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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from NogutNoglory in 💋🐷Bimbo Pig Potion🐷💋   
    Have you ever wanted your very own Bimbo? No... Bimbo Pig? Have you ever heard of such a thing? Lemme tell you, if you're not into Bimbo Pigs yet, you will be once @NogutNoglory finishes enchanting you with her sweet voice as she slowly gives in to her deepest fantasies and becomes the woman of your dreams. 
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from thewowza36 in Jiggly introduction with Jai   
    This was great for a first video! Seeing you try to button your jeans and squeezing all your new fluff was just so beautiful 😍 
    If you make more, it would be amazing to hear you talk about your journey, things you feel, what your eating, and such. Oh! And you can try on outgrown clothes too ❤️
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from johnnnysmith in Bovine Beauty   
    Cows are cuter than pigs 🐄 ❤️ 
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    >_< 0_0 reacted to ulvrik in The Thicc Tribe   
    I love it!! you got everything perfect. i hope you have a sequal to this 😍
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