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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from NogutNoglory in Doughnuts!!!   
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from wdyw in This is going to sound bad - but I hope no one is offended - Curvage has really chang   
    A couple things made this happen in recent years. The short answer is Curvage is a victim of its own success. The long answer is that membership in this community has more than doubled, which means the front page has sped-up. Models don’t want their vids to be lost to view, so they do their little ad blitzes and make multiple posts of the same vid, which ironically exacerbates the problem. There used to be a feature at the bottom of the main page where you could see recently updated threads, which was a great way to dive into something that looked appealing. This feature is now gone, leaving only the light-speed ad spam. I hope this feature is reintroduced later to bring balance between paid content and community discussion 👀
    There was also a chat box that only functioned on pc’s for some reason. I’ve heard it was lively a few years ago, but the increasing prevalence of smartphones meant more and more members couldn’t access the chat, which turned it into a little ghost-town of people saying “hello,” “wyd,” “it’s good.” I happened to have some entertaining interactions with obvious catfishes posting “selfies” in my DM’s. If everyone has had similar experiences, I get why the chat box was retired.
    The last main reason is we had a few very popular models retire recently. This is fine, it’s just it happened to occur in quick succession. Popular models are sort of “anchor stores” for the site. We just need to wait for some new talent to come.
  3. Love
    >_< 0_0 reacted to Chimaira10 in Hello. Am doge 👌 so wow 😯 much thicc   
    Hello am king doge, good to see more doge's about 🤣🤣🤣
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  5. Love
    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from NogutNoglory in Is there any content on here with a BBW and a fit guy? Preferably belly play and fat   
    I am 😏 the trick is finding a very brave bbw
  6. Love
  7. Haha
    >_< 0_0 reacted to BayAreaFluph in Anyone ever see the Hanz und Franz skit?   
    We're here to pump 👏  YOU UP!
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from NogutNoglory in This Air B n B is so cute!!!   
    How did you match your outfit to the whole room!?
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from go.big.love in is this outfit to intimidating or is it fitting perfect for teaching? 😳   
    Ah, Deutcheworten aid das Computer. Ich sehen Sie.
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from NogutNoglory in https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMepxcYrj/ This reminded me of Curvage   
    Everything curvy reminds me  of Curvage tbh
  11. Love
    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from Lilchunk in ahhhhh look at this tummy 😋 i love it so much!   
    Aha, thou’rt returned and a fine day it is
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from Submissivefeeder in Friend posted this on Facebook.   
    Tell her I’m interested 👀
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from curvypotchi in Where my weebs at 😤 💗   
    Want som sauce?
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from SweetCoCo in I'm looking for filming partners   
    I'm camera shy 😖 need any writing done?

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    >_< 0_0 reacted to Candii_Kayn in 🍒   
  16. Haha
    >_< 0_0 reacted to Jay Rock in 🍒   
    GGG and Pop meeting for the first time like:

  17. Love
    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from AGirlWhoLikesToEat in When I'm on my knees looking up at you 💋 👅   
    Would definitely slip a snack into ur mouth 😙
  18. Haha
    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from Big jordan in B/a time for this outfit (;   
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from Bella Abbondanza in Where are people posting weight gain and stuffing fics lately? I’ve been writing and   
    U gotta post in the “stories” section of Curvage community 👌
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    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from cycling1951 in There are so many kids 🙃   
    I have fond memories of those yellow shorts 🩳 
  21. Haha
    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from Lysterfiend in Wash your hands, cover your cough, and stay home if you are sick! Please and thank yo   
    Please be safe in the hospital! I know it’s stressful, and I have faith that vaccines will end the madness soon. I hope I never meet you in there either
  22. Love
    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from goodgirlgrow in Okay, I hyped myself up spamming the homepage, but it’s still so freaking cold in my   
    U can wrap up in a blanket and then part it and shoot that way 😙
  23. Haha
    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from HungrylilKitty in Check out those buttons busting & holding on for dear life! 😅 also...New video co   
    Uh... fulller force 

  24. Love
    >_< 0_0 got a reaction from Lilchunk in OMG OMG OMG!! I almost forgot to tell y’all I am FINALLY over 150lbs! 153lbs 😍 😍 last   
    Now we r the same weight 👌
  25. Haha
    >_< 0_0 reacted to S77 in We have surpassed 600 models   
    @>_< 0_0 no actually.
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