning to frown suspiciously.

                   “Whose card is this?” she asked. “It says… Jason A. Alban.”

                   “It’s my Dad’s,” I said as casually as possible. “Don’t worry, I can enter all the details for it.”

                   “Well, okay,” Karen continued to work. “Why wouldn’t he just give you your own card?”

                   “Because he wants to see what I buy with it,” I shrugged.

                   “Then why not just give him, like, power of attorney to see what you do with your own card?”

                   “Power of what? I dunno. That’s just what he told me when he gave me the card. I’ve had it since I was sixteen.”

                   “That’s weird,” Karen stopped typing and stood aside. “Can you type in the pin?”

                   “Sure,” my fingers danced across the keys with a quick, practiced flourish. It was enough to stifle Karen’s doubts about the card.

                   When I was done, Karen moved back in place to finish her work. I hovered nervously over her shoulder, noticing with some irritation that I was now too short to see properly over someone as short as Karen.

                   “So did it go through?” I asked after a couple minutes.

                   “Uh huh. I’m just printing your stuff out… what is it? What are you doing?”

                   She’d caught me squeezing my fist in triumph. “Oh, uh… sometimes Dad freezes my account. Says I spend too much.”

                   “Okay then,” Karen’s eyes stared to the far corner of the room, clearly unimpressed by the antics of what she thought was just another rich girl riding through college on her parents’ paycheck.

                   The printer came to life, spitting more paper than I expected. Karen grabbed them all between thumb and forefinger and placed them before me.

                   “Just sign here and then each page after that, then at the bottom here,” she high-lighted each blank space in pink. “Did you want that warranty? It’s just a little more.”

                   “Oh, no thank you,” I said as I grabbed the nearest pen and began signing. “I’ve spent enough money in one day. Don’t want Dad to come looking for me with tough questions.”

                   I was chuckling, but I stopped signing. How should I sign these papers? I wasn’t Jason Alban anymore; I was Jane Wick. Did it really matter, though? Eventually, I sighed to myself and went ahead with my old signature – a big “J” and “A” each followed by two “n’s” that forked sharply down. I was quite fond of how the first and last letter of each name pointed down like fangs. Besides that, I couldn’t use my new name with my old card; that would link my new identity to my old one. I doubted Karen would notice or care – who actually checked signatures?

                   “Right, then,” I signed the last blank space and pushed the papers towards her. “Now, how do I get the stuff from my old phone onto this new one?”

                   “You saved your data on the cloud, right? All we need to do is match your old phone number and the data will transfer automatically.” she opened the box containing my new phone and lay it on the table, along with its screen protector, cover, and charging cord. “Go ahead and finish setting everything up. I can help you if you got any questions.”

                   But my attention was diverted to the store’s entrance, where a slightly-chubby girl was shuffling shyly in. I gasped softly when I realized it was Mary. She had come a long way since I met her in the stables several weekends ago. The slender horse-rider in tight, white breeches was no more, replaced with a softer woman with a protruding little paunch threatening to jiggle out from under a tight shirt, widened thighs contained within overstretched yoga pants – and absolutely enormous breasts. I gawked at the sight of them, bouncing with every little step. They had to be at least half the size of her head – each! There was no way those monsters were contained by any bra whatsoever.

                   “Hey,” Karen waved at me. “You think you got it from here?”

                   “Oh. Yeah,” I scratched my neck apologetically, fingers lacing through layers of my brown hair.

                   “I’m not being rude, I swear,” Karen began edging away. “It’s just that the manager’s out right now and I need to… help that girl out.”

                   “Sure,” I said absentmindedly, gawking at Karen’s tight little rear as she approached Mary, who was standing awkwardly by the cashier’s desk. Shaking my head, I got to fixing-up my new phone, but I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.

                   “Hey, how can I help you?”

                   “I need… some clothes. Just clothes.”

                   “Okay. Clothes are in the far corner, changing room behind the shirt section.”

                   “But do you have… I dunno…”


                   “This size? I couldn’t find anything that fit last time I was here.”

                   “Maybe I can help. What size are you?”

                   “I’m not sure… ‘D’ was the largest I could find last time.”

                   “We don’t hold anything bigger than that.”

                   “Yeah, I know.”

                   “We can order the sizes online and have them here within about five business days.”

                   “I can order online too. Whatever. Do you have jeans, at least?”

                   “You mean… what size are you looking for?”

                   “I dunno… this size! How am I supposed to know?”

                   “D-do you know how many –”

                   “No! I don’t know how big they’ve gotten, okay? Look, if you don’t have my size, at least show me where I can find some shirts…”

                   There. My phone should be set now. I hummed happily at my screen as each of my apps began downloading one at a time. I had unlimited data, so it shouldn’t take that long. Could I press my fattening app to make that download first…?

                   I could. A mere thirty seconds later, and I was in! I bent my knees and bounced slightly in excitement at my extraordinary luck and savviness. Seeing the colour schemes alone sent my libido into a euphoric frenzy. It had been too long! What was my balance? Fifteen pounds? My heart raced with anticipation. How many hexes did I have saved up? I inhaled sharply when I saw that I had two.

