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  1. podracer2

    Kelly Brook

    Kind of amazed she admitted to photoshopping instagram. Not that it wasn't obvious but still. I feel like that'll come back to bite her in oh a year.
  2. podracer2

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    She yo-yos a bit. My guess is she'll slim down for a year or so then blow up a bit more. Maybe she's trying to get a part and needs to lose weight.
  3. podracer2

    Mascha Vang

    God bless this dumb fad. God Bless.
  4. podracer2

    Local news and weather babes with more padding

    I worked in TV for a bit. That is exactly what happens. After the show on Saturday nights it's not odd to go to a club or house party and you're up until 3 AM eating pizza and drinking heavily. God help you if you're viewing area is large. One woman ended up putting on a ton of weight because she was driving 4 to 6 hours a day.
  5. podracer2

    Taylor Swift

    She went from skeleton to human being. Still, something to monitor. Music artists can chub up and she's certainly put on some weight.
  6. podracer2

    Lady Kitty Spencer

    Reviving and old threat but http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4407928/Lady-Kitty-Spencer-looks-worse-wear-London.html A pudgy belly is a pudgy belly
  7. podracer2

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    Quite brutal. I like it though. People like to hold back sometimes and I'm glad that you didn't.
  8. podracer2

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    Quite humiliating and quite good. I wonder how long Jessie had wanted to say those words.
  9. podracer2

    Emily Deschanel

    Briefly going over the new season she was getting large while they were filming. Double chin shows up a lot. Still bigger now then while she was filming but yeah it's obvious and no amount of black or loose clothing can hide it.
  10. podracer2

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    I do think you've made Kara sympathetic. She's not just a random....person I hate. She may be annoying and not the best person in the world. She was mean to her friends and blew them off but she was never doing anything evil. She was just being a dumb teen. I may not love her but I did feel for her when people started that chant. Mind you she likely would have joined in the chant if positions were reversed with someone else but that just makes her more real.
  11. podracer2

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    Ah and there is it, working so hard for so little gain. Can't have a false start at that level. She knows she's toast so she might as well start enjoying life a little bit more. No scholarship is worth this.
  12. podracer2

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    One more random thing I like that's a bit different from most weight gain stories. At least so far it appears that no one is actively trying to sabotage her or make her fat. Instead what's going on is a lot of well meaning people using peer pressure the wrong way for her. Delilah thinking that Kara should just be able to go out and have fun whenever she wants not realizing that Kara really doesn't have the time. Sarah as well. She just wants to spend time with her friend but she likely doesn't even think that putting an idea like that in her head is dangerous and allow her to justify taking a break from everything. Allison is also interesting in that same way. She's attacking Kara and making her work hard and yet that kind of tough love is what the team needs. But since we see things from Kara's perspective she's just being a bitch. Which she may end up being by the end of the story but as of now it's refreshing now to have an antagonist simply fattening her for the sake of it.
  13. podracer2

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    College life seems fun for her. Really she's a mess but she's learning to work hard. She's been hit with failure and this is the point in the movie where it pays off. But this is Curvage and while people are well meaning they're also enabling and well things don't always end up the way they do in movies.
  14. podracer2

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    If I know anything it's that young women such as her will fight back and work harder. After all it's not as if she was handed everything and seemed to lose her drive once it was given to her.
  15. podracer2

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    I do believe that the big fish in the small pond just got her dose of reality. Will she find it within her to slim down or when faced with the first major hurdle in her life will she give into her vices and ruin her natural talent? I don't imagine it'll help when the sharks are swimming all around her and smell blood in the water. Probably shouldn't have abandoned high school friends and support so easily.