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    Oh look you can do polls here too, that's cool. I've thought about doing polls some time. Anyway, here I am, making a little blog entry. Why not? I'm actually just killing time until I order some Chinese food wooooo! Yes. I've been craving crab rangoons mmmm I'm gonna eat all of em. 😛 I believe the place opens at 11AM, and it's currently 11:22, but ya know... I'll wait til noon-ish to order. Gonna be GOOD. I'm having a great day today, I feel awesome physically. Yesterday not so much. I wanted to make an ice cream video yesterday but my belly wasn't having it. 😕 I woke up between 2 and 2:30AM that morning feeling siiiick, like super acidic in my stomach. I blame the two feet of chili dogs I ate the day before, ha. Lesson learned. I feel like it'll be a while before I eat hot dogs again. Or at least... I'll stick to the ones I like. I also think it's a good idea to drink less coffee, and I have been. Thumbs up emoji. It's like coffee gets to be a like a drug almost and my brain tells me to drink more and more and I'm like why and it's like just do it and I'm like ok. But. I can control that, it's not exactly a DRUG drug. Caffeine is technically a drug but you know what I'm saying. It's not exactly something you need rehab for, heh. So that's going well aaaaaand I just need to discipline myself a little bit better as far as balancing my diet. Ya know, sprinkling in a steak and a salad in between chinese food and pasta stuffings lol. 😄 And water, of course. Water is essential to feeling good, so I need be sure to drink some every day.
    SO I just wanted to write about this whole thing that I'm doing here and how my body is doing. Seems to be ok for the most part. I wish I could control where the new weight on my body ends up, lol.. I mean I sort of can, I guess. With little workouts and stuff. Don't worry, I'm not over here doing cardio or going to a gym. I've just been trying to do butt and hip and leg work. I want my hips and butt to be rounder and softer. Less tight. So I've been making progress with that OH and I'm gonna be going to a massage therapist at the end of June which will really help loosen me up. I contacted them but they're closed until "phase 2" of reopening the state, thanks coronavirus for ruining everything. Bolonavirus. I don't buy what the news is selling but hey, whatever. I'm not here to argue about it either. Anyway... yep, that'll be awesome. 
    I guess my gain isn't happening as steadily as I would've liked but at the same time, 10 lbs. in two months is quite a bit. My first video was on March 20th and I was 147. By May 20th I was 156. Still am. I would've liked to post another scale picture on Monday with a little increase but... no dice. I didn't gain anything. You know why it goes that way with me tho is because of my cycle. When I'm premenstrual, I retain water, I'm bloated and I weigh more. But right now I am post-menstrual, so... this time of the month is when I'm at my least bloated, lol. So. What can ya do? Is what it is but you can't say I haven't been EATIN! 😄 😛 Mmmm yumyumyum. I do enjoy the extra food in my life these days. I'm having fun too.  
    The only downside is that I'm pretty sure the extra weight made for a very weird period. Something happened that I don't think ever happened before. I bled HEAVILY but only for one day. TF? Ummm that was really weird. And the PAIN omg it was brutal. I've had some painful cramps before but this last time was the worst. The good news is I didn't scream or cry or whine because over the decades I've learned that it doesn't help. So. It was very unpleasant but I got through it and I hope it was just a fluke. Cause that sucked. That's it though, that's been the one and only downside. This isn't hurting me financially either, I thought it might get expensive but honestly, the money from the videos reimburses me for the money I spend on food which I'm very happy about.   To me that's good enough, like I'm not here to get paid for my time or to get rich, as long as the food is being paid for, I'm a happy camper because I do have fun here.  You can probably tell lol. 
    This is so nice, I have this little set up now. I have a little desk and a chair with wheels but the hydraulic thing broke, so the chair is a little low but this feels fine. This is the first time I sat here and typed and yeah, it's fine.  It has all my little equipment, like tripods and cords, the lights I use are here too aaaand umm what else... the chromebook is here too but I'm using my new computer right now, oh that's a thing too, I didn't necessarily NEED this computer as it turns out but ehh I don't totally regret it. I used stimulus money to buy it and it'll certainly come in handy. It's coming in handy right now. Sometimes I still use the chromebook just because I got used to it. Heh last time I used the chromebook for background music just because it was on top. Shrug emoji. Yep and right next to me are the Bose speakers and the monitor that I use as a TV is next to me too. It's my little office space now and I love it! 😄 So cute. 
    I'm so hungry. It's almost time to order yaaaay! Hmmm what else. I like the people who have been supporting me and talking to me and stuff.  Thank you guys. ❤️ you! You make it fun and interesting for me. Something I know I need to do is post more pictures. I know, I know, I'm a slacker with that. I love posting pictures, it's taking them that's kind of a pain but I need to stop saying that and learn to like it.  I'll try harder. K well I'm gonna get going with lunch time oooooh I'm so excited! Excited emoji. I hope you're having a wonderful day!  
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