                   Glancing quickly back at Karen and Mary, I saw that they were in the shirt section. It looked like Mary was contemplating the choice between buying a loose-fitting jersey or a sweater. I bent down and began to crouch my way behind some clothes racks to get closer.

                   “I don’t know, okay?” Mary whispered heatedly. “I don’t know any of my sizes. None of them. I just… I’m a little bigger, okay?”

                   “How did you grow so big so fast?” Karen lashed out, finally discarding her customer service persona.

                   “Look… I don’t know how I gained so fast.”

                   “Maybe you should try not eating.”

                   “Are you going to help me find jeans that fit or not?” Mary hissed.

                   Crouched behind a shirt rack, I bit my lip, aroused by the chance to use of my hexes. Karen was being awful rude to her customer, wasn’t she? Maybe she’d understand how Mary felt after a little lesson.

                   Little finger extended, I aimed discreetly in Karen’s direction: Karen will absorb Mary’s body fat until she’s absorbed half of it, and will maintain that ratio indefinitely. My work was done, and I rose to a standing position.

                   Mary immediately caught sight of me. “Yes? Do you need something?”

                   “I just finished getting my phone set up,” I shrugged at Karen.

                   “That’s great,” Karen sighed. “Did you need help with anything?”

                   “Not really.”

                   “Then, why are you here?” Karen ran her thumbs around the rim of her trousers before tugging the back, increasingly irritated.

                   “I just wanted… uh…” I ogled her belly as it rounded itself within her red polo shirt.

                   I’m not sure what kind of reaction I was expecting from Karen. In one instant, she looked ready to roll her eyes because of her increasingly-irritating day, in the next, her hands slapped against rapidly-expanding hips that were pushing every square inch of her trousers to the limit.

                   “Hey,” Mary huffed irritably. “I don’t know who you are, but I’m busy trying to find something that fits me, so please wait your t –”

                   Karen, who’d systematically rubbed her butt, thighs, and belly with mounting alarm, stared into space with widened eyes for one, brief moment of epiphany, and started hustling away as quickly as possible, buns taught against her trousers, so tight that she had to waddle slightly to keep her seams from bursting wide.

                   “Hey, where are you going?” Mary called after her.

                   “Excuse me!” Karen yelled from halfway across the store. “I have to go!”

                   “But I’m not…” Mary suddenly looked down, hand over a significantly flatter stomach. Indeed, her thighs had slimmed enough to not brush against each other anymore, her butt had deflated to a manageably-thicc size, and even her tits had shrank a tiny amount – but only a tiny amount. A vague memory of overhearing Brooke accidentally wish her breast volume onto Mary came to mind. Half her pudge was gone.

    “Hey!” Mary began sprinting after her, her butt only somewhat less jiggly than it had been. “Come back!”

    Alone again, I grinned down at my phone to check my balance, which was now thirty-six pounds.

    “We are back in business, ladies,” I smiled to myself.

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    I got a good amount of writing done! I plan to write another chapter by tomorrow as well, but we'll see. By the way, "Mia" is named after the cat that jumped onto my keyboard three times 🐈
    Chapter Twenty-Seven

                   “Sure,” Julia nodded, easing herself to her feet. “Let’s get some coffee in the break room.”

                   Gratefully, I followed her out of her office and into the short hallway. Several policewomen were clustered nearby, and they stared at us as we tried to shuffle past.

                   “Another day, right?” Julia asked one of them as she bumped past.

                   “Another night over?” she quipped back.

                   “Shut up, Mia. I’m about to get coffee from the break room; do you want any?”

                   “You? Coffee? Aren’t you just finishing your shift?”

                   “I’m getting decaf. So do you want some?”

                   “I’m good. See you in twelve hours! Oh, and who’s this?”

                   Mia looked at me as I was squeezing past, and I had to stop moving to keep from being trampled by the crowd. As I stared past her, I noticed that the police were all grouped together around the armoury, trading sidearms and equipment. The clack of weaponry unnerved me, and I wondered if it was still possible to be arrested.

                   “I’m Jane,” I glanced at Mia’s heart-shaped face framed by straight, shoulder-length black hair. I could see a camera on the wall behind her.

                   “I bet you won’t be drinking for awhile, huh?” she smirked.

                   “Uh… I’m going to drink coffee.”

                   She chuckled. “Relax. Just be sure you drink responsibly, alright? Julia, did anything happen last night? Any paperwork I need to finish for you?”

                   “I can do my own reports, Mia,” Julia’s face soured.

                   “If you say so. Hurry and get that coffee so my shift can finish gearing up and you can get some sleep.”

                   “Sure, sure. Come on, Jane.”

                   I followed her back into the break room, where the blanket I’d been wrapped in was still on top of the sofa in the corner. Edging past a small table in the centre of the room, I stood behind Julia as she worked the coffee machines on the counter.

                   “Regular or decaf?” she asked with her back to me.

                   “I’d like regular. By the way… were you the one who gave me that blanket?”

                   “You don’t remember?” she asked as the coffee machines began squeezing their black liquids into the cups. “I sure did. It’s the emergency blanket from the back of my unit – useful for when your vehicle breaks down in the winter.”

                   “So how did I get so tightly wrapped up in it?” I tugged at my jeans, frustrated with their unusual fit over my new hips. “I felt like a burrito.”

                   “That was all you,” Julia laughed. “All I did was toss it over your head. But it makes sense that you’d wrap yourself. When you drink, you feel pretty warm – at first – but that warm feeling is actually from your blood vessels expanding, which means all the warmth inside of you is leaking from them through your skin and out of your body.”

                   “So I must’ve been pretty cold.”

                   “Definitely. It doesn’t help that you’re a skinny little midget. No insulating fat layers.”

                   “I’m small?”

                   Julia laughed. “Sorry. I get carried away sometimes. Anyway…”

                   She turned around, daintily holding two cups of steaming black coffee.

                   “Which one’s mine?” I asked, casually pointing my ringed-index finger.

                   “This one,” Julia extended the one in her right hand.

                   “Not this one?” I pointed at the left.

                   It was a quick, fleeting moment that a casual observer wouldn’t notice, but even as she waited for me to take my own coffee, I willed that more coffee be spawned into hers, cursed to bestow ten pounds upon her. Better still, I willed that it would have just enough volume for her coffee to rise notably higher.

                   Nothing happened. That meant that I didn’t have ten pounds in my account to spare. The fact that I had splurged so much of my savings on the Dean was dismaying, but at least now I had a rough estimate of how much was left. I hastily willed a mere five pounds into the coffee, and was rewarded with seeing it rise. I could afford to splurge this; I still had several sources of pounds income.

                   “No, this one,” Julia repeated, unaware of my latest move.

                   “Thanks,” I took the cup and blew softly over the steaming drink. Odd, I thought as I took my first sip with pursed lips. They felt different now, not necessarily bigger, but softer. Then again, perhaps it was my imagination.

                   “So, you got a busy day ahead of you?” Julia asked, sipping casually.

                   That was a good question. I was Jane Wick now, not Jason Alban. I couldn’t just go to all the same classes, or even rest in my own room. I was completely homeless – helpless even. What was my next move? Food? Shelter? A fake ID? No… I had to get my phone back.

                   “Oh yeah,” I replied casually. “Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. Jason disappearing has really messed me up.”

                   “You know I wish I knew where he was too,” Julia said casually.

                   “I know. You sure you can’t tell me what’s going on? Jason’s not in trouble, is he?”

                   “I can’t say if he’s in trouble,” Julia sipped again. “I’m a police officer. My job is to keep everyone safe. I don’t judge.”

                   “Innocent until proven guilty, I guess,” I stared at my coffee, lost in thought. Julia was still trying to play me. Yes, technically she was a police officer, not a judge, but I wasn’t stupid enough to think that if “Jason” showed up, he wouldn’t be dragged into court and convicted of whatever. Sighing, I looked up over the rim of my coffee at Julia’s stomach. Clothed as it was in a tight, blue uniform, it was hard to see if it had grown any bigger.

                   “What’s up Jane?” Julia smiled as she sipped again, bemused by my attention. “What’s on your mind? You can tell me anything.”

                   “Um… you’re just drinking that coffee real fast, is all.”

                   “Oh, well, the girls outside are waiting for me in the hallway, so I’m drinking a lot faster than I would.”

                   “Doesn’t it hurt to drink something so hot like that?”

                   “It just takes practice. Just don’t let the coffee rest on your tongue. You got to push it past your teeth by your cheek. Like this… see?”

                   She tipped her cup dangerously high, bulging one of her cheeks for emphasis before swallowing the whole thing. To her credit, she barely coughed in discomfort.

                   “And as you keep drinking, the coffee still in the cup cools even faster than it would have because there’s less of it. What’s also cool is you can feel it go all the way down to your stomach.”

                   “Wow,” I took the mention of her stomach as an excuse to gawk at it. “That’s amazing…” I desperately wanted to lay my hand on her still-flat stomach, but resisted the temptation. “So can you feel it now?”

                   She smiled at that, in spite of herself. “I’ve never seen anyone so interested in my coffee binging trick.”

                   I felt myself blush, “Well, uh… I didn’t know it was a thing until now. I like it.”

                   “Huh,” Julia made a strange face before swinging her cup upwards to drink the last of her coffee. “You’re a special duck, Jane. Anyway, I got to get out of here, but feel free to drop by anytime you want if you want to talk about Jason sometime. I got the night shift tonight, take two days off, and then I’m on again the next two nights.”


                   “And before you go, just know this: your testimony would probably be the best thing Jason has. You care a lot about him, so as long as you tell the truth, everything should turn out alright. Sound good?”

                   “That sounds good… let me finish homework and see if I can come around sometime.”

                   “Good talk. You keep practicing drinking coffee, then!”

                   As I watched her leave, I realized that the reason her belly hadn’t grown was because her legs looked like they were filling their trousers a little more than before.

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